Obama’s Iranian Agreement

Remember when our Presidents knew how to play poker – knew how to negotiate? Ahhh, the good old days.

Why do we have an Iranian Nuclear Agreement?

The only reason for the Iran agreement was to establish another trophy for Obama’s legacy; he needed some foreign policy achievement. It is now being heralded (by the administration) as a “success.” This latest “success” will be a bookend for Obamacare, his “other success.”

But, like Obamacare, the Iranian Nuclear Agreement was also a monumental disaster. The only people who deem the agreement to be a success are the administration spokespeople who are paid to support their boss. No objective observers consider the agreement to be good for the U.S. The only positive results stemming from the agreement accrue to the Iranians, who are convinced that they scored a big victory against the “Great Satan.” What did they give up? In a word: nothing.


So true … it hurts.

Will the many failures that Obama and John Kerry (who served in Viet Nam) allowed to be incorporated into the Iran agreement hurt them personally?

No, because neither of them had “skin” in the game.

The Iranians needed a deal, they needed for sanctions to be lifted, they needed the $100 billion that was frozen released to them. Iran needed the agreement – in other words, they were “motivated,” which normally gives the other party the leverage. In this case, not so much.

Neither Obama nor Kerry will suffer any personal consequences from giving away the store to the Iranians. But the United States will undoubtedly have to endure after-effects for years to come – up to and including, at the least, a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, and at worst, the very real possibility of nuclear war. The Iranians got everything they wanted because Obama and Kerry were committed to making a deal, regardless of what they had to agree to in order to get a deal.

Essentially, they were playing a mega-stakes poker game with the Iranians and they were playing with OPM (Other People’s Money), our money, not theirs. They had nothing to lose.

Kerry and Obama bought into the game by releasing $100 billion of frozen Iranian assets – not a bad ante, huh? The two stooges also will be removing the sanctions that brought Iran to the bargaining table in the first place. Both actions will improve Iran’s economy dramatically – just what the Mullahs wanted.

And then the game began.

They bluffed, the Iranians called their bluff and they folded. On the other hand, Iran bluffed and our fearless leaders immediately gave in, afraid that the Iranians would walk out and there would be no agreement. As soon as the Iranians recognized that they were negotiating with patsies, they demanded (and got) whatever they asked for.

In other words, Obama and Kerry got took. They were played.

And now, contrary to all available evidence, they’re proclaiming “success” at reaching an agreement. Supposedly the arrangement will prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power in less than ten years. I’m amazed that anyone could be that stupid.

Obama wanted that Iranian deal so badly; he was willing to give away anything to get an agreement. But he didn’t give away anything – he gave away everything.

In fact, Obama and Kerry gave away so much, the Iranians won’t even have to cheat as much – and everyone knew they would cheat. It is their way, they’ve cheated on every agreement they’ve ever made, so thumbing their noses at the USA, the UN, or the IAEA would just be second nature anyway.

The United States and our 317 million citizens will rue the day that we allowed two egotistical, narcissistic empty suits to commit the country to accept, even encourage, an emerging Iranian Superpower.


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2 Responses to Obama’s Iranian Agreement

  1. Hardnox says:

    Excellent commentary.

    I’m still scratching my head about the other members at the meetings. The Brits, French, Germans couldn’t also be that stupid. The Chinese and Russians certainly wouldn’t want a nuked-up Iran either. Something is not right here.

    I know the world bankers are smiling as are the world’s arms manufacturers as now many hundreds of billions will be in circulation.

  2. Uriel says:

    Good comments. Bankers are part of the answer for sure. Returning strength of income is a second. Don’t forget Britt and French are overrun with muslims. I also think 3 more things are in play. O was setting it up for caliphate recognized country which now is accomplished. Most of Ottoman Empire is now back with addition of parts of Africa. Looking at the big picture Islamic control is slightly larger than in 1916. You also have push for 1 world government which may be closer to being done. I think the clash there would be between rabid dogs and intellectuals. There is also a zero population group that would encourage a worldwide war to end all wars.