Islam and Sharia Law Can Not Co-Exist in Western Cultures 3

The Middle East has been a region of tribal issues for centuries. Throughout those centuries, the people and issues remain for the most part within certain borders with few migrations except of course for the Crusades which affected all of Europe in some way or other.  It wasn’t until 1900 that the wars began to escalate using more modern weapons and communications to open their issues to world eyes.

Since 1900 though, there has rarely been a peaceful year where prosperity or safety have existed. War torn and weary, those who can trace their roots back to beginning history have been forced to leave their homelands.  For a majority of immigrants, I think, they did so for good reasons and with good intentions.  As the first arrivals landed, they began to find ways to become valuable additions to their adopted lands.  These had higher degrees of education and appreciation for social structure. For some, their lives took on a better meaning and their religions were practiced quietly while they made efforts to become productive citizens. Those left behind in homelands through fear, hunger, and broken down education were left to survive as best they could.

Like many immigrants these first waves either acted to stifle old traditions to fit in or mourned homelands so became more isolated.  The problem with all such changes that I see is not the first or second generations for those have first hand experience.  It is the children born into a new land who have no experience other than immediate.  Unemployment, ways to survive in alien circumstances or societies, racial and religious bias are not, nor have ever been, missing from human history. Humans have always had to deal with integration, assimilation, or class.  Those in any position or country who deny this are blatant liars.

However, when a deliberate plan of action, policy or procedure(s) regardless of religion, individual, state, or political affiliations are specifically set up to terrorize, create disharmony, and set a goal of world dominance; then even the most innocent are going to be sacrificed on mammon’s altar. Cultural shock, economics, and social issues have created a hotbed in every country wherever immigrants and citizens have to compete for life and wealth.  Islam itself has and continues to play a significant role in creating targeted and planned chaos.

The state of Islam and by its own words the religion, laws, and practices have oozed it’s malodorous self  into lives more in the last century than any time throughout its history.  Perhaps it is the current communications which brings it’s worst self into social notice more now.  That I can not answer; but, the destruction of centuries of learning, skills, and history of a cultured, enlightened, peace-loving region as well as the thousands of murdered victims and displaced civilians who have been tortured in many ways are beyond the realm of any reasonably God-oriented religion. Its manner is more rabid dog syndrome than religion if the more radical elements are indicative of what even half of its followers profess to follow.  

The economic conditions in Europe stem from many things just as those in the United States have. The mantra of “one world government” though it might make sense in some respects is a disaster waiting to happen.  In fact, it is the ego and avarice of a few wanting their time and place in power by conquering the world.  This is no different than Rome or Attilla or a dozen despots throughout history.

Have people not already enough evidence from 2008 when greedy people created what has yet to be solved?  Banking and world governance can be collabrated.   Just like in our country, countries or states should be able to work within their own borders and systems to govern.  Communism or any limiting “ism” can not operate on this grand a scale successfully.

People across the world with a modicum of sympathy are willing to make a place for some immigrants though not massive influxes. HOWEVER, they need to know they can depend on the new arrivals to assimilate and work to become productive within the country moved to; not stand out or deliberately defy or change long established laws to fit their way of life.  The newer waves of more radical Muslims have not done this; preferring it appears from their actions to live like leeches sucking the host dry while spreading their own form of cancer. Everywhere they have landed once thriving areas have rapidly disintegrated leaving the areas in chaos and the people angry and fearful.

A great many displaced people have arrived to areas already reeling in shock from the disaster of 2008.  The financial, economic burden and general anger has not helped these later immigrants but neither have the immigrants who have poor health, education, and life skills helped to alleviate the problem.

Below are a few notes documenting their impact to our allies in Europe.

International  Labor Organization, April 2013

“Ten million more unemployed in Europe than in 2008.  Austerity measures have not addressed the root causes of the crisis nor have they brought down unemployment. 

Other statistics show youth unemployment has reached large proportions since 2008.  One study graph points to youth having good employment statistics just before the 2008 crash then climbing to a bit over 11% unemployed by 2014. This is in itself a powder keg.  That many hungry, angry, idle young people can spell disaster for any country just as it can in the United States. If we add them to already simmering adults who are unable to take care of families, ineffective or corrupt governance, and an irrational group called Islam, now the world stage has been set for a disaster larger than any event yet seen.

“Britain sinking under unproductive Muslims costing £13+ billion a year”
by The Muslim Issue dated October 9, 2012.

“Modest numerical calculations based on government statistics, wikileaks and media reports reveal that the British government spend a minimum £13+ billion a year from tax revenues on unproductive Muslims. Britain is expected to have more Muslims than all of Kuwait in less than two decades. While the government is trying to create £12 billion in annual cuts by targeting the handicapped, elderly, and poor amongst it’s own citizens, they have ignored a group that is highly overrepresented above anyone else in welfare exploitation. Sweden appears to be gripped in a similar situation with the country drowning in Muslim related expenses.

“Welfare spending: how Britain outstrips Europe”
The Telegraph issue dated May 19, 2015

Welfare spending in Britain has increased faster than almost any other country in Europe since 2000, new figures show. The cost of unemployment benefits, housing support and pensions as share of the economy has increased by more than a quarter over the past thirteen years – growing at a faster rate than in most of the developed world. Spending has gone up from 18.6 per cent of GDP to 23.7 per cent of GDP – an increase of 27 per cent, according to figures from the OECD, the club of most developed nations.  By contrast, the average increase in welfare spending in the OECD was 16 per cent. By contrast, more than a third of developed nations have cut their welfare bills steeply in that period. Germany has cut social security spending as a share of GDP by 3.4 per cent, Canada by 3 per cent, Iceland by 4.2 per cent, Switzerland by 7 per cent and Estonia by 11 per cent. The biggest spender on welfare in the developed world is France, at 33 per cent of GDP. But its rate of increase has been slower than the OECD average, at 15.4 per cent.

Antisemitism has increased significantly in Europe since 2000, with significant increases in verbal attacks against Jews and vandalism such as graffiti, fire bombings of Jewish schools, desecration of synagogues and cemeteries. Those incidents took place not only in Germany, where antisemitic incidents are the highest in Europe but also in countries like Belgium, Austria, and the United Kingdom.  In those countries, physical assaults against Jews including beatings, stabbings and other violence, increased markedly, in a number of cases resulting in serious injury and even death. Netherlands and Sweden have also had consistently high rates of antisemitic attacks since 2000. This rise in antisemitic attacks is associated on the one hand with the Muslim anti-Semitism  and on the other hand with the rise of far-right political parties as a result of the economic crisis of 2008.



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  1. Clyde says:

    Good series, Uriel. Those who deny the problem WILL be doomed by it.

  2. Uriel says:

    Thanks Clyde. Last part tomorrow

  3. Kathy says:

    The video glaringly shows the double standard they fully support. It also shows that the liberal government’s (anywhere) idea of go along to get along isn’t working. The UK waited too late to turn this around and the US is doing the same thing, thanks to or sympathizer-in-chief.