WHAT Is Wrong With THIS Picture ?

Ahhh… yes. The environmental lunatic leftists. These asshats have absolutely ZERO common sense, nor a sense of irony.

Recently in Seattle, lunatic sub-capital of the left coast, about 700 morons were protesting Shell Oil for drilling in the Arctic, recently expanded by their hero, Obama. This story, from Michael Bastasch from The Daily Caller.com explains.

Activists protest the Shell Oil Company

OK, my friends. As the title says, what is wrong with this picture ? EVERYTHING these assholes are in is made from…wait for it… PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. Leftists. Proving they can’t even do protests correctly. Dumbasses.


Environmentalists Protest Arctic Oil Drilling While Paddling Oil-Based Kayaks

Photo of Michael Bastasch

Michael Bastasch

Hundreds of “kayaktivists” swarmed a Royal Dutch Shell drilling rig in Seattle over the weekend to protest the Obama administration’s allowance of oil drilling in the Arctic.

By Monday, the protest swelled to some 700, according to news reports, blocking roads and disrupting activity at Seattle’s port for about six hours. Many of these protestors paddled into the harbor aboard kayaks, swarming Shell’s Arctic drilling rig and displaying signs saying things like “Shell No” or “Climate Justice Now.”

There’s just one serious irony that wasn’t really pointed out: these “kayaktivists” were paddling around in petroleum-based boats.

Many of the kayaks people buy today are made from fiberglass or polyethylene — both of which are plastic products. Plastic is most commonly made from petrochemicals, which largely come from oil.

Granted, some protesters could be using wood kayaks, but from the pictures it looks like many are using petroleum-based canoes.

The protest seems to have fizzled out somewhat from earlier this week, but the “kayaktivists” garnered a lot of media attention. Here are some photos of protesters:


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Shell wants to drill in the Arctic but not if these kayaktivists have anything to say about it http://thkpr.gs/3660630 

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9 Responses to WHAT Is Wrong With THIS Picture ?

  1. Buck says:

    Well damn! They’d sure be laughed out of the beer joint I frequent.

  2. Uriel says:

    Protesting with paints, markers and posters from trees NICE. What happened to natural dyes and papyrus? Oh, and I believe I see garbage bags to hold their signs, maybe or were they using plastic or cardboard boxes to lug that stuff to the site? Did they drink canned or bottled drinks or eat put of boxes or bags. Gotta love protestors!

  3. Kathy says:

    Only loons like these would protest the oil co instead of the government and the media who made the oil co the bad guy. And since made into the bad guy, most oil companies typically do more to help the environment than the government ever thought about.

    Btw, life jackets are made from polyester – another petroleum product.