The Megyn Kelly File on Spike in Violent Crimes

Megyn Kelly speaks firsthand of the decline in the quality of life in New York City since de Blasio became mayor. Obama’s own words and Bill de Blasio’s attacks on police officers in the city have had a direct and deadly consequence, as well as the nationwide impact of the regime’s anti-cop agitation program.

She lists New York City’s rapid decline as the increased presence of “litter, homeless people in front of restaurants and stores, panhandling and interfering by stopping children, stabbings, kidnappings, on the cover of the newspaper every other day now, in residential areas.” Kelly notes their Mayor as proclaiming, “I’m doing a great job,” and remarks how the same situation exists in many cities all across the country.

As Megyn states murder rates have increased drastically in the last year:New York -10%; Baltimore -50%; Chicago -23%; St. Louis -60%; New Orleans -39%; and Milwaukee; -92%. She and Sheriff Clarke place the blame squarely on those leftist idiots “handcuffing” their police with stand down orders for even simple social problems like public urinating. I can’t say I blame the officers. With their departments being told this, why would any officers want to get out and do the job hired for when their city is not behind them. I am not excusing rough treatment doled out but I would dare any dissenters to go out dressed for duty and walk a few miles in their shoes with them. The stress of wondering if you will be attacked or harmed is real and present danger. Given the frustration and intimidation pouring like a bucket of ice water over their heads, I am surprised all officers have not quit for family health reasons.

Sheriff Clarke spelled out clearly the way that crime rates can be lowered is strong formal social controls, adherence to social contract, and strong police presence. He also said once this breaks down, heavier and more intimidating moves will spring up which will take a lot of continuous time and effort to correct. All three are being largely ignored or openly defied. The major problem I see with this is that dummies looking for ways to push police buttons or overreaction by police who are worried they might be next for funeral arrangements.


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2 Responses to The Megyn Kelly File on Spike in Violent Crimes

  1. Kathy says:

    They’re talking about the laws that keep people civilized. Common decency has been sliding downhill for years, and if we don’t uphold a few standards and laws, then we will sink further & further into decadence. In many ways we already have, so maybe that’s why de Blasio & other officials have that why bother attitude.