The Stupidity Continues.

Last week, Obama The Corrupt addressed the Coast Guard Academy’s graduating class, exhorting them that their GREATEST enemy is… wait for it…climate change. And here I thought it was drug smugglers and the like.

This week, Obama The Corrupt is selling this shit to the people who KNOW better. This clown is a real piece of work. Thanks again, you 66 million morons. Charlie Spiering at has the latest.


Obama: Climate Change Having ’Significant Effect’ On Making Hurricanes Stronger


Damn fool. Goebbels could have learned lying and propaganda from THIS clown.

At the National Hurricane Center in Miami, President Obama warns that the United States needs more preparedness for the extreme weather fueled by climate change.

“The best climate scientists in the world are telling us that extreme weather events like hurricanes are likely to become more powerful,” he said, adding that stronger storms and higher sea levels were a recipe for disaster.

During his remarks he asserted that climate change had “significant effects” on making storms worse.

“Climate change didn’t cause Hurricane Sandy but it might have made it stronger – the fact that the sea level in New York Harbor is about a foot higher than a century ago certainly made the storm surge worse,” he warned.

Obama called for Congress to focus on a bipartisan commitment to building “resilience” to the changing climate through infrastructure spending.


That page in the script has GOT to be worn out and dog-eared from Obama The Corrupt using it so much. Makes me wonder if this jackanape  even believes what HE says.

Well, Obama The Corrupt, we here at Hardnox And Friends would like to “help” you out. HERE are the FACTS about relative hurricane numbers over the past few decades or so :

On BOTH charts, the prevailing trends are DOWNWARD. So, asshat, WHO is LYING ? You, or your NOAA toadies ?  I’ll take Obama The Corrupt for $1000, Alex. The below chart shows the time lapse between hurricanes in the U.S. :



Hmmmm…… Guess THIS is a lie as well, eh, Obama The Corrupt ?


I have an idea for you, Obama The Corrupt. Instead of making yourself look like a damned fool over shit you OBVIOUSLY know NOTHING about, or are LYING about it, stick to giving your diatribes about shit you DO know, like THIS :

Golfing with a BIGGER criminal than YOU are, Obama The Corrupt.


You DO know about THIS, or was THAT a lie as well, Obama The Corrupt ?

Leave the climate to those who KNOW what the hell they are talking about, ding-a-ling. While you are at it, tell THEM to quit their lying as well.


CLYDE. Very telling just WHO declared Obama the Corrupt “The World’s Smartest Man”, is it not ?

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8 Responses to The Stupidity Continues.

  1. Hardnox says:

    I wonder how many cadets muttered “you gotta be shitting me” under their breaths.

    The worst part is that this was a scripted speech which means that a particular calculated narrative was meant to be made for consumption of certain lemmings at the behest of those that will profit from it..

  2. Kathy says:

    If he stuck to making speeches only on topics he’s knows about he’d never utter another word.

  3. CW says:

    It’s getting hard to say who disgusts me more: Obama or the brain-dead masses that sit there applauding with their stupid mouths agape while he lies to them. We’ll call it a tie.

    Keep up the good work, Clyde!

  4. Uriel says:

    Had. My eyesight getting old or are babies now writing posts? Just looked up his profile But back to topic–CW. It makes the case for island hermit for sure.