Here’s A Plan of Action For Middle East

Answer me this Congress;

WHY ARE WE THERE?   For all the heartache and loss of lives, just why are we even still involved?

If the people of the areas are determined and siding with these monsters then despite the sickening attitudes, let them fight out internal problems, making sure they have reasonably equal weapons. If those in our country are missing their beloved Sharia law, aircargo them back there with food for three months, minimal weapons, and clothing.  It is sounding more and more like a drug or mafioso-type war folks.

IS, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and goodness knows how many splinter groups are all jumping into the fray.  If there is a turf war for supremacy going on, let the people there decide. Keep Israel, Jews, and other regional allies safe but let all these idiots kill themselves off until there is one group united then if it needs fighting fine. Let these guys decide their own fate in hand-to-hand.  At least at that point we know who and have contained them to a country regardless the size.

Make sure no supplies can go in or out.  Sanction every account across the world known to be contributing to these groups. Set up a perimeter “no-go past zone” around the outer area.  If any move in that fence zone then they become fair targets for our weapons.   Lay waste to any known missile, chemical, or uranium locations just before turning these people loose.  Fly missions to check progress. Whoever wins then deal with that group. Makes far more sense.

Invite Europe,  Canada, and other countries who have muslims who need returned to ship unwanted malcontents there as well. Any Muslims anywhere who  aren’t happy and want to change others, let them also fight inside the zone.

Stop pouring money to leeches who grow “fat” and create chaos and obstructions  while sponging off others and dragging entire countries into some huge tar pit of pre-history dark ages. They obviously do not want to be here as they slurp and plot how to bring about one world of only Islam.

Stop losing our sons and daughters on the altar of their barbarism. I am sick of us fighting and paying when these guys do NOT want us there. There comes a point even in those who want to right all the world’s ills when “enough” has to be declared.

I don’t say to stop being alert or ready for war but isolate, contain, and reduce their worldly footprint. Block all incoming and outgoing communications they might try to make. The perimeter is to stop THEIR cancer from continuing to infect others. That perimeter has to be strict and willing to forcefully move everybody trying to escape back into the fray. Those really wanting a safe haven move just out of harms way in a guarded compound.

Oh, big kicker see that Oblunder, Clinton and all diehard supporters join the efforts at the front lines inside the fence helping “negotiate” between those inside and outside but with no weapons or ability to bribe. Then once some semblance of normalicy sets in (like right after the perimeter gates are closed behind them) get the US out of or dissolve the UN.




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10 Responses to Here’s A Plan of Action For Middle East

  1. Crawfish says:

    I would agree, but the world runs on oil, and the hajis have it. Lots of countries would break that embargo to cozy up with the oil producers.

    • Uriel says:

      Lol Crawfish but US and China would love being at top 9 heap for oil for a bit. I figure as bloodthirsty and motivated as these guys are 3 months would be all that’s needed

  2. Hardnox says:

    Good rant Uriel. We need to remove Muslim campaign donations to our elected officials as well.

    • Uriel says:

      Agree. I forgot that lol. Campaigns given 1 mil from general US political fund NO further donations accepted. That ought to choke all those politicians!

  3. Clyde says:

    I like it, Uriel. Too bad with the BECS being one of them, it will NEVER fly.

  4. Kathy says:

    I would agree – starve the cancer. And the next step would be to remove all muslims in our government, starting with the one in the oval office.

  5. Buck says:

    Face it. What I have been saying for a long time is true still.
    There are NO “moderate” muslims.
    ALL muslims want a world caliphate, and
    ALL muslims support jihad whether they pay lip service to combating jihad or not.
    Islam is more a political movement and enforcing army than a religion. Even “moderate” muslims are soldiers in this army. Just as in all armies there are the foot soldiers, the generals & sergeants and the special forces. The “terrorists” are the special forces of the Army of Islam.
    The “moderates” emigrate to a Christian country. They set up shop. Their profits go to supporting the army. As the war against Christianity intensifies the “moderates” in the targeted country become the safe-houses, the disbursing clerks, the supply depots and the intelligence branches of the army. The “moderates” are the foot soldiers waiting for the order to take up arms and follow the spear heading special forces of their army in war against their adopted country.
    You cannot point to a single muslum and say, “This muslim wants peace with the West.” because it is in the muslim ‘bible’ that it is perfectly moral, legal and justified to lie to the ‘infidel’.
    We are at war.
    We are at war with a political ideology that has an army to enforce its political ideology on the rest of the world.
    We are at war with the Army of Islam.
    And that army is One Billion Strong.
    Time to wake up, America…

  6. vonmesser says:

    Why are we there? We’re there because someone has to be the world’s garbage collector.