Ireland Goes Full Homo

Lemmings not realizing they have just voted for their own destruction

From the Washington Post:

DUBLIN — Ireland’s citizens have voted in a landslide to legalize gay marriage, electoral officials announced Saturday — a stunningly lopsided result that illustrates what Catholic leaders and rights activists alike called a “social revolution.”

Friday’s referendum saw 62.1 percent of Irish voters say “yes” to changing the nation’s constitution to define marriage as a union between two people regardless of their sex. Outside Dublin Castle, watching the results announcement in its cobblestoned courtyard, thousands of gay rights activists cheered, hugged and cried at the news.

“With today’s vote, we have disclosed who we are: a generous, compassionate, bold and joyful people,” Prime Minister Enda Kenny proclaimed as he welcomed the outcome. Beside him, Deputy Prime Minister Joan Burton declared the victory “a magical moving moment, when the world’s beating heart is in Ireland.”

Ireland is the first country to approve gay marriage in a popular national vote. Nineteen other countries have legalized the practice through their legislatures and courts.

The unexpectedly strong percentage of approval surprised both sides. More than 1.2 million Irish voters backed the “yes” side to less than 750,000 voting “no.” Only one of Ireland’s 43 constituencies recorded a narrow “no” majority, Roscommon-South Leitrim in the boggy midlands.

Analysts credited the “yes” side with adeptly employing social media to mobilize young, first-time voters, tens of thousands of whom voted for the first time Friday. In addition, a series of searing personal stories from prominent Irish people — either coming out as gays or describing their hopes for gay children — convinced voters to back equal marriage rights.

Both Catholic Church leaders and gay rights advocates said the result signaled a social revolution in Ireland, where only a few decades ago the authority of Catholic teaching was reinforced by voters who massively backed bans on abortion and divorce in the 1980s.

Voters first legalized divorce only by a razor-thin margin in 1995 and now, by a firm majority, they have rejected the Catholic Church’s repeated calls to reject gay marriage. Abortion, still outlawed, looms as the country’s next great social policy fight.

Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said the “overwhelming vote” against church teaching on gay marriage meant that Catholic leaders in Ireland need to urgently find a new message and voice for reaching Ireland’s young.

“It’s a social revolution. … The church needs to do a reality check right across the board,” Martin said.

“Have we drifted completely away from young people?” he asked. “Most of those people who voted ‘yes’ are products of our Catholic schools for 12 years.”

David Quinn, leader of the Catholic think tank Iona Institute, said he was troubled by the fact that no political party and only a half-dozen politicians backed the “no” cause.

“The fact that no political party supported them must be a concern from a democratic point of view,” he said.

Fianna Fail party leader Michael Martin, a Cork politician whose opposition party is traditionally closest to the Catholic Church, said he couldn’t in good conscience back the anti-gay marriage side.

“It’s simply wrong in the 21st century to oppress people because of their sexuality,” he said.

After the result was announced, thousands of celebrants flooded into the Irish capital’s pubs and clubs — none more popular Saturday night than the city’s few gay venues.

At the George, Ireland’s oldest gay pub, drag queens danced and lip-synced to Queen and the founding father of Ireland’s gay rights campaign, Sen. David Norris, basked in the greatest accomplishment of the movement’s 40-year history.

“The people in this small island off the western coast of Europe have said to the rest of the world: This is what it is to be decent, to be civilized, and to be tolerant! And let the rest of the world catch up!” Norris, 70, shouted with jubilant zeal to the hundreds packing the pub.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Norris waged an often lonely two-decade legal fight to force Ireland to quash its Victorian-era laws outlawing homosexual acts. Ireland finally complied in 1993, becoming the last European Union country to do so. This time, the gay community in Ireland managed to build a decisive base of support.

“People from the LGBT community in Ireland are a minority. But with our parents, our families, or friends and co-workers and colleagues, we’re a majority,” said Leo Varadkar, a 36-year-old Irish Cabinet minister who in January announced on national radio that he was gay. “For me it wasn’t just a referendum. It was more like a social revolution.”

