Take Note Liberalists and Federal Government Officials- You Can’t Hide in Oz Anymore

Looks like Aaron Klein, a weekend radio talk show host, author, and staffer for WorldNetDaily, and columnist for The Jewish Press and Jerusalem Post got a response from a Gaza Strip jihadist even Washinton DC can’t deny. He wanted to point out and also find out if there was a way to work with the jihadists in Gaza Strip to avert war. Also, he wanted to clarify to USA what the jihadist mindset was on our country.  

Weekend talk-radio host Aaron Klein today (June 14, 2015) conducted a pre-recorded interview with Abu Al-Ayna al-Ansari, a leader of a Salafi group in the Gaza Strip that is allied with Islamic State ideology.  [His show actually airs in the US east coast area so was heard, except for muted parts, by US citizens including Muslims.]

“My purpose in conducting this interview is to give Americans a window into the mind set of ISIS,” Klein announced. “What do they really want? What’s their expansive agenda? Can there ever be peace or compromise with ISIS? However, this radio show will not be used by any jihadist as a platform to spew specific threats.” Indeed, Klein said that during the pre-recorded interview, Al-Ansari issued direct threats against Geller that needed to be edited out. The threats, the radio host said, came when Klein asked Al-Ansari about ISIS intentions inside the United States.

The portion of Al-Ansari’s response that did air included Al-Ansari declaring ISIS will not stop until its flag is raised over the White House.

Stated Al-Ansari: “Our goal is to bring Islam, to bring Sharia all around the world. And we will not rest until we see our flag raised in the United States, raised upon the White House and everywhere there are Crusaders who are fighting our people.”

“We are sure that our Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in spite of all the international military campaign that is targeting the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi will bring his revenge to all those who are humiliating our prophet and humiliating Islam.” …

Al-Ansari stated, “Our conflict is not an Israeli-Arab conflict. Our struggle is not for a Palestinian state.”

The jihadist continued:

We are seeking the world. We are seeking the whole world. We are seeking a confrontation against all Crusaders, against all Christians, against all infidels until they adopt the Islamic religion, until they follow the Sharia of Allah. We are not interested in Palestine. We are not interested in Tel Aviv or in Ashkelon. What is important for us is to see Islam ruling the world. This is the religion of God and we are fighting to see Islam rule the world.

And for the moment, Hamas is preventing our campaign. This is why we are shooting in Israel.”

Read the full article HERE

There it is in a nutshell.  I am confused though.  How many splinters are there? Geez, wonder if these guys all turned against each other, how many would be left?  Seems every day a new group springs up and denigrates another in their moronic wisdom as to who is right or wrong. Turf wars could be the answer maybe?  Even Judeo-Christian groups can’t seem to agree on the interpretation of passages at times.  But, at least in the last 50-100 years or more, they have not warred against each other and definitely haven’t incited acts of barbarism as answer to their disagreements with their enemies.  

There may easily be devout, non-violent Muslims in the US or abroad; but, even they should understand the confusion and outright threat the general populace of Islam is to those across the world not converting to their twisted beliefs. Even they are at risk if they do not conform.

Gee, Obama seems even those whom you actually side with don’t care for you.  Maybe you need a reality check, ya think? You liberalist, sheeple consider more carefully your own stance on this issue, unless you like to see our country bombed and terrorized by insane crossovers from another plane of time. Obama is our president but he has stated in the United Nations that he is MUSLIM. Period, end of discussion.  

So who do you believe, that is if you like freedom to say things, ability to dress, think, and act basically at will? Time is coming and soon here when each American is going to have to look in a mirror and decide. I am a constitutionalist Christian with Christian ties to Israel. I stand on faith, morals, and freedom God given and for all of us who abide in this country I love.  Hope you choose well, your family and your life depend on it even for generations to come.


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6 Responses to Take Note Liberalists and Federal Government Officials- You Can’t Hide in Oz Anymore

  1. Hardnox says:

    The islamonazi goal is very clear. They keep repeating it over and over. It is stunning that people refuse to understand it.

  2. Kathy says:

    It’s like a turf war for them to see which gang gets to be the boss of the world. Except when it comes to us, then they all agree on what our destiny should be.

  3. Clyde says:

    And YET no one on the left seems to BELIEVE these foat guckers. I DO, and the heep shumpers had best off me FIRST, otherwise a BUNCH of them will be meeting Allah.