From The “GEE, IMAGINE THAT ” File For July 7 2015

As we who study this Regime well know, the rogue EPA is totally out of control. Have you ever wonder WHERE they get their “talking points” from ?

Well, my friends, wonder no more. This will most likely not come as much of a surprise to y’all. Michael Bastasch at The Daily has the story.


EPA Officials Caught Using Talking Points From Soros-Backed Group

Michael Bastasch   12:42 PM 07/06/2015


YET AGAIN, telling YOU what THEY think of you.

Emails obtained by a free-market legal group show that EPA officials may have been using talking points given to them by a policy expert with the Center for American Progress (CAP) — a think tank founded by Clinton adviser John Podesta and backed by liberal billionaire George Soros.

The Obama Regime. Owned lock, stock, and barrel, along with the REST of the left by THIS asshole. Maybe ALL Regime “officials” need to wear NASCAR-type firesuits with the “Open Society Institute” logo on them. That way, EVERYONE would know who funds the douchebag party.

Then-CAP climate policy expert Daniel Weiss emailed EPA senior counsel Joseph Goffman in September 2013 with “a series of suggestions for convincing [New York Times reporter] Matt Wald of the commercial viability of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

CCS technology is the centerpiece of the EPA’s carbon dioxide regulations for new power plants. It’s the only feasible way for coal-fired power plants to meet emissions limits set by the EPA’s proposed rule. There’s just one problem: the technology has been criticized for not being commercially viable.

The coal industry, Republicans and critics in general have pointed out that CCS has never been done on a commercial scale, and the only examples of CCS being used at a power plant the EPA can draw on are projects that were heavily subsidized by the government. Weiss was advising EPA employees of how to convince the Times reporter the technology was viable.

“Very important,” Weiss wrote in the subject line of his email to the White House’s climate messaging expert Rohan Patel and the EPA’s Brian Bond . “NYT to write CCS not adequately demonstrated?” Weiss warned. “It might be worth your while to have [EPA administrator] Gina [McCarthy] or some other senior person call him ASAP.”

Patel forwarded the email to “Goffman, associate EPA administrator for public affairs Tom Reynolds, and Dan Utech, the president’s deputy assistant for energy and climate change,” reported the Free Beacon. Reynolds and Goffman scheduled a phone call to talk about the pending Times story.

“Thanks for the note on Matt Wald,” Goffman wrote back to Weiss. “We’re on it.”

“The key is to make the most compelling case that CCS is ‘adequately demonstrated,’” Weiss replied. “Since the strategy of the opponents seems to be cast doubt on the technology, the more evidence that it is on its way, the stronger the case.”

Goffman quickly emailed five other EPA officials. That email was mostly redacted, but the first and last sentence used the same wording as Weiss’s email, suggesting that Goffman simply copied and pasted Weiss’s talking points.

“The brazen collusion is staggering,” Chris Horner, an attorney at the Environment & Energy Legal Institute, told the Free Beacon.

“This is a spectacular example of how ideological activists brought in to the Obama administration to jam through the left-wing agenda see no distinction between EPA and their former green-group colleagues,” said Horner, who obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The EPA says that no one at the EPA forwarded a “suggestion as their own and one email is not representative of how the agency works.”

“EPA’s priority is reaching out and engaging with the public and stakeholders so we hear from as many voices as possible,” an agency spokeswoman told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Actually, if anyone deserves credit for giving us ideas, it’s the states and communities on the ground that are developing cleaner, more efficient energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy,” she said. “Nothing we do is about one individual or group coming up with an idea or suggestion.”

The Center for American Progress downplayed the Free Beacon article, saying it’s unsurprising that a policy expert was offering government officials advice on climate policy.

“Oh wow. We were using our policy expertise to help the government achieve good public policy on an issue we care deeply about,” CAP spokeswoman Daniella Gibbs Leger told TheDCNF.

“Fancy that: a policy think tank, pushing policy ideas, with policy makers. Shocking,” she added.

CAP, however, did not answer TheDCNF’s question of whether or not the think tank would be so sanguine about emails showing federal officials being given talking points by groups affiliated with the fossil fuels industry.


At least we now know WHO pulls the puppet strings at the EPA, as well as the REST of the Regime. Raise your hand if you did not suspect Soros all along.

As I read the last sentence, all I could think of is IF anyone on the right were to have THIS shit found out, the leftists, led by Podesta and the entirety of the Soros-owned leftist media cartel would be howling at the moon over it.

Chalk it up to ignorance sponsored by Soros. Who will not assume room temperature soon enough.


CLYDE. Soros. Stupid Old Rotten Odiferous Sonofabitch.

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6 Responses to From The “GEE, IMAGINE THAT ” File For July 7 2015

  1. Hardnox says:

    This is no surprise but now it’s official. Where’s Congress? AWOL as usual. They already knew.

    By the way, John Podesta is also Putt’s paid Executive Order Czar.

    • Clyde says:

      Podesta has been stinking up government for 30 years now. Sure wish that goddamn meteor would land where it is supposed to.

  2. Kathy says:

    Knowing the free rein the EPA has, it’s not surprising that Soros is involved, but if Weiss is the one with the policy ideas, then we should hire him and fire a few of the deadbeats who aren’t contributing.

    Instead, we’re probably paying him in addition to the EPA staff.

    • Clyde says:

      Why hire Weiss ? HE is one of THEM, Kathy. Not to mention he would stand to make HUGE gains if CCS were to become mandated.

      • Kathy says:

        I know, Clyde, I’m not saying we need him, I’m just looking purely at the economics of it. If he’s the one with the ideas why does the EPA need those other guys? It’s just more wasted money on their salaries when they’re using ideas (bad ones) from outside sources.

        • Uriel says:

          Lol Kathy. Economics seems only way to get attention in our world today. I am betting a Lot of all our woes can be laid at Soros door. Shame evil incarnate Soros seems to be healthy enough to last wonder if all that hate he has is fueling his longevity.