The Left’s Weapon of Mass Destruction: Redefinition

words-1I haven’t seen any news about a new cabinet position created in the Obama administration, but I’m almost sure that there must be one – a Secretary of Redefinition.

That brilliant deduction came to me after visiting BrianR’s blog “The View From the Island,” wherein he was lamenting new buzzwords that leftists have created to describe their sacred cows, not to mention transforming an innocuous term, “voter ID,” into a racially charged term, almost as repugnant as the “N” word.

A commenter on his blog included a link to Rush Limbaugh’s site to highlight a transcript of “Language Redefined in the Age of Obama.” That tied in nicely with the subject that Brian’s article was highlighting.

The democrats (especially the far left faction) has been engaged in redefining whatever suits their fancy ever since the creator of the art-form and the seminal (no pun intended) godfather of rhetorical gamesmanship, Bill Clinton handed down his playbook.

The left has embraced the concept of “IDTTWMWYTIM” or, “I don’t think the word means what you think it means,” and in their eyes, they’re right, because they’ve redefined the word or phrase to mean something entirely different from what would be described in a dictionary or used in the common vernacular.

The Obama administration is finding it necessary to redefine a number of heretofore familiar words and acronyms to have new and improved meanings in order to illustrate the “brilliance of Barack Obama’s leadership” or perhaps, more truthfully, to prevent his presidency from being judged by previously used terms to measure the economy’s health and wellness – in which case, he comes off as a complete failure.

For example, “Gross Domestic Product” (GDP) is being redefined. One may ask, “Why is that necessary?” and that’s a reasonable question. The left wants to redefine it because under Obama, the GDP is a disaster.  The following is from Rush’s transcript:

The fact of the matter is, it does tell the whole story and that’s why they want to get rid of it. The GDP documents the economic failures that are the Obama administration, that are Democrat Party economic policies — failures which have given us 93 million Americans no longer even in the workforce! Millennial college graduates reduced to 29 hours a week with $200,000 college debt. There is no economic growth!

We’re flooding the market with low-skilled, uneducated people who don’t even speak English in most cases. There is not a single recipe for economic growth taking place and the GDP reflects that, and so they want to get rid of reporting the GDP. “Full-time job” has been redefined to 30 hours a week. “Employed” has taken on a new meaning. You aren’t counted as unemployed after a certain number of weeks, because if we did count you, the unemployment rate would be even worse than it is.

“Recession” is no longer two successive negative quarters of GDP, because we can’t have a recession reported under Obama. There isn’t to be any bad economic news. So we redefine “recession” by not even reporting it. “Recovery,” economic recovery has been redefined. There hasn’t been an economic recovery since Obama took office. We have been stagnating. We have been in an economic malaise. We’ve been in the second term of Jimmy Carter.

There are no advances in wages. There are no advances in disposable income. The haves are getting bigger; the have-nots are getting bigger. With all this push for equality and fairness by the Democrats, the country is becoming more divided, more segregated in every which way you care to count — financially, racially, sexual orientation, traditional values versus new, whatever. There is no unity and there is no equality.

But those are terms that are being redefined along the way to create the impression that all is well, when it isn’t. There are a host of other words and phrases that no longer mean what they meant. There are a host of words and phrases that now — on their own and by themselves — have become racist, have become sexist, have become bigoted and have become homophobic.

When leftists/democrats redefine the most important and previously sacrosanct measurement of our economy (the GDP), is nothing sacred?

That was a rhetorical question since we all know that, NO, nothing is sacred. When creating a façade of success becomes necessary and the previous rules would have shown an utter failure, something had to give. So, rather than allow president [sic] Obama to be labeled a failure, the democrats want to redefine the GDP to magically make him appear successful – and that’s going to take a diaper-load of “creative” accounting.

