Time For ” Weasel Of The Week”.

Yes, my friends, it is Sunday. Time to find out just WHO epitomizes Weaseldom the best. In a week that will be remembered for a VERY long time, we have seen just how the left has destroyed the notion of free choice for goods and services, codifying faggotry, along with decimating the Constitution.

My choice for Weasels this week was not a hard one to make. With their undying devotion to ruining the last, great bastion of liberty and freedom in the entire world, this week’s Weasels are deserving ONLY of our scorn and derision. These fools are soon going to learn their idiocy is going to cost THEM dearly as well. So, without any more rhetoric, let us see who are our………


It would be easy to name one or two individuals who have aided and abetted the left in destroying the Constitution, along with various and sundry other institutions and traditions that made our nation great, but the “award” this week goes to the ENTIRETY of the left, from the willing dupes of the media, on down to the absolutely moronic college students who chanted the ridiculous slogan “YES WE CAN”, the 92% of the black population that voted based on SKIN COLOR ALONE, not, as Dr. King exhorted us to do, based on the content of Obama’s character.

Below are a few photos of our various Weasels.

Here is the bunch of shitstains who “made” Obama into the scourge of our nation.

Can’t leave THIS festering assboil on the nation out.


Add these brain-dead losers into the mix.


And last, but FAR from least, 6 of the 9 SCOTUS justices. Their role in abandoning the Constitution to give the left whatever they want cannot be discounted.

So, to all the above losers and charlatans, we are pleased to “cap” you for your devotion to ruining a great nation.

Yes sir, for all you leftists have done to tear down the values and traditions of our nation, you ALL get “capped” this week. May the chains of your government servitude rest heavily upon you all the rest of your miserable days. See below for an additional gift.

Here is you losers’ BONUS GIFT :


Enjoy it, Weasels.

And that will wrap up our Weasel for this week. Tune in again next week.

CLYDE. Your leftist hating finger-flyer.

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8 Responses to Time For ” Weasel Of The Week”.

  1. Hardnox says:

    The true source of all this is Soreholes. Without him and his billions none of this would be happening.

    The lemmings are cheering their recent successes yet they are clueless that they are cheering for their own demise. Morons!

  2. Uriel says:

    Still think there would be massive wailing if no Soros. Maybe enough decibels to bring down the Tower of Babel.

    • Clyde says:

      If no Soros, a LOT of this shit would have NO funding source, nor would have there been the inspiration for other wealthy assholes to “donate to the cause”, Uriel. Thanks.

  3. Kathy says:

    Good choices, Clyde. I guess it’s a good thing we got in that new shipment of hats last week, eh? The whole lot of them is bonkers.

  4. Clyde, giving you a high five and thanking you for a good laugh, lol. They all deserved weasel of the week award.

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