Site M and Directive 20 – Partially Declassified



In 2010, NSA declassified parts of the information concerning this location. According to Presidential Directive 20 which is in general classified. I hate to burst bubbles of those believing this began at the direction of Obama. Any remarks I make will be in red.

In fact the first George Bush provided directives to this end in 1990. In a speech, the second Bush also made reference to cyber attacks and directed completion by 2003:

“In 2003, as if in a repeat performance of a bad play, the second President Bush stated that his cyber security objectives were to “[p]revent cyber attacks against America’s critical infrastructure; [r]educe national vulnerability to cyber attacks; and [m]inimize damage and recovery time from cyber attacks that do occur.”

– See more HERE.

The Clintons and Bushes may have done the usual rhetoric about accomplishing a goal.  Obama,however, actually set the program in motion.  Nevertheless, it is Highly troubling that Obama has taken a “hands-on” interest in this location.

$5 Billion in Military Cyber Spending fivefold increase over last year    March 11, 2014   By Pierluigi PaganiniIf   Link

“Giving a look to the “The President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2015” is possible to observe that within the goals to strengthen national security there is the necessity to improve and provide capabilities to protect the United States and its interests around the world. In particular the US Government plans to improve cyber capabilities to respond to cyber threats that more frequently are targeting US infrastructures, private companies and Government entities.

The allocation of such an investment does not seem to be a problem, many questions are raised about how this money should be spent in a national security cyber strategy.  A fund spending within the $5.1 billion Military Cyber Spending will be reserved for cyber operations to go toward the continued development of 133 special cyber mission teams.

A critical goal, of course, is the improvement on defense for critical infrastructure against internet-based attacks, The Pentagon has estimated that the number of cyber mission team staffers in place by 2016 will reach 6,000 units, including 13 national mission teams with eight national support teams.

Wikipedia – Presidential Policy Directive 20 (PPD-20)

provides a framework for U.S. cybersecurity by establishing principles and processes. Signed by President Barack Obama in October 2012, this directive supersedes National Security Presidential Directive NSPD-38. Integrating cyber tools with those of national security,[1] the directive complements NSPD-54/Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-23.

NSA $3.2 Billion “Site M” Expansion Planning Documents Reveal Cyberwar Command Center  Public   June 14, 2011    Information from this site can be read HERE.

In July 2010, the NSA revealed that it was expanding into a 227-acre parcel of land at Fort Meade called “Site M”, constructing a series of buildings that could cost as much as $5.2 billion.

This expansion would displace two golf courses currently occupying the land and provide the NSA, which already occupies 630 acres at Fort Meade, with more space to build “an operational complex and to construct and operate consolidated facilities to meet the National Security Agency’s (NSA) continually evolving requirements and for Intelligence Community use”.

The project has been shrouded in secrecy throughout its existence and there are only a few references to “Site M” in DoD budget planning documents. However, a recently discovered collection of development planning documents for the Site M project provide detailed information about the proposed $3.2 billion expansion, indicating that the facility will be a centralized command center for the NSA’s evolving cyber warfare capabilities.


I am not certain, given this pundit’s many scandals and overreaches of authority that I am at all comfortable with his day-to-day authority over this cyber unit.  However, given the massive breaches in the last 24 months, I am glad that there is a place available to search, investigate and attack those who would attempt to do our country harm in this new arena of warfare.



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4 Responses to Site M and Directive 20 – Partially Declassified

  1. Foreston says:

    I don’t believe for a minute that O cares about our security, cyber or otherwise. Look at the millions of govt employees who were jeopardized and I didn’t see much concern. Also, this is a data hungry Administration that can and will turn it against the public – like the IRS!

    • Uriel says:

      Hi Foreston. My thought as well. We already know his ego and plan rivals Hitler’s. All indications are that he is gutting other military budgets and making this a personal top priority. To put bluntly he sees this as his vehicle for a lot of clandestine work. New technology is out now that scares the normal fella. Think mass murder mentality. Thanks for commenting.

  2. vonmesser says:

    Back in 2007 the Air Force had the idea of getting young “hackers” to play security threats. The program first took place in 2009, and has expanded to include not just Civil Air Patrol, but Naval Sea cadets, and certain other youth groups.
    Program is called CYBER PATRIOT

    • Uriel says:

      Pretty cool! In the hands of wrong people with bad intentions not cool. Good to know our youth are training and aware.