The Hypocrisy Flies On

In case you missed this, King Putt “celebrated” Earth Day. How, you ask ? Well, it certainly was NOT refraining from jetting off, wasting taxpayer dollars, spewing TONS of the evil, dreaded CO2 into the air, no sir.

Instead, he jetted off to the Florida Everglades, to further pontificate about the scam. Story from Michelle Jesse at


Get a load of how HYPOCRITICAL Obama’s trip to Florida is


These two “smokey bears” could have become national heroes. AND, helped global warming, along with feeding alligators a nice, lean lunch.

Ah, President Obama, I have to admit it: sometimes I really do appreciate you. Those times when your hypocrisy goes so far as to stand on its own as satire and provide a much-needed chuckle in the midst of so much angst.

As the Washington Examiner reports:

President Obama’s decision to take his Earth Day speech attacking climate change “deniers” to Florida, home of two GOP presidential candidates, cost taxpayers $866,615.40 just for the flight of Air Force One.

Taxpayer watchdog Judicial Watch revealed Wednesday that the Air Force provided documents showing the flight expenses of flying the jumbo jet 4.2 hours to Miami. He was then helicoptered 20 minutes to the Florida Everglades for his speech.

Other costs, such as security, communications and staff were not provided, but would put the speech price at way over $1 million.

Yeah, you might mistakenly assume you were just reading an excerpt from The Onion poking fun at the exorbitant fuel costs our dear president incurred flying his private jet in the name of Earth Day.

But wait, there’s more.

According to the New York Times, aides hoped the setting would put pressure on Bush and Rubio. The paper’s reporters wrote, “White House officials believe that using the muggy backdrop of the Everglades to demand action will help put pressure on Mr. Bush, who is likely to run for president, and Mr. Rubio, who has declared his candidacy, to address the issue.”

Judicial Watch told Secrets that the exact costs provided by the Air Force put the flight hour expenses at $206,377 per hour to operate.

“The irony of using Air Force One for an unnecessary jaunt to discuss global warming aside, these documents show that taxpayers are being gouged for President Obama’s abuse of the perks of office,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Taxpayers should not be forced to foot the bill for his continual savaging of political opponents,” he added.

Yep, that’s our president — never missing an opportunity to use our taxpayer dollars to further his own political agenda.

While most of the time Obama makes me want to cry, sometimes I just gotta laugh.

O.K., guys. WHERE the HELL were YOU when King Choom was there ? Could have had a nice snack, and THEN got the munchies, all in one fell swoop. bwwahahahahaha


We all realize the hypocrisy of this grifter. Pulling this shit on Earth Day just doubles down on the abject arrogance that this walking douchebag personifies. All in a lame ass effort to score a political point. I just wonder if the REAL reason for the trip wasn’t to score some good Miami “blow”.

Being a choomer, THAT would not surprise me in the least.

Hat-tip to our own Kathy.  


CLYDE. Just when you NEED an alligator or two, POOF away they go.

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6 Responses to The Hypocrisy Flies On

  1. Hardnox says:

    … and the lemmings cheer!

    I remain disgusted by the total nutlessness of Congress. We’re destined to suffer through 1-1/2 more years of this shit and we’re already drowning.

  2. Uriel says:

    I think we are on second moving to third alarm for drowning Hardnox. Not sure what EMS can do to revive this and he only needs days Not months or year to finish off our demise.

  3. Kathy says:

    Great piece, Clyde, I knew you’d give him a good ripping over this one. His complete disregard for the cost of this and all his trips is what keeps me shaking my head. He just flat doesn’t care how much of our money they spend – they’re playing out their own fantasy here and the kicker is that it will go on for years to come, and still at our expense.

    Apparently alligators aren’t any more dependable than meteors, eh?

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks Kathy. Asshole thinks it is OWED to him. And so do the REST of the leftist lunatics. Damn gators, can’t figure it out. Mating season is over, I figured the bulls would be hungry after all the “alligator whoopee” they been doing.