Sanctuary Cities Report Card according to their website has 30 years of immigration experience. They compiled a page on sanctuary cities that can be read HERE. Their information came from  OJJPAC.ORG and 

I did a cursory look at Wikipedia city information on these main populated cities across the country which should give conservatives a sense of justification for our attitudes concerning liberals and Democrats. The information was pulled from the Census of 2010 so obviously not currently accurate.

– 16 cities had Democratic mayors

– populations ranged from
highest (including surrounding areas)  New York City at about 20.1m to
lowest (including surrounding areas) San Diego at about 1.3m

– crime rate for 15 was the highest percentiles in the nation, I didn’t find mention of crime info on Portland, San Diego, or Austin in the quick scan

– 12 cities were acknowledged in top 10 percentile for LGBT

– 16 were said to be in the high percentile of income at or below poverty level

– 16 noted high volume homeless populations

– 3 had 50 percent or better Black populations – Detroit, 83%, Baltimore 63%, Washington DC 50%

– 1 had greater than 50% Spanish population

– 1 had already declared bankruptcy  and 12 more were close to having to do the same

– 18 received refuge resettlement populations most from Middle East, East, and Africa.

Does all of this mean a lot, not really as an accurate indicator; but I find it interesting that only 2 out of 16 are Republican and that in all but the 2 cases poverty, homelessness, crime, and LGBT go hand in hand with the socialistic attitudes of Democrats.  It might be interesting to really do an in depth case study on how many cities across the country are fairing with local Democratic leadership, then expand out from there to state levels. I doubt many liberals and Democrats would appreciate the grading but isn’t it about time we give cities a “Common Core” evaluation?



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7 Responses to Sanctuary Cities Report Card

  1. Kathy says:

    I’d give them all a flunking grade for their disregard of our immigrations laws. When arresting someone, sanctuary cities don’t ask about their legal status which leads to the problems we’ve seen lately with the violent crimes they commit.

    • Uriel says:

      Exactly Kathy. The main point of difference, Democrats rant at Republicans about following their rules But seem to regard the laws as written beneath them. In addition, socialism does not provide a healthy economy. WE know that but they remain blind, deaf, and dumb.

  2. Looking at that map, Uriel, I notice that several of the sanctuary cities have a significant islamic population, Between the Mexican illegals and the forced input of the obomination’s muslim horde, we have a serious class warfare situation forthcoming, I’m afraid.

    • Uriel says:

      Hi welcome. I agree. Those are only 18 of 200 cities which is frightening. A great many on west coast Oregon Washington and Cali. Many on east/Northeast any Georgia Al So it will be a massive fight. Texas has a Lot more too

  3. Uriel says:

    I noticed too. In sports isn’t this called a “squeeze play”?

  4. tannngl says:

    Appreciate the report and work you did, Uriel.
    Actually I’m surprised that even 2 of the cities were run by R’s.

    BTW, I couldn’t get your link to the report.