How Often Do Pigs Feed ?

Quite often, if the pig is named Elon Musk, and he’s at the trough of taxpayer’s money to “finance” another of his “businesses”. Tesla Motors received HUGE subsidies for it’s out of reach electric cars, his outer space ventures, and now for his latest scam.

I think it is WAY past time these clowns use THEIR OWN DAMN MONEY to fund their “businesses”. If it is SO great, WHY does it need subsidizing, Elon ? Story from Peter Fricke at The Daily

Musk Urges Utilities To Get Behind Tesla Battery

Peter Fricke

Contributor   6:33 PM 06/08/2015


From THIS,

…to THIS…… THIS latest “venture”, the taxpayers have given this clown MORE than enough money to get started, and since his “brilliant” ideas are NOT making ANY money, time to shut the wallet on this guy. This is his “house battery” that he is exhorting utility companies to “not be afraid” of. The TAXPAYERS should be. THEY are taking it in the shorts over Musk’s ideas.


Elon Musk says electric utilities should stop fretting that Tesla’s new home battery will hurt their business, and instead embrace the growing trend toward solar power generation.

Speaking at the Edison Electric Institute’s annual industry conference Monday, Musk sought to reassure utility executives that they have nothing to fear from consumer use of the Powerwall home battery, adding that a larger version of the battery could even help them improve efficiency, Bloomberg reports.

The batteries, which can be used with both wind and solar systems, allow users to store excess power that can be tapped when power consumption exceeds production—usually when there is a lack of sun or wind. (RELATED: Solar Subsidies Could Let Musk Double Dip)

Musk is the CEO of Tesla Motors as well as the chairman of SolarCity, the nation’s second-largest seller of solar panels. Powerwall batteries are widely seen as a way to benefit both businesses by boosting demand for solar panels.

Tesla also offers a larger version of the Powerwall for use in industrial applications, and Musk predicted that utilities would eventually account for between 80 and 90 percent of Powerwall sales as they shift toward greater reliance on renewable sources for energy production.

Critics, however, contend that the prospects for solar power depend heavily on government subsidies, and expect that enthusiasm for the Tesla battery will dissipate. (RELATED: Solar Industry Demands Extension of Subsidies)

Bob Lutz, a Via Motors board member and former vice chairman of General Motors, told CNBC Monday he “can’t understand the fascination” with the batteries.

“I think [the battery] is greatly overvalued because having batteries as backup storage has been around for hundreds of years,” Lutz said, adding that he believes Tesla’s share price will return to normal following a 25 percent boost triggered by the release of the Powerwall.

Moreover, federal subsidies and tax credits alone provide just under $7,000 out of the $23,000 average cost of a rooftop solar system, while state and local subsidies offset the cost even further, according to The Hayride, a political commentary blog based in Louisiana.

In Louisiana, which has among the most generous solar subsidy programs of any state in the country, taxpayers absorb about 80 percent of the cost of rooftop solar, even though the state’s climate is not especially conducive to the technology.

Indeed, former Ohio Treasurer and Secretary of State Ken Blackwell asserts in an op-ed for Townhall that, “Very few people would install these rooftop solar systems at all if not for the federal tax break that comes with it,” which takes the form of a 30 percent non-refundable tax credit known as the solar investment tax credit (ITC).

Even the Solar Energy Industries Association, a national trade group, acknowledges as much on its website, noting that, “the residential and commercial solar ITC has helped annual solar installation grow by over 1,600 percent since the ITC was implemented in 2006.” (RELATED: Europe’s Green Energy Industry Faces Collapse as Subsidies are Cut)

Musk, however, countered in an interview with CNBC last week that criticism of the subsidies is “misleading and deceptive,” saying their purpose is not simply to make businesses profitable, but rather to serve as “catalysts that improve the rate at which a certain thing happens.”

“They cause this good thing that voters think is good to happen faster than might otherwise [be the case],” Musk explained.

After being in business for a decade, though, both SolarCity and Tesla continue to report annual losses, begging the question of when, or even if, the companies will ever be able to operate profitably on their own.


The last sentence to the story sums it up PERFECTLY. Musk has lost TONS of taxpayer monies with his various schemes, NOW is NOT the time to give an obviously FAILED business model MORE scarce taxpayer funds.

But, since he IS a “darling” of the left, and a HUGE Obama supporter, I’m guessing his spigot will not be turned off until people with REAL business sense are once more populating the nation’s Capitol. This quote of Musk’s tells me he is scamming:

criticism of the subsidies is “misleading and deceptive,” saying their purpose is not simply to make businesses profitable, but rather to serve as “catalysts that improve the rate at which a certain thing happens.”

“They cause this good thing that voters think is good to happen faster than might otherwise [be the case],” Musk explained.

Elon, if your statement is TRUE, then WHY don’t you try running an enterprise without tax credits and direct subsidies? You know the answer to THAT as well as I do. It simply could NOT survive. And to that, I say TOUGH SHIT. No one shed a tear when Studebaker went out of business, nor any other company that has folded in the past century or so.

Time to man up, put up, or SHUT UP. And stay away from tax dollars. They are QUITE addicting. 


CLYDE. Tesla must be spinning in his grave, knowing a con man is using his name.

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6 Responses to How Often Do Pigs Feed ?

  1. Kathy says:

    Why do I get the feeling that I’m reading about Solyndra all over again? Except this time the guy in charge is a whacked out science professor?

    For him to tell the utilities ‘not to fret’ because his invention won’t be a threat to them, when he hasn’t even turned a dime’s profit, says to me that his ego is almost the size of O’s.

    I’m in agreement with your earlier statement – if this is so great, pay for it yourself.

    • Clyde says:

      Probably because, if it weren’t for Musk being a leftist investor “fair-haired boy”, and IF there were NO carbon credit scams to sell, Musk’s losses ( read : taxpayers) on Tesla Motors would be DAMN close to Solyndra’s, Kathy. Thanks.

  2. Uriel says:

    Many a “new” idea is basically been a con. John Q Public has always been a target. If government REALLY wanted to reduce spending, then it should not fund every tom, dick, and hairy scam.

    • Clyde says:

      Well, Uriel, not all new ideas are cons. Just those where the “genius” behind it is DEMANDING public subsidies. If it is so good, people WILL buy the good or service.

  3. Grouchy says:

    I have to wonder, with all the enterprises Richard Branson of Virgin Enterprises has started, how often he has gone to the “Public Trough” to fund his businesses???

    What a UNIVERSE of difference between Must and Branson!~!

    • Clyde says:

      Well, GF, according to the U.K. Guardian, he has been subsidized to the tune of 9.2 BILLION British Pounds. For the airline, the rails, the space ship, and some deep-sea venture. About the ONLY thing this subsidy-sucked HASN’T been subsidized for is Virgin Records.