Science and Media – The Vehicle and Raven of the Left-Minded

How often has our own Clyde ridiculed and found real studies to negate Obama’s climate change scheme? Way too many to count, you say. Aren’t you as tired as he of having to reiterate the truth? We all are, if we are honest.

Yet, there is a need to continually watchdog ridiculous claims and assumptions to filter out lies and try to expose the fraudulent hysteria of the Left-thinking droolers and monetary waste being perpetrated not just in our country but across the world.

United Nations and other groups are constantly attempting to bring about one world order by pushing hate and discordant ideas on people.  Their purpose is to manipulate countries in order to give over rights of the country’s uniqueness.  Then harness all to the reins of the elitest determined to rule all aspects of the world.  Science who is supposed to be impartial and factual studies are their vehicle and media, their raven.

Here is another person who, like Clyde, sees the fallacy. Who, like those here at Hardnox and friends, hates the lies and desecration done in the name of science in order to push an agenda. This one is not based on climate but another fire fueled by leftist where science has bowed to the altar of a PC issue designed to create hate and chaos. Mainstream media then caws and clacks the news in a thoroughly reckless, unsubstantiated rush to appease the source, namely Obama and cohorts, using poor research methods to sift fact from agenda.

Mainstream media broke this report back in December 2014 “As gay marriage gains voter acceptance, UCLA-Columbia study illuminates one possible reason” which was widely and loudly used as combustible fuel for the fire on Same Sex Marriage.

While it pushed to view and gave supporters a feeling of euphoria, it was not carefully checked by people who were given the directive and purpose from the beginning of our country to present real facts to a public audience as a way to protect our constitutional rights.

FAIL AGAIN MAINSTREAM MEDIA!  Send your reporters and staff to refresher classes to return reporting to a HIGHER STANDARD OF LEGITIMATE RESPONSIBLE REPORTING.  Walter a Cronkite must be turning in his grave as he watches true reporting being reduced to debasing rag status.

Lives were, are, and futures will be affected, idiots, by the words you write.  Have you no caution or sense of responsibility for problems caused when sensationalist, Agenda-pushed articles hit the airwaves and internet?  Can you brilliant pea-brains think for yourselves long enough to ask WHY are we being told to push this information?  Or did you simply cash in our tax dollars and rewrite a government memo for inclusion?

Two days ago, the very “facts” these leftist stuffed bed-toys rushed to press were trumpeted AGAIN, making headlines for a different reason.



Faking it

By Ben Crystal, May 22, 2015

[Irregularities in LaCour (2014) – Stanford University (publicly posted days ago)]

Politicians pursue power. Whether in a free society or one ruled by Democrats, the pursuit of authority defines nearly everyone who seeks to wield it. That, of course, creates a permanent political class made up almost entirely of people who can’t be trusted. Therefore, scientists and the media are both supposed to pursue truth, both for truth’s own sake and as a counter to the control-at-all-costs politicians. Knowledge is power, after all. But when politicians, academics and media are all united in the common pursuit of power, then no one is left to pursue truth. So you’ll pardon me if I’m not stunned to learn that another “groundbreaking study” has turned out to be as valid as an Obamacare promise. First published in Science magazine, the work by Columbia University professor Donald P. Green, Ph.D., and graduate student Michael LaCour documented a sociological experiment in which canvassers attempted to talk people into abandoning support for California’s Proposition 8 barring legal recognition of same-sex marriage and pro-life policies. Green’s and LaCour’s findings revealed that canvassers who have a personal stake in legalizing marriage equality and/or abortion could alter the subject’s attitude toward those topics.

The media repeated the revelations at the tops of their lungs. Here was academic proof that just a few minutes a day needling Great Aunt Esther could swing her into the leftward column. Finally, science provided a way to crush those stodgy old homophobes once and for all. One teensy little problem: Green’s and LaCour’s “groundbreaking study” was bogus. Despite hitting the media last December with all the fanfare of a Led Zeppelin reunion tour, their “work” was as short on facts as it was long on hype. As of Wednesday morning, it had been formally retracted due to academic malfeasance on the part of co-author LaCour.

I’ll leave the moral issues surrounding marriage equality for another column, mostly because they’re tangential to the growing crisis of American academics and journalists willingly subjugating themselves to politicians. The idea that someone would conduct a study on the effects of repeatedly needling Great Aunt Esther is nearly as silly as concocting such a study. You shouldn’t need a months-long academic experiment — real or otherwise — to tell you to stop bothering Great Aunt Esther. But the saga of Green and LaCour isn’t new. It’s hardly the first time professional academics and professional journalists huddled together with professional politicians to produce amateurish results.

