Common Sense Doesn’t Need A Visa

from Canada Free Press

O n putin

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin’s recent combative remark, “tanks don’t need visas,” is what can be called an ‘overflow.’ They were easy words for him to say because the United States is only a threat as long as our oil is still flowing and our words are still considered solid. With our economy in the hands of the Chinese, and our nation overrun with and generally governed by selfish children, he felt comfortable in saying that. ‘Taking down America’ is probably a break room joke between Vladimir Putin and the rest of the boys. (Notice that he was not in the slightest censured for his remarks. That’s got to tell you something—or at least it should.)

There was a time, specifically November 18, 1956, when a Russian leader (Nikita Khrushchev), not one of his assistants, made the remark “Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will dig you in.” Shortly after he’d said that, he was relieved of his duties. The Politburo didn’t want him running his mouth like that because they had a healthy respect for a mighty America. Nikita was from the old school—a school that has never been closed—and the lesson there is, “If I’m tough enough, I can take whatever you have.”*

So many in America today make fun of what used to be called the ‘Cold War.’ If you are looking to stand alone these days, just put forth the notion of socialism/communism taking over America. You’ll be laughed to scorn. Ridicule is the feared mace of political correctness, and any legitimate caution expressed regarding Marxism actually doing what it was designed to do—destroy our nation—is dismissed as paranoia and ‘McCarthyism.’ That misapplied term will shut up an ill-equipped conservative just like ‘Birther’ works perfectly in silencing anyone who would dare to bring up the fact of our own president’s mysterious origins.

Truly, the bludgeon of political correctness has closed a lot of mouths that might otherwise speak out against the madness that is happening all around us today in the West. Americans who are about the business of destroying us enjoy the luxury to do their work under the protection of the First Amendment. When you step on someone’s toes, they exercise their right to tell you to back off. And back off we have—without even using that same sanction to voice much-needed rebuttal.

Dmitri Rogozin went on to rightly observe what only a fool could ignore—namely that “(America’s) foundations will collapse under the onslaught of ISIS and gays.” Call him a prophet, but he simply expressed the sentiment of most of the onlooking world. We are just too blind or too stupid to face that fact. Our president, the Chair and Chief Spokesperson for America’s ‘Muslims ‘R’ Us,’ has been the principal force in engineering the total acceptance of the Trojan horse that most of our nation is currently welcoming and celebrating.

And, with the help of the liberal entertainment, news, and communication media, again, any patriots who try to draw attention to the now-opening belly of that horse—whether it is an Allen West, a Pam Geller, a Steve Crowder, a Western Journalism, me, or anyone else who refuses to applaud the Emperor’s new attire—represent the new McCarthyism. We are ‘the Birthers.’ We are labeled as whatever will best defuse any dire warning that needs to be broadcast—before it is too late. And it is now just shy of too late.

And most people have forgotten that the pen is mightier than the sword only as long as the sword protects the pen.

Putin, Rogozin, and the rest of the world that has its eyes open, in other words those who still remember the most simple lesson (*see above) taught by the most brutal teacher (historical EXPERIENCE), see an America blinded and lost to its own preferred distractions. A backbiting serpent is strong at the helm after two consecutive terms given him by politically correct revelers and lazy people who wouldn’t put down the remote long enough to get to the polls.

To quote John Wayne and a million other people who have kept godliness, perception, and common sense enthroned where it should be, “Some people won’t see the enemy for what it is until it comes up and bites them on the a**.” (This is where we are now finding ourselves.)


Yep…. I’ve been ridiculed when I’ve said that America is more communist than Russia now. The Russians actually have free speech…much more than the average American does at this point.

Being called Birther, Racist, Bigot, Islamophobe, Commie-Lover, doesn’t really hold the bite it once used to for me. I realize from where and what it usually is coming from now. Being a PSP’er must really suck!

~Blessed B~

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6 Responses to Common Sense Doesn’t Need A Visa

  1. Garnet92 says:

    It is so disappointing to watch our once-great country being slowly dismantled by a group of delusionary imbeciles who don’t believe that there should (must) be limits to the “if it feels good, do it” philosophy of the aging flower children. They don’t believe that anything (even freedom) is ever worth fighting for and communism and socialism are benign and are only labels. They know NOTHING. As stated in the article, the pen is mightier than the sword ONLY when the sword protects the pen. Without the sword, the pen is still and so it’s “voice.”

    • Blessed B. says:

      I agree Garnet! Disappointing and disheartening to see it all slip away. Since Obi has been at bat the slide has been astronomical. America is no longer even considered a threat to the enemy…. Obi has made America the butt of the joke. He’s such a good Saudi puppet…. no one takes him seriously anymore!

  2. Kathy says:

    Russia just said the US is a joke to the world and they’re right. The Russians and the rest of the world are laughing at O and Kerry and their feeble wrongheaded attempts to make nice-nice with our enemies.

    You can find socialism and communism is nearly every headline these days and the sodomists are the biggest tool they have. They’re tearing away at marriage, church and businesses in true commie style. Next are our school systems – they’ve been in a downward spiral for the last 50+ years, and kids in other countries are getting much better educations than ours are.

    The author nailed it with this – “And it is now just shy of too late.”

    • Blessed B. says:

      Unfortunately it is the truth. When you have a multitude of people agreeing with Russia…. and that they hold Putin in higher respect as a leader than Obi….you just know you have sunk into deep doo-doo!

      I was blowing the clarion call about the enemy within 6 years ago and was getting pummeled for doing so. As a Canadian I was told that I couldn’t possibly know what I was talking about…I didn’t understand American politics! Guess I knew more than the average person did cuz I saw where this liar n’ thief was headed!

      I haven’t given up hope that it’s still not too late to do something about the mess you’re in…. though clean up is going to be a biotch and diligence will be needed to make sure it never happens again!

  3. Clyde says:

    Sad but true, B. good post.