Time For Mrs. A.L.’S Humpday Pinecones

Yes, friends, it is once again Wednesday. A day I’m sure you all look forward to as we once again enter the lunacy that is the left, in thoughts, words and deeds.

This week’s Coniferous Champion is from the world of academe, and fancies himself as a “diversity and inclusion consultant”, whatever the heck ( can’t cuss, Mrs. A.L. would shoot me a lightning bolt in the arse) that is. Just another worthless leftist salary grubber, IMHO. Anyway, let us meet our……

MRS. A.L.’S Humpday Pinecone


The champ this week is one Jamie Utt, (yes, Virginia, rhymes with NUT), from Minneapolis. Imagine that.

Ol’ Jamie here gets coned for THIS bit of lunacy, from Eric Owens at The Daily Caller.com:

Diversity Trainer: White People Have ‘Emotional Stake In Denying White Supremacy’

Eric Owens

Education Editor  10:20 AM 07/07/2015

Admitting that white people are privileged is difficult because they “have an emotional stake in denying white supremacy.” Also, white people “vote in ways that actually are against” their self-interests “in order to enact policies that hurt” black people and members of other minority groups.

Such is an argument in a 2,423-word essay at the website Everyday Feminism entitled “Here Are the Real Reasons Why We White People Struggle to Admit That Racism Still Exists.”

The author behind the argument is Jamie Utt, a self-described “diversity and inclusion” consultant and trainer based in Minneapolis.

“I see my fellow White people so wrapped up in defending the idea that systemic racism doesn’t exist that we are unable to empathize with the real pain caused to people of Color by racism, both interpersonal and systemic,” Utt, who is white, explains in the essay.

He capitalizes the words “white” and “color” throughout his piece.

Then, using the pronoun “we” throughout, Utt explains the many ways he believes white people except for him exhibit massive racism.

“White People Have an Emotional Stake in Denying White Supremacy,” is one of four headings Utt uses.

“Admitting that we’re acting in racist ways or supporting racist systems is terrifying,” the diversity trainer declares. “And it hurts.”

“Scarier still is doing the deep emotional reflection to understand the ways that we may be truly racist deep down,” Utt argues.

“I have an emotional stake in reacting defensively to allegations that I have hurt a person of Color with my privileged actions,” he also pontificates.

In the same set of paragraphs, Utt alleges that white people “disproportionately vote in ways that actually are against” their self-interests and contrary to their own economic concerns “in order to enact policies that hurt people of Color.”

That statement links to a 2012 article in The Guardian, a left-leaning British newspaper. The Guardian’s piece asserts that racism is part of the reason white people vote for Republicans.

Utt, who sports a soul patch and hefty black stud earrings in both ears, is a graduate of Earlham College. He has a degree in peace and global studies from the private Quaker liberal arts school, where tuition, fees and room and board run $53,510 annually.

In addition to diversity and inclusion, Utt offers presentations about bullying prevention, sexual violence prevention and student leadership and motivation. His focus is on schools. He offers corporate consulting as well.

In July 2012, when James Holmes murdered 12 people and injured 70 others during a midnight screening of the “The Dark Knight Rises,” Utt published a blog entry suggesting that there are questions “we should be asking” about “White culture” and “White masculinity.”

Everyday Feminism is “one of the most popular feminist digital media sites in the world.” The founder and CEO is Sandra Kim, is “a person with multiple marginalized identities.”


There is simply NO question Utt is an Obama voter. This clown hit ALL the leftist talking points in one short article. THIS is the type of lunacy that will FOREVER thwart efforts at REAL dialogue between races, since THIS clown is the WORST type of racist, with his obvious condescension towards ANYONE who is different from him.

Now I’m not one to argue about young people heading off to the “institutions of higher learning” but this is one instance where Jamie’s parents should have taken the $53,000 plus per annum for Jamie’s tuition, and maybe bought him a restaurant or something. A degree in PEACE ? REALLY ?

To think there is somewhere this idiot actually gets paid for his diatribe requires, as Hillary would tell us, the willing suspension of disbelief.

Jamie, old sod, for your “peace degree”, and in the name of “diversity”, we are pleased to crown YOU as our Mrs. A.L.’s Pinecone Of The Week. Your verbal dreckage is EXACTLY what the lovely Mrs. A.L. had in mind when she coined the term lo those many moons ago. Just for YOU, moron :

HERE it is, Jamie Utt. Just for YOU. And, like yourself, full of NUTS. I wonder, with your “Peace” degree,should you EVER be in need of a REAL job, would you be qualified to do ANYTHING ?

