China Continuing Their Ban on Islam

From LouderwithCrowder:

Muslim prayers in Beijing

China isn’t letting up. A couple of months ago, we reported that China was making major moves to restrict and ultimate nullify the cultural influence of Islam. Because the nation saw what the west never has—the dangers of Islam being an inherently political movement in addition to a religious one. China has decided to take action. Again, we are not advocating following China’s lead when it comes to human rights. Okay? Okay.

See, China sees this as survival for it’s nation. Now, China is a pretty messed up nation, and commits gross violations of human rights in their own right, absolutely. I can at the very least, appreciate the concept of a nation, unchained by political correctness, being open about the necessity of survival. Sometimes we miss that here in the United States.

The first things China did to stop Islam had included banning female head-coverings, forcing Islamic restaurants to sell cigarettes just like any other restaurant, serve drinks, and so forth. Also, they hoped to clamp down on the beard-growing. The awful, terrible beard growing.

Well, now, China is moving forward. Pressing harder against Islam. They’re banning Ramadan—for the second time. No fasting is allowed and restaurants are forced to stay open during daylight hours. Or risk being shut down by the government. Pretty severe. And totally counter to the American constitution.

Like I stated above: In no way do we think China controlling it’s populous to such a degree is a good thing. But it is an interesting case study to see a nation, unfettered in it’s ‘authoritarianism’ and it’s aggressive push against Islam.

The main point to be gleaned from this is that Islam is not merely a religion. It uses cultural and legal subversion as a means to an ideological/political end. China’s taking it really seriously. While the USA should never, ever, ever infringe on 1st amendment rights in the way that China does (contextually of course, as they have no 1st amendment), there needs to be an open and honest discussion of the threat that cultural terrorism creates.


Considering what’s going on in the UK, Italy, France and the rest of Europe I have to say China is doing the right thing. At least conceptually, they’re doing what they see as necessary to protect their customs and way of life – something the US has failed to do, with regard to both islam and illegal immigration.

I agree that we can never infringe on our first amendment, but I’ll be damned if sometimes it doesn’t work against us. We’re forced to accept a ‘religion’ and let it practice here even though they intend to destroy us and even though it’s more of a cult than a real religion. I disagree that there needs to be an ‘open and honest discussion’ about the threat. For one thing it’s not just a mere threat and we passed that point on 9/11/2001 when they made their point abundantly clear. Annihilation.

It’s ironic that a communist, or maybe it’s more a Stalinist type government is the tool to fight terrorism.


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5 Responses to China Continuing Their Ban on Islam

  1. Uriel says:

    I think WE should also be requiring the same. Good for China. We may not accept their own ways but THEY know how to stop this cancer for the good of their country. Heck we have spent billions on a less worthy enterprise called global warming. And we knew it was wrong. Yet to do the right thing here would cost very little in comparison to what it will cause in destruction and funds.

    • Kathy says:

      I wonder if these changes will start to run them off or if they’ll just carry on with their rituals. If the US would just stop treating them special, it’d be a start.

  2. Clyde says:

    If ALL the leftists in and out of the media would PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH about the “separation of church and state”, NONE of this would be an issue. Instead, the left, in their fear-crazed and panic stricken state, are giving away the farm to child molesters, along with condoning outright murder. Good, but maddening post.

    • Kathy says:

      Like that’s ever going to happen, right? Heck, we can’t even get them listed as terrorists and bust up their compounds thanks to our State Dept.

  3. Hardnox says:

    The Chinese always play for the long game. They’ve seen what’s happened in Europe and now with the USA.