African-Americans, Un-hyphenated

Well, here I am writing another piece on race. Just as soon as I regained my composure after reading/viewing the last disturbing racial news item, another one strikes and reminds me that there are indeed two black Americas – and they are polar opposites.


I decided to segregate them (a racist concept, I know) by renaming them based loosely what has come to be the appellation of choice for the black community, African-American. But calling them all African-Americans lumps the good and the bad together, and that’s not fair to the good ones. So I’m segregating them into two distinct groups: “Africans,” and “Americans.”

One group consists of black families. They are a traditional family composed of a a mom and a dad. They’re hard working folks and they converse in actual English (not Ebonics). They’re likely to be Christian and church-going, and they’re doing their best to raise their children to be responsible citizens. They help the kids with homework and encourage them to achieve in school, aware that their education contributes mightily to success in life. They maintain their homes (whether owned or rented) and exhibit pride in the way they dress and act.

They’re usually quiet and easy going and it’s unlikely that you’ll see them taking part in an angry protest, they’re too busy with their jobs and raising their families to associate themselves with paid protesters hired to confront authorities over some perceived injustice. They understand that there is a way to correct injustice and riots and looting are not among the acceptable options.

They are your neighbors and mine; they are our co-workers, and they are just like us, except for a slightly darker tint. They’re good people and I choose to call them “Americans.”


And then there are the other ones. They’re the “Africans.” Almost always the result of a home without a responsible father, they were probably born out of wedlock to a mother who was ill prepared (economically or emotionally) to raise them properly. They are the trouble-makers.

They aren’t pushed to attend school and they’re ostracized if they “act white” by trying to get educated. They are seldom closely supervised and are allowed to run loose like feral animals, free to commit petty crimes, use or sell drugs, and participate in gang activities. In the absence of a real family, they’ve learned their attitudes of belligerence and hostility from their alternative family – the gang. And note that the “gang” is not necessarily a formal gang; it might just be a social group of like-minded gangsters-in-training.

Violence is a way of life for these thugs; it is the stock in trade for their family unit (their gang) and they’ve learned to talk loud to win an argument, and if shouting doesn’t work, they resort to violence.

They are the ones, who expose their underwear, hide under their hoodies, wear their t-shirts, shorts, and caps with “gangsta” flair, flash their colors or signs and generally exhibit a disdain for any form of authority. Teachers and police are disrespected as a matter of course and dislike of white people is readily apparent in their attitude since it’s been pounded into them since birth.  They likely believe that whites have been the root of all evil that’s befallen their race.

These are the animals that attack whites (mostly) in knockout games, flash mob attacks, and muggings. Robberies, home invasions and car-jackings are also favorite pastimes of this group. They are troublemakers and most will have accumulated a number of arrests by the time that they’re old enough to vote.

As way of evidence, we only have to read the media accounts of black-on-white crimes to find that the perpetrators fit nicely into the segment I describe as “Africans.”

The two factions are as different as night and day and there is not a lot of sympathy for one group by the other.

It’s a given that white people can also be distributed into the same two general categories, but white thugs make up a smaller percentage of the white population and therefore aren’t as visible. Their characteristics parallel the Africans and they are no more welcome in polite society. They are the misfits; they are our “white trash.”

Several recent events triggered my writing this piece:

A report referring to remarks by former New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Sulu Shabazz calling for the killing of white people. He was referring to Denmark Vesey, a former slave who planned a major slave revolt in 1822, when he appeared to urge the crowd to finish the “mission” he had referred to earlier: killing white people in an uprising. “We got to complete what Denmark didn’t finish,” he insisted. “Denmark didn’t finish his mission.”

Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, gave an impassioned speech denouncing America and aligning all white Americans with the sentiments of the racist murderer who shot and killed nine churchgoers in Charleston recently.

A video (that went viral) showing an unprovoked violent attack by a black teen girl on a white female teen that was holding a toddler at the time. Later reports that the two girls knew each other and had a previous quarrel does not diminish the violence of the attack.

A video showing a mob of about 50 black teens who pillaged through a Georgia Walmart destroying property and terrorizing shoppers – “just to see how much damage they could cause.”

What I’m trying to do is call attention to the difference between good, productive black folks and the thugs that are responsible for the majority of the crime and violence in the black community.

The “Africans” cast a dark and negative shadow on the good American blacks and need to be called out by the mainstream blacks. When they’re called out by whites, the immediate reaction is a defensive charge of racism – a charge that becomes impotent when leveled against other blacks.

There are too many good and honorable black Americans in this country who are allowing themselves to be lumped in with the thugs and welfare queens who demean their race. I’m encouraging them to join with us in denouncing the behavior of those who could push the country into a disastrous race war.




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9 Responses to African-Americans, Un-hyphenated

  1. Hardnox says:

    An excellent essay Garnet. Take a bow.

