Time To Pay A Visit.

When you see this headline, you will not have to look at your calendar to know what day it is. You will know it is Wednesday, and that means another visit to see just WHO will be…..


MRS. A. L.’S Humpday Pinecones.


Yes, friends, time to see what some lunatic leftist opened up and spewed forth this week to earn the honor of catching Mrs.A.L.’s  favorite pejorative. As always, there are NUMEROUS worthy candidates, but, alas, only ONE can be the coniferous champion. This week’s Pinecone comes to us from Valdosta, Georgia. This Pinecone earned his way into the book for the following example of stupidity, and ignorance :

“When my People descend upon [Lowndes High School] and if they are met with even the slightest inclination of resistance by any pale skinned beast or aid they are more than Justified to Take your Head and post it on a stake for the Entire world to See,” Sheppard wrote in his profanity-laced “memorandum ultimatum.”  If THAT wasn’t enough, here are a few more examples of WHY this moron is our Pinecone:

“Mission is to Slay the Children of this [White] Beast One by Goddamn One!”

“I say, if they don’t get out of town, we kill the white men, we kill the white women, we kill the white children, we kill the white babies, we kill the blind whites, we kill the crippled whites, we kill the crazy whites, we kill the faggots, we kill the lesbians, I say god dammit we kill ’em all,” Sheppard continued.

“If they are white kill ‘em all.”

“This will Cost You all YOUR Lives……What You say I am “guilty” of is Bringing a Weapon on the Valdosta State University campus, Threatening White People and All who Aid their White Supremacist Structure and Stepping on Your dirty rag that you call ‘Old Glory’. Well it is Us the Victims of the Actions enforced under that Symbol that Will Glorify Our Triumph over Your Sick Race.”

Heard enough ? Me too. For his “showing the way” to racial harmony and lasting “peace” between the races, Eric Shepherd is our Mrs. A.L.’s Humpday Pinecone for this week.


Valdosta State University student Eric Sheppard

Our winner this week of the Pinecone, Eric Shepherd. Who, if he had been WHITE, and laid the screed out there that he did, the leftists and media would be flagellating themselves over it. Which is PRECISELY what ol’ Eric here needs to do. Eric, GET. OVER. IT. Pinecone.

Eric, my boy, for your extreme “sensitivity”, it is my pleasure to give you THIS :


Eric, for your “contribution” to racial harmony, it is my pleasure to present you with the award. These are not just ANY old pinecones, no sir. Eric, just for YOU, these are…wait for it….. WHITE pinecones !!! bwahahahahahahaha

And with that, my friends, we wrap up another look at Mrs. A.L.’s Pinecones. Tune in next Wednesday, to see who gets “coned”.

CLYDE. Honored to be your Mrs. A.L.’s Master of Ceremonies.



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10 Responses to Time To Pay A Visit.

  1. Kathy says:

    In the meantime, Billy Badass here is hiding out from the cops. A real tough guy he is.

    Mrs. AL would be pleased with your choice Clyde.

  2. Mike says:

    I say for this racist bastard to bring. It will be a short career for him.

    • Clyde says:

      Mike, first off, thank you for stopping by to read, and comment. Do not be a stranger, OK ?. Do you think we need to start a “pool” to see when this assmunch gets offed ?

  3. Hardnox says:

    Excellent choice Clyde.

  4. Uriel says:

    Right on Clyde! Good choice

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, Uriel. When I put the post up about this shitstain, and after reading his “manifesto”, he was THE choice.