K-9 saves Hancock County, Mississippi deputy from ambush attack

A multi-agency manhunt is under way after a deputy was ambushed, beaten, and cut with a box cutter in Pearlington on Monday evening.

From: clarionledger.com,  by Therese Apel,  on May 27, 2015,  see the article HERE.

Lucas the dog who saved deputys life

Lucas, the K9 officer who saved the life of his partner, Deputy Todd Frazier.

The car, a blue Lincoln Town Car with a darker vinyl top, was parked in a rest stop, and the driver was sitting alone inside with no lights on around 10 p.m. Monday. Frazier got out of his vehicle and went to check on the car.

“When he got out, two other people came out of the woods right by the vehicle, and he backed up and fell, and it was on then,” Adam said.

It is not clear yet if the attack was related to recent threats by gangs to attack police on sight, Adam said, “but at this point in time I don’t care. This kind of attitude has been prevailing in Washington for the last six years and now it’s coming home to roost and we’re the targets.”

Frazier suffered a two-and-a-half-inch cut to his forehead and multiple bodily injuries. The doctor told the deputy it looked like the cut was made by a box cutter.

“The three of them were dragging him toward the wooded area, and he was able to break one hand free to activate the button that opens the door and it released Lucas,” Bass said.

The dog bit at least one, probably two of the suspects, potentially saving the officer’s life. That was more than good equipment and a good dog, Adam said.

“We don’t know how many he got, we just know he had blood all over him,” Adam said.

The pop mechanism for the door is only installed in two of the county’s four K9 units, and was only recently installed, Bass said. He added that Frazier’s experience was a “very near miss.”

The suspects fled in the Town Car, which police describe as possibly a 2000 model. At least one of the suspects will have serious dog bites and the suspects may have crossed into Louisiana.

The suspects fled in the Town Car. Frazier was taken to Hancock Medical Center where he was treated and released Tuesday morning. Lucas was not injured.

Adam said given the attitude in the country toward law enforcement, he has been trying to prepare his deputies for the worst.

“We’ve been stressing this for months and months now. It’s no different from last week we get a BOLO from the state alerting us that the Black Gangster Disciples have put out an SOS, or ‘Shoot on Sight’ for police officers,” he said. “For a couple of months we’ve been preaching safety because we knew our location between New Orleans and on the I-10 corridor… it’s going to happen here.”

Bass agreed, saying that the near miss was a wakeup call for the department.

“It hits us hard, it brings you to your knees,” he said. “We’re not a large agency, and all these guys have families. The main thing for anybody is to go home safe, we want you to go home at night. But it could happen to any one of them, the threat is here and the possibility is real.”

It’s not an ideal time to be a law enforcement officer, Adam said.

“It’s going to happen. We’re a small county in a rural state and it’s happening here? What are the officers in cities going through? For instance, how can an officer function in the city of Jackson?” he said. “We’re under pressure every day. They can work 25 years in this business and do everything by the book and make one mistake and they’re under the microscope.”

Anyone with information in this case is asked to call the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department at (228) 255-9191.


Made obvious by it’s omission is any reference to the race of the attackers. Were they black or white, maybe Hispanic? I read two stories and viewed one video about the incident and nothing was said in either of the news articles about the race of the three men, only in the video was it stated that the attackers were three black men.

I wonder … we’re asked to contact the Sheriff’s office if we have any information about the case, but how is the public supposed to assist law enforcement in locating the perps when political correctness demands that the single most distinguishable identifying factor (skin color) be expressly omitted when reporting on the incident. This omission is so ludicrous that it deserves ridicule and derision. 

I’ll bet Deputy Frazier thanks God that his partner that night was a mutt. GOOD DOG, Lucas!


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14 Responses to K-9 saves Hancock County, Mississippi deputy from ambush attack

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good story. Great dog. I hope Officer Lucas got a steak for his dog to wash that bad taste from his mouth.

    Overall this is creepy when a cop needs to worry about getting dragged off by thugs.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Apparently a dog is not only man’s best friend, but a cop’s best friend too. Agree: Deputy Frazier needs to get Lucas on a steak of the week program – for LIFE!

  2. Uriel says:

    Definitely, Hardnox. Country folk hopefully will ban together community wide to help the family police members. But this is totally out of hand. FBI needs to finally get off their butts, arrest and throw away the key on this new panther group they threaten all races, colors, and creeds. Even their own family members if cops won’t be exempt if this group acts. I hope it isn’t another case of wait til the cancer is too great.

    • Garnet92 says:

      We law-abiding citizens need to watch our police officer’s backs too. They serve an important purpose in a civilized society and those anarchists who don’t believe that can fend for themselves. The police should let those communities defend themselves until the police are welcomed back.

  3. Kathy says:

    That was an intentional cop ambush and of course it was done by black men. It’s part of the whole black lives matter thing and random attacks like this across our country should be expected.

    Right now every officer should have a dog with him and at-the-ready, not locked in the car, or patrol in pairs like we’re seeing in Baltimore and other areas. O and his regime have brought this about.

    Good thinking on Officer Frazier’s part and good going on Lucas. Kudos to the trainers.

    • Garnet92 says:

      This black thing is verging on getting out of control when blacks start to ambush police. The black community had better disown this activity or incur the wrath of pissed off white people. I won’t be a part of anything to help the black community until they take control of their own.

  4. Clyde says:

    Yep. Just another part of the Obama Legacy. I hope the stupid bastards that voted for him are PROUD of this.

  5. Judy says:

    Actually, the only participant we know the color of is Lucas, who is black. Why would the news media suppress this critical identification information? Black on black – no news there? The only news is the dog saving the officer? Hillary says every police officer should have a body cam, well, maybe it should be a body cam AND a police dog. Make a video of the canine officer tearing the s__t out of the scum that do stuff like this. Expanding funding for a canine unit seems like a good use of federal funds – for once.

    • Uriel says:

      I agree every officer ought to be traveling with a partner and a canine

    • Garnet92 says:

      Welcome and thanks for participating Judy! Although the two accounts didn’t mention the race of anyone, the TV video (I didn’t post it) did refer to three black men who attacked the Deputy – so we do know that the attackers were black. I agree that more funding for K9 units is a good idea. I’ve always heard that black criminals are notoriously afraid of big dogs too, so that would help keep them at bay (or else become a chew toy for a Rottweiler).