Time For Mrs. A.L.’S Humpday Pinecones

This week the Pinecone could have gone in a couple different directions. Since I have had it up to my greying eyebrows with all things Obamacare, and homosexual-related, our Pinecone this week comes to us from the RACISM Division of leftism.

Now we have all read outrageous, ridiculous, and hateful things about whites in the past few years, especially in the Age Of Obama, but this one is on the sublime side. Not to mention, our Pinecone is an “esteemed professor”, corrupting the minds of youth. Story from Eric Ownes, education editor at The Daily Caller.com

TAXPAYER-FUNDED Professor: ‘Whiteness’ Is ‘Terror,’ Confederate Flag Represents ‘Capitalism’

Eric Owens

Education Editor   8:09 AM 06/30/2015

A sociology professor at the University of Memphis has used her Twitter account to announce that white people are synonymous with “terror” and to define the Confederate flag as the quintessential symbol of capitalism.

The taxpayer-funded professor is Zandria Robinson. The pair of tweets are the highlights among a set of Robinson’s compiled by Campus Reform and the website SoCawlege.com.

Prof. Zandria Robinson, Univ. Of Memphis, and our Mrs. A.L.’S Pinecone Of the Week. Take a look. THIS is the FACE of racism, hate which is being TAUGHT to students. Parents, DEMAND this charlatan be REMOVED. Any one this hateful does NOT need to be around young skulls full of mush.

Here is a screenshot of Robinson’s June 26 tweet telling the world that the concept of having white skin is identical to the concept of terror:

11And here is a screenshot of her tweet from June 24 explaining that the Confederate flag is the fundamental symbol of capitalism.

22The $20-dollar word “heteropatriarchal” used by the fourth- or fifth-tier public school professor means a combination of male and heterosexual power “essentially describing the severe sex and gender bias prevalent among the elite ruling classes of nation-states,” according to the Collins English Dictionary. However, this fancypants definition is currently “pending investigation.”

This week, Robinson proclaimed that white people — “white folks” — believe that being polite provides immunity from her biting analysis of power structures based on race.

3The University of Memphis professor has also said she believes marriage that should be “widely accessible to a range of relationship types” and that black people — “black folks” — obtain fewer economic benefits from marriage because they have less money. (She doesn’t appear to discuss the economic effects of marriages involving rich black people or poor white people.)

45The academic freedom policy at the University of Memphis describes the public school’s professors as “citizens, members of a learned profession, and officers of an educational institution.” As such, while school officials won’t censor them, “their special position in the community imposes special obligations” because “the public may judge the profession and the University by their utterances.” The policy advises faculty members to “exercise appropriate restraint,” “show respect for the opinions of others” and “make every effort to indicate that they do not speak for the University.”

On her Twitter account, Robinson describes herself thusly: “Dirty South black feminist sociologist. Zora-type ethnographer. Some babies’ mama. Negressdamus. Norf Memphis Teacake’s wife. Never in no particular order.”

Robinson has a Ph.D. from Northwestern University. Her dissertation is entitled “This Ain’t Chicago: Regional Accomplishment in the Black Urban South.” She received her master’s and undergraduate degrees from the University of Memphis.


If THIS isn’t the PERFECT example of what Mrs. A.L. told us about pinecones, I do not know what would be. So, without any further utterances from me, because when I started this tribute to our lovely friend, I made a vow to her to “keep it clean”. “Professor” Robinson, it gives me great pleasure, and even greater DISGUST to award you THIS :

Here you go, “Professor”. Since WE do NOT want to be viewed as racists by giving you a (GASP SHRIEK SHUDDER) WHITE pine cone, here is a BLACK one for you. Enjoy it, especially when you shove it where the sun don’t shine.

So here we are. Black racist professors, filling young skulls full of mush, grooming the next generation of Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, Rev. Wrights, ad nauseum, all taxpayer funded. AND, by running their idiotic mouth before engaging brain clutch, earning her Cone.

THIS is the kind of stuff that MUST be eliminated FIRST, before there can be ANY meaningful dialogue between the races.

And that wraps up the award for this week. Thanks for coming by, and tune in again next, and every Wednesday to see who gets crowned our coniferous champion.


CLYDE. Racism. NOT just for WHITES anymore.

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6 Responses to Time For Mrs. A.L.’S Humpday Pinecones

  1. This particular “pine cone” needs to be sent to another country and let her see how welcome she is. Or perhaps they’ll like what she says and they can all do a jungle dance and light candles for her before they separate her from the tribe and send her out to hunt for food.

    Alert to “racist Al”: you just might have someone take your place on MSNBC!

    • Clyde says:

      Or maybe she could be sent where she could “lose her head” over her asinine comments, Pepp. Thanks for dropping in.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Amazing. Simply amazing. Racist much?

    This pinecone is exactly what is wrong with the black leftist narrative. With attitudes like this the exact opposite will ensue. This country has twisted itself into a knot atoning for past wrongs yet many refuse to see it. I foresee a reckoning coming if this narrative doesn’t stop soon.

    Excellent choice for Pinecone of the Week.

  3. CW says:

    The universities are now full of pine cones like Zandria Robinson, thanks to the cleverness of the Left. Despite what may seem like economic retardation, they are very adept at funneling money to themselves and creating ongoing streams of income to finance their agendas, and our public universities are a prime example of this. Most private universities can’t afford to tolerate this kind of pine cone.