Shocker! How the left plans to win in 2016

Strategy could bring Hillary victory – but also bring down the country

From: (Whistleblower magazine),  By David Kupelian,  On July 7, 2015,  see the article HERE.


The Queen, anticipating her coronation

Despite wall-to-wall scandals and consistent polls revealing most Americans neither believe nor trust her, Hillary Clinton is widely expected to garner 40-something percent of the popular vote in 2016, no matter what she says or does between now and Election Day.

Although much of the rest of the electorate is appalled at the prospect of a President Hillary Clinton, her campaign reportedly is raising an unprecedented $2.5 billion to secure victory – meaning she’ll spend around $38 on each vote!

So what is the grand strategy for obtaining the remaining few percent of votes needed to send Hillary and “first husband” Bill Clinton back to the White House for their third-term “co-presidency”?

In its pages readers will discover the disturbing election strategy of Hillary Clinton. It has virtually nothing to do with real issues, qualifications, accomplishments or character, but has everything to do with two things: 1) shamelessly appealing to the increasingly far-left Democratic Party’s core constituencies by demonizing Republicans over fake issues like the “war on women,” “voter suppression” and “racism,” and 2), pursuing a wide-ranging, multifaceted strategy to profoundly alter the way “free and fair” elections are conducted in America.

This strategy, to state it bluntly, includes encouraging and enabling rampant voter fraud and abuse. For starters, that encompasses all the traditional forms of vote fraud – felons, non-citizens, dead people, multiple-state-voters and others ineligible to vote but who vote anyway – and overwhelmingly vote Democrat. It likewise includes attacking the most sensible voter ID laws, demanding universal voter registration,  pushing for vastly expanded pre-election voting, even suing battleground states like Ohio to change their voting laws, and much more.

But by far the most troubling part of the left’s plan to win the White House for Hillary involves transforming America from a center-right country to a center-left country – resulting in permanent, progressive-left government – by fast-tracking citizenship (which means voting) for as many millions of aliens, legal and illegal, as humanly possible before Election Day. Every poll shows the vast majority of immigrants will vote Democrat.


Although the article is actually a commercial for WND’s Whistleblower magazine, it is worthy of posting since it does remind us of the underhanded techniques that the left will use to artificially inflate the vote totals to give the presidency to the democrat candidate – again. We, at N&F, are constantly beating the drum to warn our conservative brothers and sisters of the many ways that the left will use voting fraud to achieve their goal – that of maintaining power at all cost.

This is just another reminder that we must be vigilant and call them out whenever we see voting fraud of any kind.

It’s hard enough to garner enough votes for conservative candidates to win when so many of our fellow citizens are apathetic and seemingly disinterested in how our country is governed. When fraud, in its many flavors is added to the equation, it becomes all but impossible for a conservative to win the presidency. The only way we can assure an “honest” election is to seek out and expose each and every occasion of voter fraud attempted by the democrats. If we won’t call attention to illegal voting – in any form – we indirectly accept the outcome, even if it’s Hillary.


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12 Responses to Shocker! How the left plans to win in 2016

  1. Uriel says:

    Well said Garnet. Voter fraud is their major MO. I am almost for paper voting just to prevent this but definitely need close scrutiny.

  2. Garnet92 says:

    Yeah, I’m past ready to return to paper ballots. Hacking has gotten so sophisticated nowadays that modifying votes to suit the democrats is a foregone conclusion. I believe that they are already “lickin’ their chops” at how easy hacking will be for their “independent contractors” to accomplish.

  3. Grouchy says:

    No matter how much lipstick and perfume one puts on a pig, the basic entity is STILL a pig.
    There is no truth nor integrity in Hitlery. And that has been a forgone conclusion since the days of the Watergate Scandal.

    And Hillary is one helluva porker. (Apologies to Porkers Anonymous)

    • Garnet92 says:

      So true, I just saw Hillary’s statements from yesterday’s interview “fact checked” on Kelly’s show tonight and several of her statements were out-and-out lies refuted by individuals who quoted chapter and verse of why Hillary’s statements were lies.

      YET, some brain-dead idiots will continue to have faith in her and vote for her.

      Integrity – Schmegerity – Hillary is a habitual LIAR, about pretty much everything.

  4. Kathy says:

    We had to know this was coming – they planned too long and hard not to hit us with every trick in the book and then some.

    If people aren’t already, they better start praying fast and hard for Trey Gowdy to be successful in his takedown – it’s our only chance.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Of course, you’re right Kathy, they’ll stop at nothing to win – to them, EVERYTHING is fair game.

      I think I’m gonna increase my prayer level for Gowdy to hold his fire until about a month or so before the election – too late for anyone else to substitute for Hillary. That, of course, presupposes that Sanders or Biden haven’t overtaken her by then and the dems still have their eggs in Hillary’s basket.

  5. tannngl says:

    Very worried about voter fraud.
    Conservatives must fight for every vote because we are fighting graft and corruption in elections. 99% of any voter fraud is on the Democrat side. It’s been reported in all states and what’s been done? Nada

    • tannngl says:

      Actually, one woman in Ohio was convicted of voting for Obama 4-5 times in Ohio as i recall.

      • Garnet92 says:

        We did a number of posts back in January of 2014 about voter fraud – here’s one example pulled from a post by “Nox:

        “Wood County, Ohio (which Obama won) has a voting age population of 98,213, but somehow 106,258 voters were registered to vote on election day.”

        There were countless other examples of voter fraud in the 2012 election, there’s no reason to believe that the dems won’t try to improve on their techniques for 2016.

  6. Well we all knew this already so no surprises here.

    But even when reported it makes no difference if you noticed. Like tannngl said the woman in OH was convicted but the outcome (O’s 2nd term) remains.

    No matter how much voter fraud there is do you ever see a candidate lose his/her office over it?

    I recall Fox reporting in 2012 that a district in Florida voted 165% for Obama and they said it without batting any eyelash. LOL! Does anyone know math these days. Does anyone realize you can only have 100%?

    I’m depressing myself. LOL!

    • Garnet92 says:

      So true Pepp! The most egregious example of demonstrable voter fraud was Al Franken’s win. Even after all of the skulduggery was uncovered, Franken still is in his Senate seat. The dems have used the Clinton technique of deny/deny/deny so well that many of the brain-dead electorate don’t believe that there is voter fraud.

  7. Blessed B. says:

    There’s only one solution to the problem if the White Angel of Death gets elected President…..

    I’ll leave it at that!