Trump Goes After John McCain’s War Record

OK, what was wrong with Trump’s comment?  Maybe I’m missing something here.  Did Trump step in it?

McCain has been running on his POW record for decades and there’s no evidence that he was any hero.  A hero is someone that risks or lays down their life to save another despite tremendous odds with total disregard to one’s own safety.  That is the definition of hero.  The title of hero is bestowed on almost anyone these days and it’s ridiculous.

McCain is someone to be revered for his sacrifice at the hands of the North Vietnamese while in captivity.  That is an indisputable fact.  He was tortured by his captives and is unable to raise his hands above shoulder height to this day. His claim to fame is that he was shot down over North Vietnam and survived captivity.  Many others that were captives were in fact heros that did not survive the ordeal.

Once again McCain has ran his mouth where it doesn’t belong.  He has been nothing but a tool for the left yet he feels himself qualified to speak on behalf of all republicans.  Yeah, right.  McCain has been part of the problem in Washington.  His record speaks volumes.  Where has McCain been the champion of conservative principles?  Crickets.  He’s a hack.  He might as well be a democrat.  He talks conservative at election time then tacks left the minute after.  We’re sick of it.

~ Hardnox

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16 Responses to Trump Goes After John McCain’s War Record

  1. Kathy says:

    Yeah, Trump’s getting beat up on FB too, but this is a payback for McCain’s statement that Trump had brought out the crazies. Trump doesn’t miss a thing, lol.

    Trump has since clarified his statement to reflect the payback…

  2. Crawfish says:

    John S. McCain III’s grandfather was a carrier task force commander in WWII. His father was a submarine commander in WWII, and by the time his son arrived off Vietnam, he was Commander, Pacific Ocean Area, in command of all US military forces from Hawaii to Vietnam. Both were Annapolis grads.

    McCain was almost the bottom of his class at Annapolis, and would not have graduated without his family history.

    McLame’s war record:
    After 3 crashes early in his career, which would have ended the career of anyone besides the son and grandson of 7 Admiral stars, he went to war in 1967.

    USS FORRESTAL- The great fire started when a Zuni rocket from an F-4 shot off and hit the fuel tank under his A-4. The video famously shows him scrambling out of the cockpit and down the refueling probe to jump over the flames.
    He gets credit here, because as the squadron stayed aboard when the FORRESTAL went back home because of heavy casualties, McCain volunteered to crossdeck to another squadron in the fight.

    USS ORISKANY: Shot down over Hanoi. POW. His treatment, while extra harsh because of who his father was (trying to get as much info as possible), was also carefully monitored by his captors so that he did not receive disfiguring or fatal wounds, again because of who his father was (to be used for propaganda).

    In other words, while his CONDUCT as a POW was exemplary, his military career was underwhelming.

  3. Saltwater says:

    Moving to block a full and true accounting of 2300 Vietnam POWs and MIAs was all it took to convince me 20+ years ago that McSlime was no patriot, much less a hero.

    • Kathy says:

      I appreciate you adding this Salty, there’s some stuff there I didn’t know and it’s a good refresher for some who may have forgotten.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks for adding that one Salty. I had forgotten about that. If I remember correctly, didn’t McCain’s brother have some pending real estate deals going on in VN at the same time?

  4. BrianR says:

    Gotta say, just as I’ve been saying ever since I started blogging at TH back in 2006, I never bought McIdiot — or anyone else — being a “hero” just because they got captured and became a POW.

    How is that “heroic”? It’s something pretty much out of your control, and “surviving six years as a POW” (as was stated in the video) just makes one a “survivor”, not a “hero”.

    A hero is someone who actually consciously DOES something worthy of the accolade.

    Audie Murphy was a hero. McLame was just a pilot — and a mediocre one at that — who managed to get shot down and captured.

    • Kathy says:

      Well put, Brian. Big difference between a hero & a survivor, especially this one who twisted his D into an R to get in office. Hope you don’t mind if I quote you to someone I’m having a “discussion” with elsewhere.

    • Crawfish says:

      I will slightly disagree. The actions of Jim Stockdale and Jeremiah Denton while POWs were heroic. They organized the guys, developed intel, communicated intel back home, and helped force the NVA into consolidating the men.

    • Buck says:

      I’m thinking he pretty much shot himself down. He fired a rocket at a NVA target then flew into some sort of hardware. Can’t swear. Just remember reading that somewhere.

  5. Garnet92 says:

    I don’t ever remember seeing that video before. I’ve heard most of the stories recounted there, but never all at once and I have to say that it has convinced me that the stories are true. He apparently was as good a Navy pilot as he’s been as a Senator and he was as brave and steadfast as a POW as he’s been as a Senator as well – and he stinks as a Senator. He’s long past his “use by” date and needs to go.

    As far as Trump goes, you have to give him credit for saying things that others won’t say. I’m not convinced that he could do an effective job as POTUS, but he certainly is stirring up the pot in the race for the Republican nomination. I think that it’s good that he’s lobbing these grenades and watching the others scatter, they’re too PC to say the things that Trump is saying. More power to him – it’ll be interesting to see what else he has to say in the next couple of months.

    BTW, I’m also tired of the overuse of the “hero” label, it demeans REAL heroes.