A Simple Error of Omission In Washington Report-Sure It Is!

Obama Admin Excluded Iran from Threat Assessment
Critics say administration downplaying threat to appease Islamic Republic

By Adam Kredo
Washington Free Beacon
June 17, 2015

Pardon me while I grab a wastebasket to barf.

Leading U.S. officials are expressing concern about newly disclosed efforts by the Obama administration to play down the terrorism threat posed by Iran in an official report issued this year.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admitted in a recent letter to top senators that the administration wrongly excluded references to the global terrorism threat posed by Iran and its terror affiliate Hezbollah in the 2015 World Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

“A specific reference to the terrorist threat from Iran and Hizballah—which was not included in any of the drafts of the testimony [offered before lawmakers]—would have been appropriate for the 2015 Assessment, but the lack of its inclusion is in no way a change in the [intelligence community’s] assessment,” Clapper wrote in a June 3 letter to top senators.

Clapper’s letter came in response to an earlier letter from a delegation of senators who were seeking to discover why the Obama administration excluded references to Iran’s global terrorist operations.

“Despite ongoing nuclear negotiations and the administration’s evolving policy towards the Iranian regime, we are perplexed that your annual assessment contains no meaningful reference to the chaos that Iran manufactures through its support for terrorist groups and proxy organizations, which raises serious questions about the credibility of this annual exercise,” Sens. Dan Coats (Ind.), Tom Cotton (Ark.), Susan Collins (Maine), James Risch (Idaho), and James Lankford (Okla.) wrote in an April 28 letter to Clapper.

Some critics accuse the Obama administration of downplaying the terrorist threat posed by Iran and its proxies in order to appease the Islamic Republic and preserve the ongoing talks aimed at inking a wide-ranging nuclear deal.

Coats said that the Obama administration cannot overlook Iran’s longstanding financial support for terrorist groups across the region.

“Any objective reading of Director Clapper’s annual threat assessment leaves the impression that terrorist violence is limited to Sunni extremists, raising serious doubts about the credibility of the analysis,” Coats said. “I welcome Director Clapper’s recognition of that error, but I remain concerned about the administration’s priorities.”

“Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their respective affiliates represent significant threats to our nation, but this administration cannot overlook Iran’s support for terrorism, especially as it concludes an unwise nuclear deal with a regime that undermines American interests at every opportunity,” Coats added. “If Director Clapper expects us to take future assessments seriously, he must strive to fairly inform policymakers and educate the American people about the threats we face, without editorializing.”

Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.), one of the leading critics of the administration’s diplomacy with Iran, said that U.S. concessions to Iran at the negotiating table would only embolden its rogue behavior.

“As the Obama administration further concedes to Iranian demands for a nuclear deal with weak terms, Director of National Intelligence Clapper’s letter soberly reminds Congress that Iran remains a grave and gathering threat,” Kirk said.

“No American lawmaker will be able to claim ignorance when a final deal’s sanctions relief allows Iran to funnel billions to Hezbollah, Syria’s Assad regime, Shia militias in Iraq, Houthi militants, and other destabilizing actors in the region,” he said.

One senior congressional staffer who has long worked on the issue said that under the Obama administration, official assessments have repeatedly sought to downplay the Iranian threat.

“Whether you’re talking about the U.S. Intelligence Community’s annual Worldwide Threats assessment, the Pentagon’s ever-shrinking annual report on Iran’s military power, or official hints that the pro-terror Iranian regime could somehow be an ally against terrorism in the Middle East, the Obama Administration seems eager to downplay the dangers posed by Iran as negotiators close in on a comprehensive nuclear agreement,” said the source, who was not authorized to speak on the record.

While Clapper admitted that a full assessment of Iran’s terror activities was wrongly missing from the 2015 report, he reminded senators in his letter that the intelligence community is aware of Iranian action against the United States.

“The United States Intelligence Community continues to assess that Iran and Hizballah directly threaten the interests of the United States and our allies and that Hizballah remains a global terrorist threat,” Clapper wrote to senators.

However, senators are still seeking to obtain both classified and unclassified reports on “Iran’s support for terrorism and the threat posed by Shia militants.”

His article can be read HERE.


Seriously!  Why would this report reflect any more truth than any other report coming out of Obama’s branch?  These people are not stupidly going to put themselves in the way of a run-away train.  Especially when, their boss has made it clear jobs and heads are on the line. He doesn’t acknowledge or say terrorists. He doesn’t say Islam as a nation with Iran as its ruling state.  He doesn’t make reference in any way to real plans to honor his oath to protect or defend our country. He would rather welcome them with open arms to our country knowing Exactly the cost to citizens and constitution.  

Get real here folks.

It is at his instigation our weapons and vehicles are being handed to terrorist.  It is at his whining instigation that the United Nations and apparently now the Pope are shoving us into the slavery of a world government while destroying any creditability we have with foreign allies and enemies.  It appears world-wide mass genocide to reduce world population is his goal and that of supporters of one world government.  What makes anyone believe otherwise.  Such a crock!

Yet our panty-waist senators REFUSE to impeach when every single day he provides evidence of his inability to lead, contempt of our laws, and what some would describe as seditious acts to assist terrorists and others to destroy us.  

Good Lord, give me understanding, because our own Government  is taking us to the brink of another world war willy-nilly while debating stupidity like climate change, citizen gun ownership, social injustice.  Just how important is human life in today’s world?  Obviously not much as people are legally allowed to kill humans before they can be born or manipulating the very fabric of life in irresponsible ways.  

Stop sucking up Congress, the roses in the garden have poisonous thorns.  Rather than His legacy, I suggest each of you consider your Own place in history. Someone down through the centuries (if humans survive that long) will look at the first years of the 21st Century with hatred and longing for its rich history because people of this day are not stopping events that led their lives to a form of slavery and fear.


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4 Responses to A Simple Error of Omission In Washington Report-Sure It Is!

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good rant but you didn’t get the memo that Barry is working on his legacy. He’s already got Cuba checked off and now he wants Iran added to the list so that he can claim that he was a peace maker etc. He got a Nobel prize remember?

    Nothing he has done in 6-1/2 years has been good for America. In all cases it has harmed us more and put us in grave danger economically and from a national security standpoint. Take our Southern Border for example.

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks Hardnox. No I didn’t forget. Just chose to ignore an ant in a group of anteaters. He has done way too much already that is true. It is odd how megalomaniacal people think all in the world ends with their lives and wants. Take Hitler, while the residue of his life still touches us today, it didn’t take more than a year or so for life to correct after his death. People like Martin Luther King however who tried hard to bring light into the world have their efforts continue like ripples. True Legacy can not be determined by evil but by good.

  2. Garnet92 says:

    Obama has got to be concerned about his legacy. His previous “achievement” was Obamacare (soon to be deceased, I hope), and he really doesn’t have much of anything else but “killing Osama.” He NEEDS a deal with Iran (in his own mind) and will stop at nothing to get one. I’m seriously concerned about what he is willing to do or what he’s willing to give away just to get Iran to sign something – anything.

    I’m not a Trump guy, but I’d sure rather have “The Donald” negotiating for me with Iran than Onumbnuts. He’s going to give them anything they want – and they know it.