    I know a number of outstanding Black Americans, just as you describe, and they are afraid of speaking out. I’ve had a good many conversations urging them to speak out and denounce the words and actions of “Africans”. They are thinking about it and know they need to since they know whites will be vilified for saying the obvious. They too are worried about the vitriol and the talk of a race war.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Should’ve given you a H/T for this one as yours was one of the experiences that I was thinking of as I wrote this piece. We’ve all had experiences with “Americans” that prove that many black folks are just like us with a darker tan – and as you say, they don’t necessarily realize that, at heart, they’re really conservatives too.

  2. Nee says:

    Gentlemen: Back in 2009, when I was in the Windy City for a year, I attended one of the first Tea Party events on Feb. 27th at Daley Plaza. We met a young, well-spoken black man who was admiring our signs. He was clad in a black leather jacket. He unzipped it to show us an anti-Obama shirt. His family did NOT know he was against all BHO stood for… not to mention the TARP. He said he would be disowned for not voting “black” but he had to do the right thing and stand up, even if it was “under ground”. It was a great, great day. You may have “seen” me at The Island or TH blogs…”Bare Nee Cessities”

    • Garnet92 says:

      Welcome Nee, yes, I’ve seen your handle at both other places. As you may know, several of us here at N&F are refugees from TH as well. Glad you dropped by!

      We’ve all experienced occasions when a black person confessed that he or she didn’t agree with Obama or something the dems were doing – they are the thinkers. They understand that many of America’s most cherished rights are at risk and we need to fight back against those who would happily watch them erode. The black “Americans” really fit the MLK dream where we can appreciate the content of their character while paying little attention to the color of their skin.

      The “Africans” are another matter. I’ve got no use for them and they are one reason that I have a carry license. They’ve done nothing to earn our trust or consideration, they’re takers, not givers, and they prey on the most vulnerable among our population. I’m all for walling in the ghettos in our major cities where crime is rampant until they realize that they must change their behavior if they want a different response from us.

      And Obama is one of the prime causes for escalating tension between the races.

  3. Uriel says:

    Good piece. There are many hardworking, struggling Black Americans who I admire. They have forsaken hatred for personal achievement and work tirelessly in an effort to help others. To them, I say friend. Those who chose (yes chose) a different path I look at as enemy be they brown, white, black, red, or purple. It is not circumstance but inner strength in many cases that is a deciding factor. Today after years of struggle many had begun to reach and strengthen themselves not based on color but ability. It is horrible that corrosive hatred has begun to eat away at all their achievements.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thanks Uriel, we’re in agreement on your statements. It is disturbing to me to see how many good, honest, “Americans” are toiling away just like the rest of us but are afraid to speak out for fear of repercussions from the animals (the Africans). They are the ones that need our help to speak out and confront those who are only out for themselves.

      They get no real help from any of the black organizations, all they are doing is lambasting whites for not giving them reparations. I believe that their real goal is reparations. And if Hillary were to win (GAG!), you can bet that they (reparations) would be her first term payment towards buying a second term with votes from blacks.

  4. Kathy says:

    When the ‘Africans talk their trash and show us their underwear and deface monuments, it only lowers our already extremely low opinion of them. They demand respect but their words and actions say otherwise.

    If they keep pushing for the next Civil War, they’ll be surprised to learn that their numbers are limited because the ‘Americans’ will side with the whites.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Totally agree Kathy. They are making louder noises about a race war which I think they believe will intimidate white folks into giving in on a number of subjects. That is a futile effort since (as you say) all it does is piss us off even more.

      They are risking making even more people react negatively because of their actions – they’re not making any friends – of any color – by the feral animal behavior that they’re currently exhibiting, they’re just too ignorant to understand that simple cause/effect reaction.

      The country doesn’t want or need a race way – no good will come of it. The blacks cannot win and it will only widen the existing gulf between the races. I wish that they’d understand that and stop fanning the flames. Pushing a “kill whitey” idea is the wrong way for them to achieve any of their goals. If it comes to that, in the end, they are the ones who will suffer.

  5. Grouchy says:

    A few years back, I got into a conversation with a black man, over some gang activity at a local mall. I happened to mention that I was leery of walking past a group of black people, and his response surprised me no end. “I’ll walk across the street to avoid a group of blacks, but whites don’t bother me in the least.” My jaw hit the floor, as I did not anticipate that response.

    I was raised in an environment of heightened racial awareness. But two experiences changed my whole view of racial equality. The main one was meeting a black man who was so black he shone purple. He and I were in the same squadron in the Air Force, and he had one more stripe than I did. Talking with him one day, I learned he had a Masters Degree in psychology, was working on his Doctorate, and was about to achieve that, in about another year. I asked him why he wasn’t an officer, and he told me he had better things to do with his life. He was going for his Ph.D in Psychiatry, to help those of his racial heritage.

    I flipped out of my mind when he told me he would be 22 in a couple of months.

    He changed my life in several ways, and I never paid attention to racist orators again.