And that wraps up another first in the history of our esteemed award. This is the first time we EVER had a “peace degree” holder so honored.

CLYDE. “Peace Degree”. THAT, and a dime STILL won’t get you a cup of coffee. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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29 Responses to Time For Mrs. A.L.’S Humpday Pinecones

  1. Hardnox says:

    Excellent choice Clyde. Never heard of the douche before.

    While reading this, I couldn’t help but conclude that he has described his fellow lefties perfectly. He needs to rename his yarn to “Lefty White People Have Emotional Stake In Denying White Supremacy”.

    He sure as hell isn’t talking about the rest of us.

  2. “Here Are the Real Reasons Why We White People Struggle to Admit That Racism Still Exists.”

    He should have used the word “I” writing this bullshit because it’s obvious he’s the real racist.

    Another great pick Clyde. Massive pine cone from massive tree!

  3. Kathy says:

    Another good one, Clyde, and it doesn’t say much for the college either to give someone a degree in peace.

    What else would a guy with no life skills do but talk down to other whites about racism? Another waste of parents’ money.

  4. CW says:

    Yep – great choice, Clyde.

    The lowest people on Earth are those like Jamie Utt who’ve made a lucrative business by fanning the dying embers of racism. There is no low these fraudsters won’t stoop to in order to keep the money rolling in.

  5. Uriel says:

    Wow. Good choice. I had not seen this guy. Geez. Wonder what His diet consists of? I’m thinking maybe a few pills, a lot of pot and a mainline tube to O’s intravenous party line.

    • Blessed B. says:

      LOL! I was wondering the same thing! WTF is this nUtt on? Too much goaturd in your hookah? Jeesh!

  6. Clyde says:

    ALL : Thanks for those sanguine comments. Utt is one of these obscure lefties who needs the cleansing of light shown upon his lunacy.

    • Wow, look at all of Jamie’s haters, you lot are a special bunch. 🙂 you who don’t admit your guilt. Jamie tells of his racist thoughts in his presentations, he tells of the fist time he saw black people and what his grandad did in that moment. He tells a real story of growing up white and privileged, and compares that to the average person of color. He noticed how systematic racism truly is and is now a beacon much brighter than any of you ducks quacking about his lunacy.

      I’ve personally seen him change the minds of conservative youth, who sound like they are echoing their parents. … “racism is dying” “social security is bad” “welfare is pointless and makes them lazy”. So have fun hating while Jaime does important work you wish you understood. You sit around and laugh, the country is going to change around your bitter frames and leave you rightfully in the past.

      • Crawfish says:

        So after decades of giving preferences to minorities in education, jobs, contracts, and housing, they still need more to have equal opportunity?
        No, they have more than equal opportunity. They, for the most part, don’t take advantage of the opportunities presented to them.
        In education, achievement is discouraged because that is “acting white”. Teachers and professors that correct horrid spelling and grammar are accused of “micro-aggression” and racism.
        Why do they not have any self-respect? Why do the young women dress like trash? Why do the young men have their pants below their asses, indicating that they want anal sex? Why do the women allow themselves to be called “ho” and have lots of sex without relationships? Why are over 75% of black babies born to single women? Why are over 50% of black pregnancies aborted? Why are so many black men addicted to drugs? Why does 13% of the population account for 49% of murders?
        The complete lack of morality and self-respect have destroyed the black family, which in turn leads to generations in poverty.
        Whites didn’t cause that. Blacks and Democrats did.
        If whites have such priviledge, why do Asians and Indians do so well in our society without the government-mandated advantages given to blacks?

        • JB says:

          Crawfish, I think you’re a bit confused about what equal actual means….

          • Crawfish says:

            Ah, another of Utt’s sheep….er, students has shown up.

            By federal law, in all federal hiring and federal contract awarding, minorities and women are given preferences. This holds true for most states and large cities as well. That means white men have a distinct lack of privilege.

            State universities give bonus points toward acceptance for minorities, women, and other groups in order to foster diversity instead of accepting the most qualified candidates, the ones who would also have a higher probability of completing a degree program. So where is that white privilege?

            It appears that liberals are still showing their racism with these quotas and set-asides, as they firmly believe blacks and women cannot compete on an EQUAL plane.

