Quote of the Day – June 22, 2015

“Do your duty in all things.
You cannot do more.
You should never wish to do less.”
–Robert E. Lee


Update on Grouchy: He’s out of the ICU and now giving everyone a hard time. Obviously, he’s feeling better.
Thanks for your prayers, they are working.
~ Hardnox

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6 Responses to Quote of the Day – June 22, 2015

  1. upaces88 says:

    God Bless His Heart and Body.

  2. Uriel says:

    Super news. Lee might have been on the losing side of a war but was from all I read quite a well respected, officer, gentleman, and honorable man. His quote here reflects the deep commitment to faith, duty, and home. Unfortunately it appears, there are few military strategists left today of his caliber and depth.

  3. Clyde says:

    Good quote. Thanks for the excellent job of pinch hitting, Boss.

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