Isis Dirty Bombs and Silent US Media

As usual, US media is playing the silence card and trying to keep Obama’s rear out of the cookpot and his treaty deal on line. Yet from Australia comes a story on Isis as yet not picked up by any US media including Fox News.

Short background, Australia is part of a group called Australia Group Plenary. It has been functioning for 30 years now having been hosted by Australia in Brussels in 1985 and includes about 14 countries. It supports the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).  OPCW is involved in tracking, researching, and reporting findings about chemical warfare to the UN.

Chlorine gas was used at Ypres in Belgium in April 22, 1915 where over 1,000 people died.  Before WWI ended over 90,000 people died and more than one million casualties were directly linked to chlorine. Others like Sadam Hussein  have since been known to use chemicals.  Our own soldiers in Afghanistan and earlier missions mentioned this.

Australia’s posted their Foreign Minister’s address at the June 5, 2015 meeting of the AGP group.  Most of those attending raised fears and asked questions concerning Isis and chemical weapons threat. The OPCW report gave more than a few attendees even more reason to be fearful and spurred intense discussion.

An analytical report OPCW submitted in March 2015 stated Syria has been using chemical weapons over the past four years systemically and repeatedly.

Now fears are mounting as intelligence reports are coming in that Isis is amassing more than conventional weapons.  It is speculated, backed up by intel, that Isis is gathering large quantities of chemicals used in making chemical weapons and nuclear material from every location it has overrun.  Australian intelligence believes that Isis now has enough material to build “dirty” bombs. Additionally it has been recruiting highly technically trained professionals including from the West.

Australian online reports, onlines like Reuters  and The, and a few bloggers have carried this story.  Anyone see reports in US media on this?  I haven’t found any.

We already know that Isis has places, people, and planned access to the US and Canada.  Yet Obama is deliberately skirting the law by releasing illegals into our country even today in flagrant violation of oath and federal court. Congress has refused to consider impeachment. Which ones are more guilty Obama or Congress? Regardless of amount of time left in office this man does not have our interest in mind and in most cases appears to favor outside interference.  Every move he has and plans is guaranteed to sell us into slavery and chaos.  He is in fact a greater threat than Isis at the moment.

Congress and Media need to pay less lip service to a would-be king and start acting more lIke investigative reporters.  His payoff is worth less than a plug nickel for anyone other than himself. They need to remove all his pipeline of ranking and non-ranking people (including the Clintons) before the last bell of US democracy tolls.



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4 Responses to Isis Dirty Bombs and Silent US Media

  1. Clyde says:

    Wait a minute. ALL the leftist lunatics told US we were NUTS for thinking Saddam had chemical weapons. Must be THEY didn’t see the HUGE convoys streaking out of Iraq before Operation Enduring freedom began. I have ZERO doubt that if ISIS or any other “peaceful” muslim jihadi group acquires these weapons, they WILL use them. First stop, Israel.

    • Uriel says:

      Apparently they did know because this group reported their findings. Agreed. But I think US and Israel will be hit together on a united front truthfully.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Good post. Every intel agency knew about the WMD. This should be no surprise yet the media claims none exist. The evidence is clear.

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks Hardnox. It should not surprise us too much. My son did a tour as did a few others I know. Each alluded to but were restricted from saying much. Shame on our media for not giving us facts. We aren’t children and this is important.