      • CW says:

        Re: Montay

        The “white privilege” lie is the Left’s latest meme to keep the gravy train coming, because apparently finding new ways to keep sucking at the taxpayer teat is the only thing they’ve managed to achieve since the “great society” of LBJ was launched. And of course white liberals are more than happy to immerse themselves in the “white privilege” meme, so that they can enjoy that special sense of superiority that comes from believing that they deserve the credit for rescuing the helpless black race with other peoples’ money. That’s the kind of mindset we’re dealing with here.

        People like Montay will never hold the black community and their enablers accountable for their own failures. It wasn’t white conservatives who demanded the removal of the stigma of producing out-of-wedlock children – that was your friendly neighborhood liberals who did that. Now most black children are born to unwed mothers, many with limited education and work skills, and OF COURSE they struggle to compete with whites who are born into two-parent families where the parents have taken the trouble to do things the right way (like get an education first, for instance). That’s not white privilege – it’s black stupidity. Oops – did I say that out loud?

        But alas, no amount of reason will make a dent in the block that is Montay’s brain, so blinded is he because he sees only what he wants to see. Just know, Montay, that we’re not going to sit still while community organizers like you steal from us in the name of some phony crusade for phony justice. You’re a low-life thief, that’s all.

  7. clyde says:

    Montay, thanks for coming to the party, albeit, like MOST lefties, way late. What you miss, as is usual, is the FACT that conservatives believe EVERYONE is worthy of pursuing their dreams, NOT have them handed to them. If we are such haters and racists, explain how it is MOST of us were STRONG supporters of Lt.Col. Allen West, a TRUE war hero, when he tried to get the republican nod in ’12 ? If ALL white people feel “privilege”, and are such racists, how, out of all the counties and cities in the nation, over 38% of them are run by blacks, who make up 13% of the population. If whites are such racists, explain how Oprah amassed a $600,000,000 fortune. Montay, unlike you and morons like Jamie, loaded with white guilt, exacerbated by your going to the “institutions of higher learning”, only to have all this leftist drivel pounded into your skulls full of mush, we have ZERO guilt about our whiteness. WE know exactly where we are in our thinking, NOT what a bunch of democrat racists with an agenda to keep the blacks “on the plantation” tell you to think. Montay, if there is no black racism, how come there are no whites in the Congressional Black Caucus ? Why is there no Congressional White Caucus ? Why is there no “National Action Network” by and for WHITES ? Explain to us how a WHITE woman came to be head of a local NAALCP chapter. Thanks for playing, Montay. I sincerely hope a good psychologist can help you overcome your white guilt. It is not good to carry that around in you.

  8. Grouchy says:

    I think Jamie and Montay should get together, and see who can bash themselves into the sewer the quickest.
    What a load of garbage from both of them.

  9. MDK says:

    I am a 19 year old woman and I’ve heard Jamie speak 4 times now. He is a personal friend of mine, and I look up to him a lot. No matter what I say, I’ll be attacked. It’s the nature of politics and hard-headed people. But I just wanted to say that Jamie is so much more than the person you illustrate him as. I hope someday you’ll have the privilege of meeting Jamie, as he is a gorgeous soul and my greatest role model. I don’t care if this makes me one of “the lowest people on Earth” because at least I don’t make a living making fun of people. Despite your hurtful words towards someone I love, I thank you for challenging my views (and my patience).

  10. clyde says:

    MDK, if you and the rest of the leftists truly believed in “equality”, and the Golden Rule, someone like Jamie would cease to exist. You on the left have institutionalized racism today. I’ll bet you would never believe me if I were to tell you if it weren’t for REPUBLICANS, whom you undoubtedly view as racists, the much-ballyhooe Civil Rights Act of 1964 would NEVER have seen the light of day. Who was blocking it ? Funny you ask SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS, such as Al Gore Sr., et al. Read a REAL history book.If Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al, thought the same way, THEY would have no reason to exist. How much did Soros pay you and Montay to come in here, BTW ? Thanks for playing.

    • MDK says:

      And you call Jamie condescending towards those who disagree with him? I don’t identify as a leftist, but thanks for telling me what I believe. I didn’t say anything about the politics of it all, I just said that Jamie is a personal friend of mine and I look up to him. No politics, I just wanted to point out how unkind this whole thing is.

      • Crawfish says:

        What’s unkind is people like this indoctrinating young people into believing his far-left garbage. Because of his position, students believe whatever he says, no matter how completely wrong it is.

  11. Crawfish says:

    For Utt’s students that are being directed here, which ones are you in this video, so we know who to laugh at?

