A Sunday Feel Good Story – Meet MoH Recipient Kyle Carpenter


Corporal William Kyle Carpenter, a phenomenal Marine and one of only a few living Medal of Honor recipients who received the award for using his body as a human shield to protect his fellow soldiers from the blast of a grenade. Among his injuries was the loss of his right eye, many of his teeth and multiple facial lacerations. There were 30 breaks in his right arm alone. Listen to this bit from David Letterman’s visit with him to learn more about his injuries.

Over 5 years later, Carpenter has made a miraculous recovery. Through numerous surgeries Carpenter no longer looks remotely like the above photo that so many people have seen. These photos from Carpenter’s Instagram account (humorously named chicksdigscars) show the progress he’s made during his recovery.Nearly four years ago, Marine veteran William Kyle Carpenter was ...

Marine Corp Mud Run – look at that smile!

That he was willing to sacrifice himself for his Marine brothers is a testament to his commitment to them and his country, but to endure five years of ongoing surgeries tells us he is truly an amazing man with a will to live.

Kyle C w mama

Hard to say who’s happier here – Mama or Kyle.


We salute you Kyle, and as always, thank you for your service.


(h/t to my husband-person and Controversial Times)

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7 Responses to A Sunday Feel Good Story – Meet MoH Recipient Kyle Carpenter

  1. Hardnox says:


    Hand salute!

  2. Clyde says:

    A fine man, and Marine indeed. Wonder whatever possessed Letterman to have a REAL hero on his moronic show ?

  3. 219rad says:

    Fantastic story. Semper Fi

  4. Grouchy says:

    As far as the obomination is concerned, this man is a domestic terrorist. How so very sad is that~!

  5. vonmesser says:


  6. Uriel says:

    Oh wow. Puts me to shame. No more groaning foe me. The unbelievable courage all around. I am with von. Well done Kyle!