Immigration Hearing Continues in Toronto for Islamic Terrorist

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Pakistani Jahanzeb Malik appears via videolink from prison in Lindsay, Ont., at his Immigration and Refugee Board admissibility hearing in Toronto on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. Canada accuses Malik of plotting terrorist attacks in Toronto's financial district and wants to deport him. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Colin Perkel

Pakistani Jahanzeb Malik appears via videolink from prison in Lindsay, Ont., at his Immigration and Refugee Board admissibility hearing in Toronto on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. Canada accuses Malik of plotting terrorist attacks in Toronto’s financial district and wants to deport him. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Colin Perkel

An undercover RCMP officer says he has no doubt a Pakistani man was serious about blowing up buildings in Toronto.

The agent tells an immigration hearing that Jahanzeb Malik wanted to instill terror, and damage the economy, by attacking the U.S. consulate and Bay Street financial buildings.

He says Malik also believed Canadian civilians were legitimate targets.

The federal government is trying to deport the 34-year-old permanent resident as a security threat.

The undercover Mountie, who is testifying under a broad publication ban on his identity, says Malik professed admiration for the Islamic State and al-Qaida.

He says Malik showed him videos of Islamic State atrocities and talked at length of the need to fight for Islam.

The father of two has made it clear he wants to leave Canada and will not try to challenge the deportation proceedings.

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From National Post

Mohammed Aqeeq Ansari stockpiled firearms, made trips to Pakistan to visit a cleric who fought “jihad” in Afghanistan and wrote provocatively about his beliefs on the Internet. His Facebook page showed a Toronto bank tower and the caption: “If I only had a plane.”

In a decision announced Monday, the Immigration & Refugee Board found that Ansari was a member of a terrorist organization and a danger to Canada’s security. It ordered him deported to Pakistan, the country he left when he came to Toronto as an immigrant eight years ago.

Anna Pape, the IRB spokeswoman, confirmed the decision but said a written ruling explaining the reasons was not yet available, although it was expected any day. “This is all the information available at the moment,” she said.

Ansari’s lawyer, Derek Lee, could not be reached for comment.

The ruling in Ansari’s case followed hearings in February and March at which the Canada Border Services Agency alleged he was a long-standing member of the Pakistani sectarian terrorist organization Sipah-e-Sahaba, or SSP.

The CBSA linked him to the SSP through his association with cleric and former jihadist fighter Ilyas Ghuman.

Officials said Ansari had been involved with the terror group since before coming to Canada and since then had been soliciting funds and promoting its goals online.

He had also “purchased a large number of firearms in a very short time,” CBSA officer Jessica Lourenco testified, noting he had spent $20,000 on guns and ammunition in 2012 while he was unemployed and living in his brother’s basement in Peterborough, Ont.

Testifying by video link from the detention centre in Lindsay, Ont., Ansari denied the allegations, portraying himself as a gun lover who supported Ghuman’s religious school in Pakistan. He said his comment about the Scotia Plaza tower was a joke.

Ansari has been held in custody for seven months while federal officials moved to deport him. He does not face any criminal charges but is instead being sent back to Pakistan because he is not a Canadian citizen and, as a member of a terror group, is inadmissible to Canada.

According to testimony at his hearings, Ansari arrived in Canada in 2007, but his legal troubles began three years ago when the home where he lived with his brother was raided by Ontario Provincial Police, who found his gun collection and extremist materials such as jihadist songs.

Before the firearms charges were resolved, Ansari was arrested once again, this time for walking off with a stack of newspapers for Ahmadiyyah Muslims, a persecuted minority in Pakistan. That charge was withdrawn, as were all but one of the firearms charges. He received a conditional discharge and returned to Pakistan for a month.

Meanwhile, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team launched an investigation, Project Seashell, that concluded he was an SSP member.

The case was passed to the CBSA and Ansari was arrested on Oct. 24, as Canada was grappling with the deadly attacks in Ottawa and Quebec.

On Twitter, he had depicted the killings of the Canadian Forces members as a “false flag” operation, and claimed police had planted a knife on one of the suspects, Martin Rouleau-Couture.

“We are the Muslims and we are coming for you,” he wrote in another online post, the CBSA said.

While he denied the allegations, Ansari said he had “no objection” to being deported to Pakistan, which he called “my country.” He said he had wanted to “start a career, start my life in Canada because I was informed Canada was a country where you had freedom to express your views. … I never had any ill intentions of breaking the law.”
He was not associated with Malik, whom IRB member Harry Adamidis ruled Monday was a flight risk and a danger to the public. But while Adamidis ordered Malik to be detained, he said he was troubled by the lack of evidence brought forward by the CBSA to justify holding him.

“I’m not entirely comfortable with that,” he said.



My feelings are a bit at odds with this…. I’d love to have his terrorist butt kicked out of Canada along with his family, BUT….he is wanting to go home so that he can join his other terrorist buddies!

It really disturbs me that we would have to pay for this terrorist to be put into one of our penitentiaries  and allow him to proselytize his cult to other inmates, which potentially would see more converts being terrorists for allah out on our streets!  

Too bad we don’t have the death penalty anymore ….that would solve this dilemma in a big hurry! Then again…maybe if CSIS would escort this terrorist out of Canada on a military cargo plane and open the back up, two hundred miles out over the Atlantic Ocean, and he’s told to swim the rest of the way while wearing cement shoes…. I wouldn’t mind that either!

As for Ansari…. why on earth was he allowed back into Canada after he was allowed to travel back to Pakistan for a month? Why had he been allowed to even leave in the first place after having been arrested the first time for a weapons cache?  He is an un-wanted in Canada….just ship his carcass back to Pakistan minus his head. Case closed and one terrorist bites the dust! Problem solved!

~Blessed B~

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4 Responses to Immigration Hearing Continues in Toronto for Islamic Terrorist

  1. Clyde says:

    Good post. The answer is : FIND HIM GUILTY, then SHOOT his ass DEAD with pig-blood soaked ammo.

    • Blessed B. says:

      LOL! That is one way….

      If there are fifty ways to leave your lover there just has to be at least that many ways to be rid of an Islamic terrorist.

  2. Uriel says:

    I would think take away citizenship use his or family’s funds to buy one-way ticket to Muslim held country and bar any others as well. Truth is yes they will try to spread the cancer in prison. Why make citizens pay to maintain him in a cell so he can find others and all plot ways to do in the country. From 1 comes the corruption of many

    • Blessed B. says:

      I like this plan also…. take away the citizenship and have the whole family sent to muslim country…on their dime! If they can only pay for a part way trip….even better! They get transported on a military plane…not commercial!

      WE do have those prisons in the North that are strictly to be used for these terrorists….not sure though if they are equipped yet to handle prisoners. In this way… they can only proselytize to one another. These prisons are cheaper to maintain as not as many guards will be used in them. If these guys want to break out…I’m sure the polar bears would be grateful!