  12. Elizabeth says:

    You can try to call me a lefty or whatever you want, but as a conservative 20 year old, I am very shocked to read this article and the comments. I have personally met Jamie Utt. He speaks to elite high school sophomores at a seminar I volunteer with. His presentation always inspires the students to step back and open their eyes, minds, and hearts to what’s around them. You may view me as “too young to know anything,” “privileged,” or that my head is being “infiltrated with liberal BS” at a private Catholic “institution of higher learning,” but do you even realize what you’re doing? You’re hating this one man you’ve never met and judging him entirely off of one article you saw online. If we could stop hating everyone and at least try to see from their perspective, maybe we wouldn’t have to be so damn worried about the other party’s hidden agenda or who “wins” every f**king election. Obama has been in office for what, seven years now. Has the world ended? No. Has god damned us all? No. Are we living on the streets? No. Are we dead yet? No. Then why the f**k are we so damn concerned about ONE PERSON? He can’t so drastically change the world in eight years by himself. Sure I don’t agree with all of his policies and ideas, but for pete’s sake, he’s still a human. We need to face the facts, not just as a party, but as a nation. We’re not the best nation in the world and the only way we can claim that title back is if we suck up our pride a little and actually try to work together. THAT is what the Constitution is actually about. That’s what THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA used to be about and I know I’m not the only one that misses that.

    • MDK says:

      I’m so relieved to see a fellow seminar alum on this comment thread, Elizabeth. I support you, with all of my love and acceptance!

      • clyde says:

        Seminar alum. It figures. Elizabeth, name me the last TRUE conservative you voted for. I call bullshit. I seriously doubt you would know a conservative if one bit your ass. He speaks to ELITE high schoolers ? Where does THAT leave the poor disadvantaged kids ? Do you, Elizabeth, see your own hypocrisy here ? Besides that, it is also obvious you can’t discern hate from sarcasm, and satire.

  13. Justsayin' says:

    I’m glad you so eloquently summed up a well written and cited article. Oh, but then you followed up with a handful of paragraphs of senseless enraged ranting. Shoot that kind of ruined it.

    If you had bothered to do half the amount of research or self-reflection your so-called pinecone did, you’d know that he reguraly speaks about his own racism, and he in no way shuts down other white people who want to confront hard truths. Just because his article stirred something up inside you that made you uncomfortable does not a condescender make.

    And cool it with the all caps. We can hear how red in the face you are without them.

    • Crawfish says:

      His own racism?
      Well, since he is a liberal, that is to be expected. The Democrats have had that corner if the market since the 1820s.

    • Clyde says:

      And I am JUST SAYIN when you pay my bills then you can tell me what to do. You leftists are all the same. Goddamn control freaks. Take a hike.

  14. clyde says:

    To all you lefties who participated: Are all of you that seriously deluded into thinking fancy words and phrases and anecdotes ingratiate you leftists with the average black ? If so, seek help immediately. Try this for an experiment. Take your “kumbaya” into any black democrat run shit hole called a city. Camp out in the WORST sections, and tell them they cannot make it in life without YOU guilty white leftists. We will pick up the pieces, if any are left.

    • clyde says:

      BTW, if you all are so “inclusive”, why is it that conservatives are NEVER allowed to speak on your hallowed campuses? You leftists are some THE most exclusive hypocrites to ever come down the pike. YOU have tried to control, shape, flake and form everyone into thinking as you do. Sorry, that dog don’t hunt. Thanks again for playing.

  15. clyde says:

    A MESSAGE TO YOU LEFTISTS. The comments on this thread are now closed. We have been more than tolerant of your views. Utt may be a prince to you all, but if we were to go to a leftist website, such as your beloved Koz, or Huff and Puff, all WE have to do is disagree with the article, and we are banned, and comments pulled. Two can play that game.

  16. Hardnox says:

    To those that claim “hate”. Where the hell did you see that? You all sure have a short and narrow threshold. Wait until you get out in the real world. You’re in for a surprise.

    Clyde was merely pointing out that Utt is a first class douche for apologizing for something that is a fabrication in his own mind and convincing his niave followers of the same.

    Further, Clyde, like the rest of us, was exercising his First amendment Right by expressing his opinion. We all know that those of you on the left absolutely get your panties in a wad when someone disagrees with you. Get over yourselves. It makes you look stupid.

    Lastly, please consider that those who claim racism are usually the racists.

    Ask yourselves if you have any real black friends who aren’t just token blacks. Do you have any that you fought side by side with? Have you been a best man at their wedding? Do they have the keys to your house? Nah… I didn’t think so.

    Be gone you friggin racists…. you make us sick.