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First, Frank Luntz points out the strong parts of Perry’s speech that hit solidly on points important to Americans:

And this collection of responses were gathered from Perry’s official site:

“Electrifies” … “Rousing” … “A Heck Of A Speech” … “Impressive” … “Smooth, Confident”

Ricochet’s Troy Senik: “Perhaps The Best Announcement Speech Of Any Republican Candidate Who’s Jumped Into The Presidential Field.” “A few moments ago, Rick Perry finished giving perhaps the best announcement speech of any Republican candidate who’s jumped into the presidential field.” (Ricochet, 6/4/15)

Weekly Standard Headline: “Perry Electrifies In Announcement Speech” (Weekly Standard, 6/4/15)

Fox News’ Jon Scott: “That Was A Rousing, Rousing Entry Speech.” (Fox News, 6/4/15)

Commentary’s John Podhoretz: “This Is A Very, Very Good Speech By Perry.” (Twitter.com, 6/4/15)

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “It Was A High-Octane Opening, Showing Perry As A More Vigorous And Serious Candidate Than He Was In 2012.” (The Washington Post, 6/4/15)

CNN’s Dana Bash: “[Perry] Gave Certainly A Very Good And Powerful Speech.” (CNN, 6/4/15)

The Washington Times’ Joseph Curl: “Rick Perry Just Gave A Dynamic Speech.” (Twitter.com, 6/4/15)

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: “He Delivers A Heck Of A Speech. … That Was A Really Strong Start.” (Fox News, 6/4/15)

The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker: “[Perry’s] Announcement Speech Was Quite Strong. He Couldn’t Have Hoped For Any Better.” Rucker Tweet: “Rick Perry has a long & hard road ahead, but his announcement speech was quite strong. He couldn’t have hoped for any better.” (Twitter.com, 6/4/15)

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: “The Perry Speech Was Solid And Strong…”  Zeleny Tweet: “The Perry speech was solid and strong, even more remarkable that he delivered it without interruption by sweat.” (Twitter.com, 6/4/15)

The Blaze’s Madeleine Morgenstern: “Perry Launched His Second Campaign For President With A Scorching Takedown Of Barack Obama’s Time In Office.” “Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry launched his second campaign for president with a scorching takedown of Barack Obama’s time in office, painting himself as the only candidate with the proven skills to right the course the country is on.” (The Blaze, 6/4/15)

Washington Free Beacon’s Matthew Continetti: “Speech Brought A Smile To My Face That Will Last The Rest Of The Day.” Continetti Tweet: “If nothing else, [Rick Perry] knows how to pep me up. Speech brought a smile to my face that will last the rest of the day.” (Twitter.com, 6/4/15)

CBS News’ Reena Flores: “An Enthusiastic Crowd…” “Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry launched his 2016 bid for the White House in Addison, Texas, Thursday afternoon. ‘Today I am running for the presidency of the United States of America,’ he told an enthusiastic crowd.” (CBS News, 6/4/15)

Fox News Analyst Monica Crowley: “[Governor Perry] Is Ripping It Up Right Now In His Announcement Speech. Impressive.” (Twitter.com, 6/4/15)

Politico’s Eli Stokols: “He Gave A Good Speech.”  Stokols Tweet: “So Twittersphere takeaways are: 1. Perry was sweaty 2. He gave a good speech.” (Twitter.com, 6/4/15)

Townhall’s Daniel Doherty: “Drew Thunderous Applause…” “I’ll leave you with this: The very end of his speech, which drew thunderous applause from his closest friends and biggest supporters.” (Townhall, 6/4/15)

Washington Examiner’s James Antle: “Impressive Campaign Launch… Featuring A Smooth, Confident Candidate…” “The impressive campaign launch we just saw in Texas, featuring a smooth, confident candidate surrounded by Navy SEALs or the bumbling, stumbling candidate we saw in 2012?” (Washington Examiner, 6/4/15)

BuzzFeed’s Katherine Miller: “This Is Quickly Turning Into My Favorite Announcement.” (Twitter.com, 6/4/15)


Pretty impressive roll-out I’d say. This is the Rick Perry that Texans elected Governor three times, hopefully far removed from the impaired goofball who famously flubbed the 2012 campaign.

Although it was denied at the time, we later learned that Perry’s back operation just weeks before announcing his candidacy was taking longer to heal than was expected and he was in constant pain. Finding it difficult to sleep, he was taking painkillers to enable him to stand for hours during speeches and debates. It really does explain why Perry, who was reputed to be an excellent campaigner, screwed up so badly during the Presidential Debates and completely destroyed his campaign.

Regardless of the reasons behind his “oops” campaign run, he’ll have a difficult time overcoming the image that remains in many people’s memory. It amounts to a self-inflicted handicap that he’ll have to overcome if he is to rise to the top tier of Republican candidates for the 2016 nomination.

I do like Rick Perry, and I do think that he will be IMMEASURABLY better than B. Hussein Obama. No one among his competitors can match his record of success in managing a large economy. For example, in 2013, if Texas were a country, its GDP would rank 12th in the world, just behind Canada and just above Australia. Gov. Perry said that starting in December 2007, “1.4 million jobs were created in Texas. In that same period, the rest of the country lost 400,000 jobs,” interestingly, even PolitiFact says that statement is “mostly true.” Texas has performed well during Perry’s three terms and while all of the credit isn’t his, much of it is due to his leadership. And God knows the United States could use some leadership for a change.

We’ll just have to wait to see if he can win over those who are doubtful and can earn a second chance.





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  1. Buck says:

    I bet CNN had to take a dose of ipecac after being so ‘gracious’ to the governor.

  2. Clyde says:

    Good stuff. Perry would for sure be a damn sight better than the BECS.

  3. Uriel says:

    From what I have seen Perry is a good candidate. I think it will be hard to beat a Demo candidate unfortunately Because of illegal voting. They have worked dang hard to insure this portal.

    • Garnet92 says:

      We’ll see. I’m more optimistic I guess. Although there is history for both ways for the Repubs to lose: 1) self-inflicted wounds, and 2) voting fraud which the dems have perfected. I do believe that we have a few candidates that we can get behind and push over the finish line – of course none of them are named Bush or Christie.

  4. Kathy says:

    Those are good reviews and Perry’s certainly not bumbling and stumbling this year!

    • Garnet92 says:

      Right Kathy, he’s off to a good solid start. If he can keep it up, he can gradually advance into the top tier of candidates and then it’ll be up to the debates and fund raising.

  5. Hardnox says:

    I saw his speech live. I thought it was great. Interesting that lefty rags were complementary.