Who Caused Baltimore’s Collapse?

A better future for poor Americans trapped in Baltimore and across the country must start with a fact-based analysis of how we got here and who has been responsible.

From: thefederalist.com,  by: Newt Gingrich,  on: May 18, 2015,  see the article HERE.  Emphasis is Garnet92’s

Baltimore administration

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said that her Call To Action to End African-American Homicides is more than just talk and that it is not about blaming the black community for the city’s crime.

Ok then, let’s just examine a few facts to see who is actually to blame …

Fact: The last Republican city council member in Baltimore City left office in 1942. That is 73 years of solid Democrat city councils.

Fact: The last Republican mayor of Baltimore City left office in 1967. That is 48 years of unbroken Democrat control of the mayor’s office.

Fact: The Maryland Senate is currently 33 Democrats to 14 Republicans.

Fact: The Maryland House is currently 90 Democrats to 50 Republicans.

Fact: The last time Republicans held both the Maryland Senate and the Maryland House of Delegates was 1897.

Fact: The last time Republicans held even one chamber of the Maryland General Assembly—the House—was 1917. That is unbroken Democrat control of the Maryland legislature since 1918, or nearly a century of Democrat control.

Fact: Seven out of eight members of the Maryland delegation in the U.S. House are Democrats.

Fact: The last Republican U.S. senator from Maryland was elected in 1980.

Fact: It was Baltimore’s Democrat mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who said: “I’ve made it very clear that I worked with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech. It’s a very delicate balancing act. Because while we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. And we worked very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate.”

This “space to destroy” policy led to riots which resulted in:

  • 130 police officers injured
  • More than 350 businesses damaged (increasing inner-city unemployment)
  • 15 pharmacies damaged (limiting inner-city residents’ access to medicine)
  • Korean-American businesses targeted
  • 144 vehicle fires
  • Fire hoses cut as firemen fought fires

The collapse of order has a continuing effect. There has been a drastic increase in shootings and homicides in Baltimore since April 27. More than 50 people have been shot. At least 10 have been shot and four killed since May 9. Nonfatal shootings are up nearly 50 percent.

All of this happened under the leadership of a Democrat mayor who was worried more about the rioters’ free speech than about the safety, protection, and livelihoods of innocent Baltimoreans.

The first duty of government is to protect the innocent and the weak from predators and violence. Once again, a Democrat favored the violent over the victims.

Are the Baltimore Police Racist?

The protesters charge that the police are racist.

Fact: More than half of the Baltimore City police force is minority.

Fact: Four of the six top commanders are African-American or Hispanic.

Fact: Half of the police officers being prosecuted are African-American.

The protesters point to poverty—and they’re right. Poverty has devastated minority communities. But it is left-wing policies Democrats implemented that have created destructive incentives and denied opportunity to generations of young people.

Don’t Forget Baltimore Schools

Fact: Baltimore City spends $15,483 per student, and its unionized, bureaucratic schools fail. As Terence Jeffrey of CNS News quotes a lawyer for Freddie Gray’s family as saying, “The education system has failed them.” The lawyer is right. “These kids have had bad experiences in school,” he said.

Jeffrey outlines the absolute failure of the unionized bureaucratic Baltimore City school system: 84 percent of eighth graders score below grade level in reading. Eighty-seven percent scored below grade level in math.

Left-wing unions and bureaucracies ruthlessly exploit children, ruining their lives while the Democratic leadership in the Maryland House blocks school-choice bills that would give children a chance to attend better schools.

For $15,000 a year, Baltimore City students could get much better educations at Catholic schools, private schools, or even with an organized home schooling program (eight students could pool $120,000 a year to hire a personal tutor, as was done when Thomas Jefferson was young).

As Archbishop of Baltimore William Lori points out, the Catholic schools cost $6,000 a year and have a 99 percent graduation rate. Yet Democrats are committed to locking poor children out of those schools if it takes a dime away from funds for failing, unionized public schools.

With school-choice policies, we could save children’s lives while saving money. Instead, left-wing unions and bureaucracies ruthlessly exploit children, ruining their lives while the Democratic leadership in the Maryland House blocks school-choice bills that would give children a chance to attend better schools and force schools to compete for students by actually being good schools.

There is no greater example of the relentless dishonesty of modern Democrats than their willingness to destroy children’s lives while blaming others. President Obama could quit blaming Fox News and simply demand school choice (which of course he opposes), and he would radically improve the lives of millions of trapped poor children.

Liberal Policies Institutionalize Poverty

Of course, it is Democrats who control the teachers union that traps Baltimore City’s children in schools that fail and ruin their lives. They do so on behalf of the unionized bureaucratic political machine that controls the city.

