Charleston, South Carolina 10,000 / Hatemongers 0

‘No Obama. No Sharpton.’ Charleston rejects racial hatemongers with #GoHomeDeray campaign

June 21, 2015 | Tom Tillison

Wherever racial divisiveness rears its ugly head, you can be sure DeRay Mckesson is not far away.After “successful” stops in Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore, Md., and McKinney, Texas, the next destination on Mckesson’s itinerary was Charleston, S.C.  Few have bothered to dig into who’s financing his traveling road show, which last stopped on Roosevelt Island in New York, after the Hillary Clinton campaign invited him to attend last week’s relaunch, although the odds of George Soros’ name cropping up are high.

Mckesson wasted little time pushing his message of hate, condemning an atmosphere of forgiveness
as being a result of “whiteness,” even though family of the nine African-Americans killed were the first to speak of forgiveness.

But, according to the reaction on social media, it appears that South Carolina is not quite as receptive to his antics.

In fact, the push back against the race provocateur recently featured in The New York Times has been so pervasive, a #GoHomeDeRay hashtag is now trending.

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To the people of Charleston, citizens of the United States and people of faith not only feel your pain but admire your courage and love.  Standing up to those who advocate hate takes loving hearts, determination of mind and spirit, and most of all Faith in God.  Tragedy can be dealt with in many ways as we have seen the destruction when hate is allowed to rule.  Your example of this tragedy is one all cities must reach and emulate if this evil scourge perpetrated by money and greed is to be stopped. Our country is not perfect but our lives are better and stronger from faith than anywhere else.  Southerners of all ethnicities, beliefs, and circumstance have had multitudes of problems to deal with but have not yet lost the one hope and strength all need to rally around.  

I have been increasingly downhearted as I watched cities under siege taking their cue from one who should have been a voice of calm and reason; but, instead continues to incite hate and division.  From your people, strength of purpose and rally call, I feel hope that not all is lost.  If we are to save our country and keep our people free under God, we must bring together this same strength and determination to meet and conquer the evil stalking our country and our future.  

Bless the families in pain and those who gathered in solidarity, rejecting hate while bringing peace and calm — united we must stand.



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7 Responses to Charleston, South Carolina 10,000 / Hatemongers 0

  1. Kathy says:

    Powerful message there in under 2 minutes. We could have used him in Ferguson when all this garbage started. Is it too optimistic to hope this puts an end to the black lives matter garbage?

    • Uriel says:

      I don’t know. But when I heard him speak, it was as if Martin Luther King were talking to us from beyond. This man is worth watching and protecting.

  2. Clyde says:

    If McKesson is funded by Sharpton, you can bet there is Soros money behind it. That sonofabitch will stop at NOTHING to get this nation swirling further down the shitter.

  3. It would be grand to see something like Charleston’s love in other cities when the next mad evildoer shows his colors, :).

    • Uriel says:

      Yes it would. Doesn’t mean no problems just that they can be dealt with calmly when no paid interference is involved. Recognizing and demanding those stay away Should be first words and actions. Jailing outsiders for riot instigation including Sharpton and ortgers should be first priority as the situation is dealt with.