Racism Sucks

Charlie Brown Racism

Back in 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder called the American people “essentially a nation of cowards” for failing to “openly discuss the issue of race.” That’s not so. What he really meant is that most white people are not willing to accept the blame for everything that’s wrong with the black community which, in his eyes, is a prerequisite for an “open” discussion.

Most white people are perfectly ready to accept equality between the races. Most black people are perfectly ready to free themselves from any vestiges of slavery. But some, on each side, refuse to let go.

I remember racism being the norm in the early 50’s when I grew up, there were still separate facilities for blacks and whites and, in general, blacks were looked down on as “lesser” humans. The “n-word” was common and “separate but equal” was the law of the land.

But then, in the military, we became equals. We ate, slept, and lived together with very few problems. I’ve seen gradual improvement in all aspects of life during the intervening years, and until Barack Obama’s election, from my perspective, I thought that racial harmony was progressing nicely.

In my own experience, respect between the races was still improving and was far better before Barack Obama took office. He’s been responsible, with Holder’s help, in driving a wedge between the races since everything he does has a racial aspect – whether it’s necessary or not.

Obama’s supposed to be the president of the United States – of all the people. His job is not to favor blacks over whites. After all, whites make up 77.7% and blacks make up only 13.2% of our population. That’s over five times as many whites as blacks. Majorities generally rule among any group of people.

No, what Obama and Holder want is to continue to hold white people living now, accountable for injustices done to blacks over 150 years ago.

Following is a statement that I believe to be true. I perceive it to be true based on my own personal life experiences in education, business, music, sports, and the military.

Whites have done a better job of letting go of the racist concept that blacks are not equal to whites than black people have done freeing themselves of the historical handicap of slavery.

Black “leaders,” like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, depend on a certain amount of distrust between the races for them to flourish. Their continued relevancy requires that they do nothing to further any honest discussion of racial equality. They can’t allow the races to make peace. They’d be out of a job if we all just got along.

Here’s some proof: a large percentage of whites voted for Obama (43% of all whites voting in 2008 and 39% in 2012). How could that be? Whites voting for a black man? How is that possible if whites are, as a majority, inherently racist and hate black people? Comparing the number of white voters and the number of blacks, Barack Obama shouldn’t have had a chance … but he won – because many whites voted for him.

And it can’t be said that all of those who didn’t vote for Obama did so solely because of race. It’s more likely that most just preferred John McCain’s military background or Mitt Romney’s business expertise to Obama’s thin list of achievements, or maybe they were just lifelong Republicans who wouldn’t have voted for a democrat, no matter who the candidate was. In other words, a vote for McCain or Romney was not necessarily a vote against Obama because he was black.

That fact, despite anything that Sharpton or Jackson might say to the contrary, serves as prima facie evidence that many whites have moved past racism and voluntarily chose to elect a black man to the most important job on the planet. How else can that be interpreted?

At the same time, in 2012, 93% of blacks voted for Obama. Why such an overwhelming majority? The vast majority of blacks voted for Barack Obama simply because he was black (actually half-black). It’s true that it was a historic moment in history; a black man running for president. It’s hard to fault black voters for voting for Obama for that reason alone. But they weren’t voting for the most qualified candidate, they were voting for the black candidate.

And Obama’s “achievements” were based on his race – all of them. If Obama had been white, he wouldn’t have even won the democrat nomination. That’s the very definition of racism.

So, it seems that one can make a fair point that whites have shed racism much more than blacks have – isn’t that a fair assessment?

Yet many black activists use the term “institutional racism” to imply that everything (including government) favors whites and demeans blacks.

I say all of this as a preface to discussing the massacre of nine innocent black people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina this past Wednesday.

While I’m (obviously) not authorized to speak for all white conservatives, I can honestly say that I don’t know any conservative who views that incident without anger and genuine sorrow at the needless death of any nine souls who had gathered for prayer.

My heart aches for the mothers and fathers, the sons and daughters, the brothers and sisters who lost family members to the senseless violence committed by Dylann Roof. No one deserves to have a loved one murdered for any reason, let alone for racial hatred.

I truly believe that if any of my fellow concealed handgun licensees had been in that church, we would have tried, at the risk of our own lives, to stop the killer from shooting those gathered in prayer, without regard to their race. And that’s the God’s honest truth.

If anyone deserves the death penalty, it is Dylan Roof. It was enough for me that he murdered, in cold blood, one person, regardless of that person’s age, race, or religion. But killing nine citizens, in a church – assumed to be a safe place of refuge – is enough for me to call for his death.

Is Roof a racist? From the evidence that I’ve seen, indeed he is a racist who targeted his victims simply because they were black. He is a classic example of a racist, but that shouldn’t be a reason to crucify all whites any more than we should be blaming all blacks for the actions of any off-kilter black individual(s).

Do I embrace all blacks? No, but neither do I embrace all whites. Some, of any race, are simply evil and ethnicity has nothing to do with it.

I have no use for Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson (as examples) – not because they’re black – but because I don’t like their activities. Their actions are not trying to bring blacks and whites together, they’re actively working to divide us and for that reason, I have no use for any of them. For the most part, their actions do little to help (any) American achieve life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness.


