N&F 2016 Presidential Candidate Biographies #2

Following are brief biographies for all sixteen announced Presidential candidates (in alphabetical order).  This list will be edited if the field of candidates changes. Some may note that while John Kasich has technically not yet announced as of our publishing date, he has reportedly scheduled his announcement for July 21, so anticipating that, we are including him here.

You may note that we’ve not included any links to the candidate’s campaign websites – that’s intentional. They’re easy enough to find, but all you’ll get there is campaign spin, so with that in mind, we decided not to include them here.

We have provided links to On the Issues and Wikipedia for each candidate. If you have any question about the candidate’s position on a major issue, you can generally find it at On the Issues – it’s worth a visit – there is a massive amount of information there for each candidate. A suggestion: for any selected candidate, you can scroll down through his/her statements related to each of twenty-four (24) issues – you’ll know where they stand. The site lists all of a candidate’s quoted statements on such varied issues as Foreign Policy, Immigration, Energy, Gun Control, Health Care, Environment, Education, Civil Rights, and more.

The Wikipedia link is provided in case you want more biographical detail  that we have space for here. Be aware that each link will open in a new tab.



Governor Jeb Bush

John Ellis (Jeb) Bush

Age: 61, Roman Catholic

Lives in: Coral Gables, FL (born in Midland, TX)

Education: B.A. from Univ. of Texas

Military: No

Profession: Businessman and real estate developer

Political career: Two terms (1999-2007) as Governor of Florida.

Jeb Bush On the issues

More Jeb Bush on Wikipedia..





Dr. Benjamin Carson and his wife Candy created the Carsons Scholars Fund, which bestows $1,000 to students for use at a four-year college or university. Alden Tonkay, the son of 512th Airlift Wing Reservist Master Sgt. Jack and Laurie Tonkay, is one of the recipients of this award. Dr. Carson is a neurosurgeon who's credited with the first successful separation of twins at the cranium. (U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. Veronica A. Aceveda)

Dr. Ben Carson

Benjamin Solomon (Ben) Carson

Age: 63, Seventh-day Adventist

Lives in: West Friendship, MD (born in Detroit, MI)

Education: B.S from Yale, M.D. from Univ. of Michigan

Military: No

Profession: Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Political career: none

Ben Carson On the Issues

More Ben Carson on Wikipedia.





Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie

Christopher James (Chris) Christie

Age: 52, Roman Catholic

Lives in: Mendham Township, NJ (born in Newark, NJ)

Education: B.A. from Univ. of Delaware (1984), J.D. from Seton Hall Univ. in 1987

Military: No

Profession: Lawyer

Political career: two terms as U.S. Attorney for New Jersey (2002-2008), and 5 years (assumed office in 2010) as Governor of New Jersey (incumbent)

Chris Christie On the issues

More Chris Christie on Wikipedia.




Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz

Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz

Age: 44, Southern Baptist

Lives in: Houston, TX (born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Education: A.B. from Princeton (1992), J.D. from Harvard in 1995

Military: No

Profession: Lawyer

Political career: Solicitor General of Texas (2003-2008), First term U.S. Senator from Texas (assumed office in 2013)

Ted Cruz On the issues

More Ted Cruz on Wikipedia.





Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina

Carleton S. (Carly) Fiorina

Age: 60, raised Episcopalian

Lives in Richmond, Virginia (born in Austin, TX)

Education: B.A. in philosophy and medieval history from Stanford (1976), M.B.A. in marketing from University of Maryland (1980), M.S. in management from MIT Sloan School of Management in 1989.

Military: No

Profession: Sales for AT&T, President of a division of Lucent, CEO of Hewlett-Packard

Political career: challenged Barbara Boxer for a U.S. Senate in California in November, 2010. Fiorina lost.

Carly Fiorina On the Issues

More about Carly Fiorina at Wikipedia.



Graham-080106-18270- 0005

Senator Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Olin Graham

Age: 59 (60 on July 9), Southern Baptist

Education: B.A. in Psychology in 1977 from Univ of South Carolina, J.D. from Univ of South Carolina School of Law in 1981.

Military: 6 ½ yrs in USAF as an Air Force lawyer. Separated in 1988 and joined the South Carolina Air National Guard in 1989. Called to active duty. In 1995, joined the U.S. Air Force Reserves. Retired in June, 2015 with 33 years of service at the rank of Colonel.

Profession: Lawyer

Political career: South Carolina House (1993-1995), U.S. House for four terms (1995-2003), U.S. Senate since 2003 (two terms).

Lindsey Graham On the Issues

More about Lindsey Graham at Wikipedia.





Governor Mike Huckabee

Michael Dale (Mike) Huckabee

Age: 59, Southern Baptist

Lives in: Santa Rosa Beach, FL (born in Hope, Arkansas)

Education: Ouachita Baptist Univ., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Military: No

Profession: Author, ordained minister

Political career: Lt. Governor of Arkansas (1993-1996), 2+ terms (10 years) as Governor of Arkansas (1996-2007)

Mike Huckabee On the issues

More Mike Huckabee on Wikipedia.




Governor John Kasich

John Richard Kasich

Age: 63, Anglican

Lives in: Bexley, OH (born in  McKees Rocks, PA)

Education: B.A. in Political Science from Ohio State University in 1974

Military: No

Profession: Fox News Host (2001), Author of three books, Lehman Brothers Investment Banking Division (2001-2008)

Political career: Ohio State Senator (1979-1982), U.S. House (1983-2001), ran for President in 2000 – dropped out, assumed office as Governor of Ohio in 2011 (incumbent)

John Kasich On the Issues

More John Kasich on Wikipedia.