We shouldn’t be surprised at the disintegration of yet another liberal pseudo-scientific-turned-pseudo-journalism snipe hunt. The left has been using academia, journalism and often both in concert since Karl Marx was just another spoiled rich kid backpacking his way through Europe on his old man’s nickel. We can put the Green/LaCour fabrication up on the shelf with “Hands up, don’t shoot,” “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” “What difference does it make?” and whatever they’re calling “global warming” this year…. Full article HERE.

Scientists faked data to advance politics; and the media not only failed to spot the fraud, they gleefully advanced it. In that pipeline, there’s no room for the truth. Consequently, there’s no room for us. When academics and journalists all willingly kneel before politicians, we the people lose big. Think I’m overstating the case? Perhaps. But the same day Green and LaCour were forced to retract a study published with all the hype of a campaign kickoff, President Obama told the graduating class of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy that “denying” or “refusing to deal with” so-called “climate change” constitutes a “dereliction of duty.”

–Ben Crystal


They, we,  and others will ring that bell of truth and justice unlike the scientific and media gurus of leftist hogwash. 



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10 Responses to Science and Media – The Vehicle and Raven of the Left-Minded

  1. CW says:

    There was a time when most people were offended at the notion of being lied to, and public rejection helped keep liars in check. Now so much of the public has been dumbed down or corrupted that they accept the lies with a shrug. This is the legacy the Left has given this nation.

    • Uriel says:

      I wish I could disagree CW but I can’t. The past few generations turned the word “bad” to mean good and nothing has been the same since.

  2. Clyde says:

    Good post, and article, Uriel. Ben crystal has had his eyes opened. The leftist media has become the “watchdog” OVER government, to GOVERNMENT’S watchdog over people. Damn shame. BTW, FYI, Walter Cronkite was NOT a “paragon of journalistic integrity”. THIS sonofabitch repeated the left’s claims the U.S. was LOSING the Vietnam War. “The Most Trusted Man In America” was nothing but a leftists shill, before it came derigeur.

  3. Clyde says:

    Shit. Meant to say the “media has become GOVERNMENT’S watchdog over people” instead of vice versa. Sorry about that.

    • Uriel says:

      Lol quit alright. He may have not been close to perfect (who is) but Cronkite was a heck of a lot better than today’s excuse for journalists

  4. Garnet92 says:

    CW hit on one of my pet peeves above – that people have become more accepting of lies. It’s true. Obama lies to us, Hillary lies to us, the news media lies to us, our representatives lie to us – and it’s all ok? NO, IT’S NOT OK. We’ve got to turn this trend around. How the hell are we supposed to make good decisions when we’re basing those decisions on lies? It doesn’t work. We MUST begin to turn back the tide of acceptance and start punishing liars and once again make it unacceptable to lie.

    • Uriel says:

      Amen, well said Garnet.

    • Hardnox says:

      Garnet, we’re morphing into Arabs… whereas everyone knows that everyone else is lying so the opposite is the truth. The problem with it that we conservatives are the only ones telling the truth.

      • Uriel says:

        Well said….wait was that the truth or a lie Hardnox Now I am confused lol. We hear, we convert to opposite but what if they deliberately say a truth amongst the lies. Oh my aching head

  5. Blessed B says:

    Even Satan tells some truth mixed in with the lies. His minions are doing well I fear!

    Since we have dummied down our youth…most can no longer reason things out for themselves. They can’t tell the truth from a lie anymore.

    It seems to no longer matter to them….. whatever the trendy thing to do is, they will jump on it, whether that’s voting for another lying, narcissistic idiot or getting “chipped” at some party an idiot friend is holding. It’s “Here we come Bohemia!”

    My parents asked me when I was a young teenager, wanting to do what a few of my friends had planned …”If your friend decided to jump off the CN Tower…would you follow them?” I said, no off course not….that would get me killed. They then said….so why are you wanting to follow when you could be hurt or worse now? Think for yourself and don’t follow…..LEAD! So…I thought about all the ways following could actually turn out to be a bad idea. I didn’t follow my friends, which turned out to be a good thing after all. Some of them did get hurt. I learned my lesson then….I always thought for myself.