Armed Texas Store Clerk Kills Two Robbers, Saves Co-Worker’s Life

From:,  by Bob Price,  on Jul 15, 2015,  see the article HERE.

Clerk kills two robbers

HOUSTON, Texas – A clerk in a convenience store in southwest Houston shot two armed robbers and saved his co-worker’s life Monday night. The injured robbers escaped in a waiting car. They later died at an area hospital.

The Houston Police Department reported that three men entered a Super-K convenience store located in the southwest part of Houston, according to a report on KTRK-ABC13. A fourth man waited in a car as the getaway driver. One of the men began to pistol-whip the store owner’s son-in-law working as a clerk.

KTRK reported that a second clerk, the brother of the store’s owner, was taking a break at the back of the store and observed the unfolding robbery attempt and assault. He quickly grabbed his gun and shot two of the men. The men fled to the getaway car and left the scene.

Dien Tu shot the two robbers. “”Another guy, holding the door, hold a gun to me so I shoot them,” Tu said to KTRK’s Jessica Wiley.

The suspects fled the scene in a tan-colored sedan. The driver dropped the injured men off in front of an apartment complex across the street from Memorial Herman Southwest Hospital. The two men later died in the hospital.

This was the second time in as many weeks this store had been robbed, according to the KTRK report. In the previous robbery, the clerk was beaten so badly that he remains unable to return to work.

“Everyone has guns in the store. It’s so dangerous this kind of job,” Alden Tu, the store owner, told Wiley.

Wiley reported that the Houston police officers on the scene told her these robbers were believed to have committed another robbery just before coming to this store. Police continue to search for the remaining suspects.

The following day, another store clerk killed an armed robber. This time it was a north Houston liquor store that was robbed, according to the Houston Chronicle. Houston Police Detective Ivan Ulloa told the Chronicle that the robber “produced a gun and demanded money at gunpoint from the clerk.”

The robber, who the store clerk said appeared to be in his 20s, leapt over the counter and began to struggle with the clerk. The robber’s gun was knocked free and the clerk managed to get control of it. He then shot the robber in self-defense. The robber died from his wound.

Other than the fact that good guys with guns stopped bad guys with guns, it does not appear the two robberies were related.


Way to go Houston! Convenience store DRT’s two days in a row! If you can keep that up for a month or two, we could be assured that convenience store robberies would drop precipitously. 

It’s probably going to take more DRT’s to thin the herd, but then the herd isn’t very smart. They’ll just continue to attempt these robberies until eventually that little 6 watt bulb in their cranial cavity will flicker and glow (signaling some molecular-level mental activity) and some of them will decide that knocking over small retail stores in Texas could be harmful to their health – they could get DED!



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5 Responses to Armed Texas Store Clerk Kills Two Robbers, Saves Co-Worker’s Life

  1. CW says:

    Now there’s a bit of good news!

  2. asdf says:

    if eric holder had his way, everyone in the store would be dead, and the thugs would be running free

  3. Kathy says:

    Now that is what you call gun control. It’s not surprising that most all store owners & clerks have guns – you couldn’t pay me enough to do that job.

  4. Uriel says:

    I particularly like turning the gun on the robber. When our constitution was written I doubt they foresaw such possibilities. But recognized from past that fighting back is the only way, thank goodness. Historically passivism produces nothing but bullies who take over.

  5. Grouchy says:

    “But,,, But,,, But,,, They was GOOD KIDS, and only trying to get enough money to get their lives on track, and get their edamacation~!”

    I can hear the kinfolk now, weeping and wailing how misunderstood the deceased imbecile were, and how their rights to rob and pillage were violated~! And how they could have been shot to be wounded – they didn’t need to be killed~!