Anti-Gun Lady Had a Change of Heart After Home Invasion

From FCN News:

wrong house gun barrel

Home invasion survivor – “I was against guns, now I carry”

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Nearly eighteen years ago, Mike and Susan Gonzalez had a life changing experience.


Susan Gonzalez

“August will be 18 years and I still live with it everyday,” said Susan.

Her home now has burglar bars and there are no trespassing signs posted on her North Jacksonville property.

It was around 12:40 a.m. when she heard a rustling sound at the front door. Gonzalez said she left the couch to unlock the front door for her son when someone kicked the door in.

“It came off the hinges and I took off running and screaming,” she recalled. “My husband was asleep in the bedroom.”

Two masked men had invaded her home. Susan was shot.

“I kind of knew I was dying, so I was making my peace with God,” she said.

Her husband was shot as he struggled with one of the attackers. Gonzalez said she saw an opportunity to reach for her husband’s pistol and she went for it. She said she pointed the gun at one of the suspects and squeezed the trigger.

“I just opened fire in his back,” she said.

The wounded suspect died in the couple’s front yard. The other suspect took the keys to their truck and got away, but he was later captured.

Susan, 56, said what happened that hot August night has changed her views completely on guns.

“A lot of people are against guns because they say guns kill, ” said Gonzalez. “Guns saved my life and I was against guns. I now carry.”

She has a concealed weapons permit and said she practices on a regular basis.

“What happened to us, I would never in a million years would have dreamed it would happen to us,’ she said.

Gonzalez turned the tables on her attacker and lived to talk about it.

On July 6, her story is being featured in the Discovery Channel’s “OVER MY DEAD BODY” series.

She hopes it will encourage others to protect themselves.

“I can only hope that another woman or even man will take a look and realize there’s a reason to have guns for safety,” she said.

She said many have criticized her for shooting the suspect, but she said what she did was to save her family.

“Anyone that is a victim never expects to be a victim,” said Gonzalez. “You should be prepared.”

Click here to view the video of her story.


This sort of thing never goes away. It’s been eighteen years for her and the memory of it is still with her. Funny how it took a personal incident to change her mind about guns. More people need to realize this, without having to live through such an ordeal, of course, but like she said – you never think it can happen to you.

To criticize someone who defended themselves from attackers just takes stupid to a new level, and will likely be a victim in a similar situation.


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5 Responses to Anti-Gun Lady Had a Change of Heart After Home Invasion

  1. Clyde says:

    Hmmmm….. it looks like the Discovery Channel CEO is looking to get his leftist card pulled by airing the TRUTH about firearms, and the 2nd. Amendment. I’ll watch THAT. As to ANYONE who would criticize anyone defending themselves by ANY means are either hopelessly stupid, or haven’t been mugged yet themselves.

    • Kathy says:

      Agreed, Clyde, people can’ know until they’ve been in that situation, and if they’re unarmed I hope the bad guys leave the poor morons alone.

  2. Uriel says:

    Hey. I vote “tough love” training for all these flapping lips. I doubt (especially if they didn’t know) it wouldn’t be long before they changed opinion. In fact I think it’s an excellent thing for Communist commune for leftist whiners who think USA is so bad.

  3. tannngl says:

    Publish away, Kathy.

    These stories need to be read and broadcast.
    My hubby and I have a gun in every room in our house.