But their redefinition didn’t start there, it’s been inching its way into our lives for a while. Remember “global warming”? When actual measurements proved that the planet wasn’t warming, the leftists had to reboot. So they scrapped the global warming term and chose a new one, “climate change” to replace it. After all, who could argue that the climate doesn’t change?

Remember when homosexuality was considered strange or unnatural behavior? Today, it’s been redefined to be referred as “gay.” Formerly, gay meant to be happy, carefree, gleeful, jovial, etc.

And illegal aliens, though still illegal and still aliens, are now called undocumented workers. That presumably is to prevent hurting their delicate psyches.

It’s been said that “those who control the language control the debate.” Basically, when you control the meaning of words and terminology, it creates an uneven playing field, but that’s exactly what the left wants. They can’t compete on a level field where words have predetermined definitions and truth and logic are the order of the day. They must control the discourse and bend it to fit their agenda. The unfortunate thing is, currently, it would appear the politically correct are winning.

We’ve been allowing the left to redefine words to their advantage. We’ve got to recognize what they’re doing and refuse to allow them to redefine the argument to benefit their agenda.

Remember that “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” and too many of us have been doing nothing while the left has been busily redefining the English language to show their failed activities in a favorable light. We must call attention to their slight-of-hand and parlor tricks and expose them as the frauds that they are.



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13 Responses to The Left’s Weapon of Mass Destruction: Redefinition

  1. Clyde says:

    Take a bow, Garnet. Between you, Brian, and Rush the problem is pretty well documented and summed up.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thanks Clyde, it’s nothing new, it’s just that with all of the other crap going on in the world, we forget about it and it recedes into the background – and that’s just when the left introduces another new bunch of “redefinitions” – while we’re not paying attention.

  2. BrianR says:

    Thanks for the Honorable Mention, Garnet. I’m flattered!

  3. BrianR says:

    BTW, this redefinition of language was used to great effect in Orwell’s “1984”.

    • Garnet92 says:

      So much of that book was prescient and described things that have come to pass. It ought to be required reading in our middle and high schools (right after remedial reading classes so they’ll know HOW to read).

  4. Hardnox says:

    Excellent post Garnet. The problem with all of this is that we on the right allowed the left to self-appoint themselves as the word police by not telling them to STFU… and often.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Yup, once again, by our inaction, we’ve allowed the left to define the political environment in which we’re supposed to operate. They make the rules, they officiate, they score, and they write the history of the game. And too many of us do nothing except bitch when we come out on the losing end.

      In truth, they’ve been preparing, little by little, their supporting pieces, e.g., the media and our schools and colleges. They’ve been playing three-dimensional chess while we’ve struggled with tic-tac-toe. We, the conservative warriors have known what they were up to – it’s been our political “leadership” who’ve aided and abetted the left by impeding our efforts to stop them.

      We have simply GOT to rid ourselves of Boehner and McConnell or we’ll continue to circle the drain before disappearing down the porcelain crapper.

  5. Kathy says:

    Good stuff Garnet. Who could ever forget how Bill Clinton distorted the word IS. From there it’s only gotten worse & most all of it done to create that ‘facade of success’ whether it be for O or the Gorans or any other failure.

    Heck, we don’t even use the word Negro anymore & I suppose it’s because it’s too similar to that bad N word, but there it is – a perfectly good word that we omit & use African American, which is half wrong & longer to type.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Right Kathy, for me, that’s when it all began. Yes, there were attempts to redefine words before, but none as ludicrous as Bill Clinton’s UN-definition of the word “is.”

      Another perfectly good word, “niggardly” has been banished too. It only goes back to 1560.

      And I’ll bet you remember when John Wiley Price raised hell in Dallas when someone used the term “black hole” and he demanded an apology. It was amazing that he was so ignorant that he voluntarily chose to expose his shoe-size IQ by challenging another council member for using a valid scientific term.

  6. Uriel says:

    Great Post Garnet and super write up Brian. Having been on the receiving end as a teacher walking into a time bomb trying to communicate in a class ai definitely agree.