Another Day, Another Wheel Off The Train.

Of the U-frigging-N backed Global Warming Express, that is. As more countries delve in to the REAL agenda behind the global warming scam, more are saying No Mas to the U-frigging-N.

And THAT would be a GOOD thing. Another plum from our friend Michael Bastasch at The Daily


India Will Defy UN On Global Warming And Not Peak CO2 Emissions

Michael Bastasch   2:13 PM 07/06/2015

India is refusing to specify a year it will peak its carbon dioxide emissions levels from fossil fuel use, a blow to plans by the Obama administration and the United Nations to get firm commitments from the world’s major emitters to fight global warming.

Despite pressure from the U.S. and the U.N., India has so far refused to sign a global warming deal that would force the country to forsake development in favor of environmental protection. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has already rejected overtures from the U.S. to peak emissions.

“The world is not expecting… India to announce its peaking year,” India’s environment minister Prakash Javadekar told the BBC. “Countries know where India stands and what its requirements [development needs] are and therefore nobody has asked us for [the] peaking year.”

Javadekar said the country would soon submit its plans for reducing CO2 emissions and it would be much more “ambitious than what the world is perceiving.” India has said it would do its part to fight global warming, but has repeatedly shown its resolve not to cave to international pressure.

“Some people are trying to put pressure on us, saying that India too needs to declare its emissions peaking year,” Javadekar said. “China’s per capita annual emission is nearly 20 tonnes whereas ours is only two tonnes.”

India is the world’s third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide, but the country’s per capita emissions are well-below the national average. About one-third of Indians lack access to reliable electricity and poverty remains rampant throughout the country. India’s government is working hard to combat both of these issues, which includes using some green energy but also involved boosting coal-fired electricity use.

Ramping up electricity use, mainly from fossil fuels, will require the country to drastically increase its carbon dioxide emissions in the coming decades as standards of living rise.

The Obama administration tried to convince India to commit to peaking carbon emissions, echoing a similar deal the White House cut with China late last year. China promised to peak its emissions by 2030 and the U.S. promised to cut emissions 26 to 28 percent by 2025.

“Having a peaking year was not acceptable to us,” an environment ministry official told the Hindustan Times earlier this year.

In 2010, India did pledge to reduce the carbon intensity of its economy 20 to 25 percent below 2005 levels — the country’s agriculture sector, however, was exempted from the pledge. Though that pledge was made before Modi came to power and embarked on a campaign to raise Indian’s living standards.


An appropriate analogy, I do believe. bwahahahahahaha

Nothing quite like seeing ANOTHER wheel coming off the Global Warming Scam Express.

Now India’s response to the U-frigging-N’s demands is refreshing, to say the least. No warming in 19 YEARS now, CO2 levels NOT having ANY effect on the NON-RISING temperatures, India has the foresight to see THIS is a BAD deal for THEM.

Add in the Chinese and Russian governments refusal to “play the game”, that leaves mostly the FOOLS such as B. H. Obama, AlGore, and the rest of the Klimate Klowns to follow the Pied Piper at the Den Of Thieves on Turtle Bay as it pertains to the AGW scam, and CO2’s role in it.

Give the “dotheads” credit. At least THEY are SMART enough to smell out a scam. And has chosen NOT to participate. NOW, if they could ONLY clean up the online scammery as easily.

Maybe we need more “dotheads” in OUR government.


CLYDE. Any nation that tells the U-frigging-N to pound sand can’t be ALL bad.

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4 Responses to Another Day, Another Wheel Off The Train.

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good news. Btw, we get a lot of views from India. They must have been reading your stuff Clyde.

  2. CW says:

    The climate change scam ought to wake Americans up to the danger of allowing any administration – but especially a leftist administration – to bind us to promises that exceed their time in office. What right do any of these Bozos have to obligate their citizens to live by their arbitrary decrees long after they’ve left office? It’s outrageous.

    And another thing with respect to this sentence:

    “India is the world’s third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide, but the country’s per capita emissions are well-below the national average.”

    Why does no one ever challenge the IGNORANT idea that a country’s emissions should somehow correlate strictly to its population number? Is the world really this stupid? I don’t concede any global-gov’t right to dictate any country’s emissions, but let’s at least analyze this intelligently. Emissions are a function of productivity and standard of living in addition to population. Countries that produce more have higher emissions, AS THEY SHOULD. Countries with a higher standard of living (i.e. they can afford cars, a/c, heat, lights and other “luxuries” that separate from those who live like cavemen) also have higher emissions, which is as it should be. The LLB’s (lying leftist bastards) who indignantly denounce the higher emissions in developed countries and excuse third-world hell holes because their per-person emissions are lower are intentionally comparing apples to oranges, because advancing their agenda by deceit and ignorance is their standard modus operandi. What a farce!!

  3. Clyde says:

    CW, take a bow. Comment Of The Thread. As usual, you have filled in the holes. Thanks.