Meet Your Sleeper Cell Jihadist


Muhammad Abdulazeez was ‘quiet, friendly type’

July 16, 2015

Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez came from “your average Chattanooga family,” said a former high school classmate. Their whole family seemed normal,” Kagan Wagner told the Chattanooga Times Free-Press.

Abdulazeez’s high school teachers recalled him as a brilliant student, who went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

No one, including the FBI, apparently expected any malevolence from Abdulazeez, who would embark Thursday morning on a mass shooting spree that left four U.S. Marines dead. The Marines were trapped in a no-gun zone with no way to defend themselves at the Navy Reserve Center in Chattanooga, a situation eerily similar to the Fort Hood incident in 2009 in which Maj. Nidal Hasan murdered 12 of his fellow soldiers.

Wagner attended Red Bank High School with Abdulazeez and described him as “quiet” but well-liked.

“He was friendly, funny, kind,” Wagner told the newspaper. “I never would have thought it would be him.”

He was born in Kuwait in 1990 and had Jordanian citizenship. At some point, he emigrated to the United States with his family and became a naturalized U.S. citizen.”

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While I do not like to profile people, there is a great deal to consider here:

1) The family was polite, quiet, appeared education oriented and easily assimilated in a smaller community.

2) He was not on FBI or DHS radar?  So he took no trips, made no calls, tripped no social media wires?  Really?  With all the paranoia over “Big Brother’s big ears and eyes, this young guy could slip through and NOT be on a list?

3) If he was a jihadist, then how did he get recruited?  And where did he interact with a group?

4) He was capable and experienced at using an automatic assault weapon.  So where did he get his training?

5) This totally begs that for ONCE  FBI and DHS do the job hired for and SHUT DOWN mosques and jihadist training camps which we KNOW exist in the US.

6) Regardless of Obumshlam’s words, ISLAM is the state and religion that is determined to wipe out our country.  Period, end of Obama’s lies!  If he wants an Islamic country, let him MOVE to Iran.  Return ALL who are not in peril, such as women who are attempting to break away or Christians, to their country now. Do not wait.  Islam is At War with the western world and in particular the United States. Therefore we are harboring the Enemy in our country. To continue giving them unrestricted movement or access to government positions is not just foolish but an extreme security risk.  Had DHS and FBI been doing the job they were created to do rather than kowtow to Obama, some of our current danger could have been prevented.

Am I angry? He*?!”*? Yes!    We have so many fires burning in our country today it’s nearly impossible to contain or figure a way to resolve.  The Clinton’s and Bushes ushered this crap in and sure as shooting can be trusted to continue finding ways to flush us down the toilet.  Obama since he first took office has by-passed, rewritten, and illegally done so much that it is amazing that he has not been impeached.  Instead Congress and the Supreme Court are backing him up rather than fighting for the constitution.   The Iran deal is no different from Obamacare.  It sells our country out, bankrupts our coffers, and erodes our standing here and abroad.  If Obama is praising or for something—-RUN because it is a LIE and deadly.



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9 Responses to Meet Your Sleeper Cell Jihadist

  1. Hardnox says:

    This is so sad yet predictable.

    I suspect that this attack is just another one in what will be the new norm until such time the enemy is defined and political correctness is thrown out the window. Not until then. In the meantime the lemmings on the left still cheer because they believe in diversity while living in gated communities.

    DHS is more concerned with returning vets and those of us on the right than those that believe in the religion of peace. We’ve living in the Twilight Zone.

    I am pleased that the jihadi got snuffed by the cops. At least the left won’t have another hero.

  2. Kathy says:

    As the investigation continues, they will turn up more indicators that this was coming, showing what a powder keg this guy was. Meanwhile our various government spies are watching Southerners fight about flags – people named Smith & Jones, instead of all the Mohammads they should be watching.

    If this case doesn’t tip the scale to do away with gun free military zones, then I don’t know what will. After the training our guys go through, I’m pretty sure we can trust them with a gun, especially considering that they take their oaths seriously, unlike our elected bunch of nimrods. To leave them in designated gun-free zones like sitting ducks is just damn near treasonous.

    • Uriel says:

      I have been out of touch too long on base protocal. Used to armed military was norm while on base. Restrictions for unholstering were tight but they were visible.

  3. Uriel says:

    Good video thanks Hardnox. I am positive every member of our troops retired or active is hurting today. North and many others were good soldiers as those were those mysteriously fired, retired, or moved out of our forces. These were men who joined for the right reasons, to protect and serve to keep our country free. The purging of military by the commander-in-chief is a betrayal of those values and principles. From position of strength and might comes understanding and negotiations NOT the wholesale betrayal of cowards and weaklings. Respect is earned.

  4. Grouchy says:

    There have been indications that he did go to Syria for a period of months.
    But again, the islamic training manual forbids any kind of friendly relations with the “infidel” or “Kuffar”, but the left is too smitten to give a rat’s ass.
    I have the feeling this incident, as well as the Roof incident, are but the beginning of the sorrows to be heaped on our Nation. And I Pray God I’m wrong~!

    • Uriel says:

      I saw Grouchy. But with this potus playing it down and media doing his bidding it is going to get dropped unless something drastic changes.

      • Uriel says:

        From what I am hearing over 10k more will arrive soon. And with his housing push. Every community will be getting more to worry about than just integration of a few US citizens.