Or, maybe a more appropriate title for the asshat’s remarks would be “YOU FIRST”. Bill Nye is BACK, with more asininity. This time, he blames…wait for it…. PEOPLE BREATHING for climate change.

This fool is worse than a repeating dose of clap. Rick Moran at PJ has the asshattery.


Bill Nye Thinks People Breathing Contributes to Climate Change

June 28, 2015 – 11:36 am

Bill Nye, formerly known as “The Science Guy,” has made some jaw dropping gaffes over the years when he’s talked publicly about climate change. The most notable occurred on Meet the Press last year:

Bill Nye, the actor/comedian/educator who gained fame in the 1990s for his Bill Nye the Science Guy program on PBS, apparently doesn’t know the difference between the Arctic and Antarctic regions of the globe. At least that’s the way it looks from his recent “debate” appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, where he urgently lectured Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and viewers on the supposed need to “do everything” and do it now to stop catastrophic climate change. At the 8:26 minute mark in the program, Nye rhetorically asked Blackburn if they could at least agree on the “facts.” He then held up a graphic purporting to be a satellite image of Antarctica and asked: “Would you say the Antarctic has less ice than it used to?”

This was a big flub for Nye on several counts. First of all, the image he held up was of the Arctic, not Antarctica. Not exactly an inconsequential detail, especially for an alleged “expert.” But maybe he simply grabbed the wrong graphic in the heat of argument and didn’t notice, so maybe we shouldn’t make too much of that, right? OK, let’s magnanimously grant that point and let the mistake slide, though it is difficult to imagine that if the tables were turned and a climate skeptic had made such an embarrassing faux pas on national television that it wouldn’t have been turned into a definitive “gotcha” moment to forever disqualify him or her as a credible witness on climate issues.


In a recent video released on the YouTube channel The Watercooler, Nye made the claim that climate change was caused by overpopulation and “billions of people breathing.”

In a video released by The Watercooler, Bill Nye states that the over population of the planet is causing Climate Change: See video here :

“Hey, Hey! Bill Nye here for the Emoji Science Lab. This episode: Climate Change.

Climate Change is a real deal everybody and here’s why. If we had some extraordinary car on some extraordinary highway and we could drive, somehow, straight up. For an hour. At highway speed we would be in outer space. It’s right there. The atmosphere is really thin.

Now back in 1750 there were about one-and-a-half billion people in the world. Well today there is 7.2 going on 7.3 billion people.

Well that’s the problem. There’s billions of people breathing and burning the same thin atmosphere…”

So which is it? Are we going to die from global warming or when the atmosphere is all burned up? I don’t know about you but there’s nothing I like better than burning the atmosphere to grill some T-bones. But I’d gladly stop using the atmosphere to cook my steaks if it will save lives.

As for all those billions of people exhaling CO2, perhaps if we asked everybody to hold their breath for a while, we could save ourselves.

I’m sure Bill Nye would approve.


Is there ANYONE on the planet besides the leftist loon media who takes the jackwagon SERIOUSLY ? If they do, they should seek psychiatric help IMMEDIATELY.

Just more proof if you look weird, act weird, and say the things that fit the template, YOU, TOO can be a left wing loon hero.

As for me, I will just tell Bill this:  If you think people are THE problem with climate change, KILL. YOUR. STUPID ASSED. SELF. FIRST. Set a good example for the rest of us, non-science guy. Stupid bastard. And take the rest of the world wide left with you. Give Beelezebub my regards.


CLYDE. “Science Guy” my ASS.

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11 Responses to Bill Nye : DUMBASS GUY.

  1. Kathy says:

    LOL, I love it Clyde. We can always count on you for a common-sense logical solution. As a gesture of good faith they should do this by holding their breath for a week, thereby saving a speck of the atmosphere they so want to save.

    • Clyde says:

      These assholes who claim people are the problem NEVER think THEY are part of the problem. If they kill themselves first, I’d have a LOT more respect for them. Right after pissing on their graves.

  2. Uriel says:

    I vote leftist and communists breathe one breath every 5 minutes lol. They need to cut off all water and electricity for 4 hours a day. They need to walk to places not drive. They need to forgo all transportation like air, land and sea for vacations or business. If that is done I am guessing but think at least 30% of the problem they are ranting on would quickly dissipate.

    Good rant.

    Looking at Nye is a hardship. At best he looks anorexic. Maybe it’s the hate eating him from inside out. Or. Maybe it’s the climate change, surely the dollars he earns from leftist can’t be at fault. Like Judas, hate money is a source of many a consumed soul so then maybe it is his body’s reaction to “climate”.

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, Uriel. Your comments are spot on. Will they do it ? Of COURSE not. They want everyone else to suffer. Scarew them.

  3. Hardnox says:

    I foresee a “shoot a lefty” movement in the making if this shit continues… to save the planet of course. 🙂

    • Clyde says:

      Damn I like that idea, Boss. Eliminate those EEEEEVVVVVIIIIILLLL CO2 producers once and for all. The polar bears will thank us. bwahahahahahahaha

  4. Garnet92 says:

    Ok, I’ll admit it – I have a tough time taking anyone wearing a bow tie very seriously, especially when discussing a serious subject like breathing.

  5. Judy says:

    Maybe he’s in cahoots with the “Billionaire Brigade” that wants to solve the world’s problems via population control. Fewer people, fewer breathers. Simple, yes? One of the leads of that movement is Ted “I have five children” Turner, anyone see the hypocrisy here? Where is Nye’s empirical evidence that humans breathing causes climate change? Since the believers are so concerned about this climate change cause, maybe they should be the first to volunteer to be non-breathers. Case solved. Oh, and someone was waaaay too nice to let Nye off for his on air gaffe; you can’t stop a loony if you don’t expose them for what they are.

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Judy. I have always said, these idiots like Gates, Nye, Gore, Ehrlich, and the rest of the “population bomb” theorists MUST set the good example for we rubes, by offing THEMSELVES and entire family trees FIRST. THEN I would put some thought into what they say. Bunch of hypocritical asshats.

  6. tannngl says:

    That was great!!!!
    He’s so stupid!

    Great one, Clyde. Love your posts on global warming.


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