Bobby Jindal

Governor Bobby Jindal

Piyush (Bobby) Jindal

Age: 43, Roman Catholic

Lives in: Baton Rouge, LA (born in Baton Rouge, LA)

Education: B.S. from Brown Univ., M.Litt. from Oxford Univ. (UK)

Military: No

Profession: Management consultant

Political career: Two term member of U.S. House (2005-2008), now in his second term as Governor of Louisiana (assumed office in 2008) (incumbent)

Bobby Jindal On the issues

More Bobby Jindal on Wikipedia.




George Pataki

Governor George Pataki

George Elmer Pataki

Age: 70, Roman Catholic

Lives in: Garrison, NY (born in Peekskill, NY)

Education: B.A. from Yale (in 3 years) in 1967, and a J.D. from Columbia Law School in 1970

Military: No

Profession: Lawyer

Political career: Mayor of Peekskill (1981-1984), New York State Assembly (1985-1992), New York State Senate (1993-1994), Governor of New York (1995-2006)

George Pataki On the Issues

More George Pataki on Wikipedia.



Official Portrait

Senator Rand Paul

Randal Howard (Rand) Paul

Age: 51, Presbyterian

Lives in: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Education: Baylor Univ., M.D. from Duke Univ., completed residency in 1993

Military: No

Profession: Physician (Ophthalmologist)

Political career: First term U.S. Senator from Kentucky, assumed office in 2011

Rand Paul On the Issues

More Rand Paul on Wikipedia





Governor Rick Perry

James Richard (Rick) Perry

Age: 64, Methodist/nondenominational evangelical

Lives in: Austin, TX (born in Paint Creek, TX)

Education: B.S. from Texas A&M Univ.

Military: USAF for 5 years as C-130 pilot, separated in 1977 with rank of Captain

Profession: Cotton farmer and rancher

Political career: Texas House of Representatives (1985-1991), Commissioner of Agriculture (1991-1999), Lieutenant Governor of Texas (1999-2000), 3 terms as Governor of Texas (2000-2015)

Rick Perry On the Issues

More Rick Perry on Wikipedia




Official Portrait

Senator Marco Rubio

Marco Antonio Rubio

Age: 43, Roman Catholic

Lives in: Miami, FL (born in Miami, FL)

Education: B.S. from Univ. of Florida, J.D. from Univ. of Miami

Military: No

Profession: Lawyer

Political career: Florida House of Representatives (2000-2009), first term U.S. Senator from Florida, assumed office in 2011

Marco Rubio On the Issues

More Marco Rubio on Wikipedia.






Senator Rick Santorum

Richard John “Rick” Santorum

Age: 57, Roman Catholic

Lives in: Great Falls, VA, (born in Winchester, VA)

Education: B.A. in Political Science from Penn State, M.B.A. from Univ. of Pittsburgh, J.D. from Dickinson School of Law at Penn State

Military: No

Profession: Lawyer

Political career: Two terms in U.S. House (1991-1995), two terms in U.S. Senate (1995-2007)

Rick Santorum On the Issues

More Rick Santorum on Wikipedia.





Donald Trump

Donald John Trump

Age: 69, Presbyterian

Lives in Manhattan, NY and Palm Beach, FL, (born in Queens, NY)

Education: B.S. in economics from University of Pennsylvania

Military: No

Profession: Real Estate  investor, television personality, author, and politician. He is chairman and president of The Trump Organization

Political career: none

Donald Trump On the Issues

More Donald Trump on Wikipedia






Governor Scott Walker

Scott Kevin Walker

Age: 47, nondenominational evangelical Christian

Lives in: Wauwatosa, WI (born in Colorado Springs, CO)

Education: Attended Marquette Univ. 1986-1990 (did not graduate)

Military: No

Profession: American Red Cross, and Salesman for IBM

Political career: Multiple terms in State Assembly (1993-2002), Milwaukee County Executive (2002-2010), now in his second term as Governor of Wisconsin (assumed office in 2011)

Scott Walker On the Issues

More Scott Walker on Wikipedia.



Here’s a direct link to the Second N&F Presidential Poll

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  1. Uriel says:

    Thanks Garnet. All information is a good way to stay ahead of the game.

  2. Kathy says:

    I appreciate you adding the link to On the Issues – lots of good information there that can be used to fight the lies being told about the various candidates.

    Some in the media are already dredging up Trump’s former stance as pro abortion and running that as their headlines without adding that he’s since changed his mind and is pro life.

    • Garnet92 says:

      So true Kathy, there’s a world of information about each candidate there and I’m hoping that folks will go there and get a taste of what’s available. In fact, though I don’t like his mannerisms, ego, etc., and the info isn’t entirely up to date on him, Trump’s statements there are impressive – seems that most info when I checked was around 2011 at the latest – but his positions parallel my own to a tee!

  3. Clyde says:

    Cruz, Trump, Walker, Perry, and Carson. The rest can take a hike. Good post.

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      WM, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t have any interest in doing bios for the dems. I certainly WILL do some exposes on whomever appears to be giving Hillary a run – if that happens. But an informational piece, no. There are only a few that might choose to challenge Hitlery: Sanders, O’Malley, Biden, or Warren are, I think, the most viable ones.