In a speech today, president Obama continued to polarize us by saying that slavery “casts a long shadow and that’s still part of our DNA that’s passed on.” Slavery is not part of our DNA in any sense. Slavery, like racism, was a learned phenomenon, not a biological one.

As thousands of Americans, black, white, and every other color came together in Charleston, South Carolina, once the heart of the slave-owning South, the president could have focused on how far we have come. Instead, he chose to polarize.

That is what this president does, and that is what his administration does. The media and leftist politicians have done far more to promote modern racial discord and unrest than the Confederate flag.

For President Obama and the media, America must be portrayed as evil consistently and relentlessly. If Americans of all stripes were to realize just how wonderful and tolerant their neighbors are, why would we need the benevolent hand of an overbearing government to save us from each other?

Note: the last four paragraphs were taken from an article by Ben Shapiro posted on breitbart.com on June 23, 2015.





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13 Responses to Racism Sucks

  1. Kathy says:

    Holder was trying to guilt whites into more coddling of the blacks, but instead he added to the chip on the shoulder that a lot of blacks already had. When that didn’t produce the desired results, they stirred the pot in Ferguson, but racism was so near a dead issue they had to pay protestors to create havoc.

    I’m with you Garnet, I have no use for them and this country would be better off if they’d never come along. Not because of their color but because of their attitudes and actions.

    • Garnet92 says:

      It’s hard not to notice all of the “progress” that black America has made – yet the race baiters choose to ignore it. I see blacks represented in commercials, in dramas, in all walks of life in America – and in fact, they outnumber whites in a number of areas, like some sports, music, etc.

      That is NOT evidence of institutional racism as The Big Black Four (TBBF) are trying to convince other blacks of, on the contrary, it is evidence of the strides made in the acceptance of blacks as equals BY WHITES. And, for the most part, that inclusion was made possible by whites – another truism that is ignored by TBBF. Truth be told, none of those four would be in the public eye but for their constant beating the blackness drum.

      Unfortunately, most of us whites recognize that, but it won’t change until the mass of black America realizes that those BBF aren’t doing anything positive for them, only feeding the fires of racial disharmony.

      • Kathy says:

        Well said, Garnet – good summation. And the TBBF? Lol, although it’s another acronym to keep up with, I like it!

  2. Uriel says:

    Well said sir ! All races have those who are insecure and dissatisfied believing they are owed or that morals and society are ripe for their brand of dissent. Why should those good people allow these to speak for them? Who knows, I don’t. I have always been quiet but when injustice or others try to speak for me without understanding my side certainly willing to stand up for myself. Let no man or woman with morals and values be silent anymore. If necessary stand firm in the belief those few do not speak for all.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thanx Uriel. We keep waiting for the majority of blacks to realize that Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and Jackson aren’t doing them any favors – all they do is continue to promote themselves as instruments of continuing racism. If racism goes away, so do they.

  3. Clyde says:

    Powerful, world-class post Garnet. Take a bow. I fully agree with you on the notion that black racism is FAR more prevalent than white. There is a whole cottage industry built up on that notion, with racists like Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Obama, et al, being the largest beneficiaries of it.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thank you, good sir. It’s funny – after this was written and added into our schedule, I noted that Bill O’Reilly (the bloviating blowhard) had a segment that was saying almost the same thing. Maybe more of us are getting fed up with being labeled as racists and are fighting back?

  4. Buck says:

    What happened to my post?

  5. Buck says:

    Thanks, Kathy. I’m so glad Big Brother is looking out for me.
    I’m pretty burned out on this shit, anyway.

  6. Hardnox says:

    The real cowards concerning race are those that refuse to herald the accomplishments of blacks in this country. Many blacks have done really well on their own. Of course that doesn’t fit the lefty narrative.

    Like every word uttered by a lefty, it’s the opposite. They accuse us of exactly what they are doing and it is difficult to counter it once the words are said by the accuser especially when they have the media as their cheerleaders.

    • Garnet92 says:

      You’re right Hard One. The media is still, to a great degree, setting the agenda. They are the only source of information for the Low/No Information Voters and so the L/NIVs only know what the media wants them to know – they are the house organ for the left. Most L/NIVs have no idea how successful blacks have become in local and state politics. It’s probably a surprise to find that Baltimore, with all their troubles, are totally black in their “leadership.” Many major cities have black Mayors and police officials, but it that ever featured by the media? Nope, ’cause that would diminish the “po’ us” image that’s so beloved by the leftist media – how the blacks have been “held down” by us racist whites. Of course, it’s bullshit, but the L/NIVs aren’t privy to that information.

      The good thing is that network news, newspapers, and news magazines are obsolete and are dying. Not fast enough for us conservatives and though we’re making some headway in the marketplace of information, it ain’t happening fast enough for the L/NIVs to fully comprehend how evil Obama and Hillary really are. We’re still at risk for the 2016 elections.

      If only the “Fifth Estate” were doing their job, Obama would have been impeached and Hillary (and Bill) would be in prison. Well, we can still hope, right?