Many gay couples took the moment to declare their intentions or renew their vows. One lesbian couple in Limerick proposed on bended knee at the vote count there, while one of Ireland’s most prominent advocates for gay marriage, American-born Sen. Katherine Zappone, asked her wife live on Irish TV: “Today in this new Ireland, Ann Louise Gilligan, will you marry me?”

The couple, who met at Boston College and already were married legally in Canada in 2003, sued Ireland unsuccessfully in 2006 to have their marriage recognized as valid. Once parliament passes enabling legislation by this summer, that Canadian wedding license will become legal in Ireland. But Zappone and Gilligan, a former nun, still plan an Irish ceremony.

“There’s nothing like an Irish wedding,” Zappone said.

Michael Barron and Jaime Nanci, a gay couple legally married in South Africa five years ago, celebrated with friends at the Dublin City counting center.

“Oh.My.God! We’re actually Married now!” Nanci tweeted to the world, part of a cavalcade of tweets from Ireland tagged #LandslideOfLove.

Political analysts who have covered Irish referendums for decades agreed that Saturday’s landslide marked a stunning generational shift.

“We’re in a new country,” said gray-haired political analyst Sean Donnelly. “When I was reared up, the church was all powerful and the word ‘gay’ wasn’t even in use in those days. How things have moved from my childhood to now.”


homo rainbow

Homos adding a false narrative wherever and whenever they can. (Pic hat-tip Kathy)

Well, what does one say when a nation votes against their own traditions and social norms?  The homos whine about tolerance yet they refuse to tolerate opposing views or beliefs.

The reality is that after an initial surge of marriage ceremonies the homo marriage rate flatlines.   That statistic is consistent wherever homo marriage is legal regardless of country.

So why the push to legalize same sex marriage for less than 2% of the world’s population?

In small circles, unreported by the lamestream media, homos have shamelessly and publicly declared that same-sex marriage isn’t about marriage but the further push to disintegrate Christianity.  

Think about it… any of the issues that they whine about could be handled via legislation, civil contract, and the tax code.  Marriage is simply a legal legitimization of their particular lifestyle which is contrary to all of the world’s religions.  The institution of marriage predates religion but traditions and values have no place in a so-called tolerant world.  

It’s only a matter of time before it is the law of the land here in the USA as the Supremes more than likely will issue their edict on the matter despite there being no mention in the Constitution on the matter.

In my opinion, marriage between a man and woman has been cheapened enough already.  Why make it worthless? 

~ Hardnox

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9 Responses to Ireland Goes Full Homo

  1. Kathy says:

    They may be only 2% of the population but their supporters are a much larger number. My jaw drops when I learn that someone I least expected turns out to support their lifestyle, and there are more and more heterosexuals that are okay with this. Don’t hate them because they sin differently than you do, they tell me.

    Remember that #26 on the communist agenda is to present homosexuality as a normal healthy lifestyle. That this is acceptable to so many is indeed an indication that there is an attack on Christianity. When we as a nation no longer stand by our principles, then all hell will literally break loose.

    • Hardnox says:

      Me too. Most people don’t consider the unintended consequences. They just figure “oh heck, let ’em do what they want it doesn’t affect me”. What they don’t realize is that it will. There always is a NEXT. The left never stops.

      You are quite right about #26. Thanks for adding that to the conversation.

      The old saying of “if you don’t stand for your principles, then you stand for nothing”.applies here. So many people are so programmed to not offend they willing give up their principles then later complain why things are so screwed-up.

  2. vonmesser says:

    So many people voted against right and good so as not to appear mean and bigoted. They will realize their error, and it will be too late.

  3. CW says:

    “Friday’s referendum saw 62.1 percent of Irish voters say “yes” to changing the nation’s constitution to define marriage as a union between two people…”

    Why limit it to two people? Why not four people? Why not one person and one sheep? Those are the next logical questions when marriage is no longer a tool for all of society but instead becomes the transitory whim of the individual. Wonder if the leftists will draw the line when they have to address Christmas cards to “Mary Smith and Fido?”

  4. Emilia says:

    I rarely add my comments but at least Ireland allowed the “people” to vote on it…not like here where it will be decided by nine unelected judges.