France Deports Muslim Religious Leaders

From Eagle Rising:

France seems to have gained a spine over the past year and that is a good thing, and America should learn from what they have done. While the country still has “no-go zones,” at least one French mayor has sought to ban Islam. The country was also the first to ban pro-terror Palestinian protests and they opened up their borders to Islamic State persecuted Christians from Iraq. Many even took to the streets to call for all Muslims to be removed from the European country in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo and Paris kosher market jihad attacks by trained Islamic State terrorists. Now France has issued a report that claims the country has expelled 40 Islamic imams.

Aleteia reports:

Over the past three years, France has deported 40 foreign imams for “preaching hatred.” A quarter of those have taken place since the January terror attacks in Paris, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Monday.

The minister vowed to clamp down on mosques and preachers inciting hatred after a suspected Islamist beheaded his boss during an attack on a gas factory last week, according to the Radio France International.

sharia-for-france-2Any “foreign preacher of hate will be deported,” said Cazeneuve, adding that several mosques were being investigated for inciting terrorism and if found to be doing so, “will be shut down.”

“We have deported 40 preachers of hatred since 2012. Since the beginning of the year we have examined 22 cases and around 10 imams and preachers of hatred have been expelled,” said Cazeneuve.

“We cannot lose this war because it’s fundamentally a war of civilisation. It’s our society, our civilisation that we are defending,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said.

Valls comments came following Yassin Salhi’s attack on his boss, in which he beheaded his boss and pinned his head to a fence along with two Islamic State flags. Salhi then took a “selfie” with the severed head of his boss and sent via the WhatsApp messaging system.

french_muslimsSalhi has been in France since 2006. Though publications question when he was “radicalized,” they fail to understand the radical nature of the demonically inspired death cult of Islam. He was “radicalized” (and I use that term quite loosely) when he believed Muhammad’s teachings. He just needed something to set off his jihad.

Valls also said that at least 1,800 people were “linked to the Islamist cause, according to RFI.

While the number may be only those that France is aware of, the numbers of those who agree with these murderous Islamists dwarfs this. According to Brigitte Gabriel, between 180 and 300 million Muslims worldwide completely side with people like Salhi and his teachers; and there is no doubt in my mind that millions more are complicit by their silence.

The next step for France will be to permanently remove those who practice Islam from their country, just as China is doing. American could really learn something from this and act accordingly.


It’s ironic that France has the backbone to take action in this regard, when they’ve been so lacking in it for the last 70 years and the US has come to their rescue more times than we can count.

While this is a good move on their part, they should have started much sooner before the muslim population got so large. Muslims are as thick as flies in France and removing 40 people is just a drop in the bucket.

Meanwhile the US hires them to work in our government and refuses to designate their terrorist camps as such. It’s a pretty sad day when France has more backbone than the US.


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5 Responses to France Deports Muslim Religious Leaders

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good to know but it’s way too late for France. As you stated, we need to remove the islamonazis here. It’s insane that we haven’t already.

  2. vonmesser says:

    France grows a pseudo-backbone whenever they are seriously attacked – but it goes away as soon as the threat is reduced. The USA has been giving away its spine for years. We may not have anything left to grow a backbone from until we are attacked far worse than 9-11-01. God Help and Save us.

    (For a “fun” read – read Tom Kratman’s CALIPHATE)

  3. Clyde says:

    Good post, but since we have a nest of the asshats in the White Mosque, with Imam Obama, it ain’t going to happen. WE have to figure out the way to rid ourselves of the scourge.

  4. CW says:

    I’m glad to see it but it may be too little too late.

    As for the U.S., if our gov’t were a car maker we’d be making Edsels, so blind are we to what’s right in front of our nose. While France is finally throwing them out, we’re unrolling the red carpet.

  5. Kathy says:

    Seems we’re all of the same mind on this one. Good move on France’s part, but likely too late to be very effective.

    It’s going to be up to us to get rid of that red carpet.