Poverty in general has been institutionalized by the destructive ideological biases of Democrat President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. On May 22, 1964, President Johnson said, “Our society will never be great until our cities are great. Today the frontier of imagination and innovation is inside those cities and not beyond their borders.”

Tragically, his policies trapped people in dependency, killed small businesses in favor of bureaucracy, and favored unionized workers over children. The result has been a 50-year disaster which no liberal Democrat is prepared to analyze honestly.

Charles Murray’s classic study of destructive welfare policies, “Losing Ground,” and Marvin Olasky’s decisive repudiation of the idealistic premises of big-government liberalism’s approach to poverty, “The Tragedy of American Compassion,” explain decisively the failure of Baltimore Democrats. Their values, principles, and organizations doom their efforts to failure.

A sound program has to start with safety and work. That policy has to begin with favoring public safety and small business.

All Americans should care enough about their fellow citizens trapped with bad leadership, bad government, selfish bureaucrats, and misleading news media. All of us should care about creating a much better future for poor Americans. That future has to start with a fact-based analysis of how we got here and who has been responsible.

In Baltimore City, the answer is Democrat officials, who for a half century have crippled and weakened what was once a great and vibrant city.


As usual, Newt got it right. In Baltimore, the black activists will have to find new excuses for poverty, poor education results, and high crime rates, etc. since democrats have been in charge of Baltimore for decades, so it can’t be caused by those pesky Republicans. The city administration is mostly black, so Baltimore’s problems can’t be blamed on racism. And the terrible schools can’t be suffering from a lack of funding since a staggering $15,483 per pupil per year is spent on Baltimore public school children. This makes them among the most lavishly funded public school children in the entire world.

Of course, the left won’t accept that they’ve screwed up royally in Baltimore – just like they’ve screwed up every other large city where they’ve gained control. Look at Detroit, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Newark, etc. Among large cities, the ten with the most poverty are all run by democrats. The democrat’s track record is abysmal, but since they refuse to accept responsibility, they can’t fix the problems – they just continue to throw more money down a bottomless pit. They don’t know any other way.



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11 Responses to Who Caused Baltimore’s Collapse?

  1. vonmesser says:

    I knew it was bad. I had no idea it was actually this bad. I wonder what the real numbers are for a lot of the other cities in peril?

    • Garnet92 says:

      I haven’t seen the numbers for all of the dem-controlled cities, but the ones I have seen are similar. Baltimore is the poster-child icon of a city run by democrats and wallowing in the sewage that their “governing” brings with it. Detroit is pretty much the same.

  2. Uriel says:

    Me too Von. Great post Garnet. The answer has to be found. Our future from local to world is at stake. Big government should NOT be forcing everyone everywhere to tow a line designed to disengage and disable free thoughts or destroy dreams of a better tomorrow.

    Tough love made a point back in the 80’s. Own the problem, face the issue, allow for personal responsibility and failure but at the same time do it with reasoning and training for those who seek better. Those who do not wish to go forward in a safe and productive way should not be rewarded with free room, boarding, or assistance until they understand life and freedom are not things to mock.

    Prisons are full of people who have that attitude. I do not advocate extreme punishment nor that prison is the first resort but neither should we allow them the ability to function without a better understanding of cause, effect and rights of passage to personal responsibility while bleeding dry tax paying citizens..

    • Garnet92 says:

      I think that you give them (black democrat “leadership”) far too much credit for honest, logical thought. The word “responsibility” is verboten in progressiveland.

  3. Uriel says:

    I find it absurd that community leaders are so blind. Heck children Need honest goals built on success. WHY can not the leaders remove the blight of the communities by putting those children in renovation programs, what about taking the blighted properties and starting over with habitat for humanity type homes (no more free housing) where each has a quarter to half acre and safe home to build and maintain with the understanding that hard work, education, and community effort are the only way to continue to stay in the house or receive assistance. Reward those doing well, cut off support to those who do not. LOCAL and state control not federal. They spend absurd amounts (often pocketed) for rigid, federally mandated learning and yet forget that success comes from within after a job well done. They encourage drug infested communities by their willingness to have people slaves to government, dependent on them for roof and food but without dignity and accomplishment.

    • Garnet92 says:

      As in my previous reply, I think you’re assuming a minimal amount of common sense and rational thought resides in those people – evidence shows otherwise.

      I’ll admit that I don’t know whether the root cause of their failure to comprehend the situation and formulate plans to fix the problems is because they’re black, or “progressive” or both, but they’re confronted with problems that they can’t seem to fix.

  4. Clyde says:

    Take a bow, brother. Excellent post. Who SAYS we on the right are afraid to discuss race ? Every time we DO, the left tries to paint US as the racists. No, the damn democrats absolutely OWN the shitholes THEIR cities have become.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thanks Clyde. You’re right, we’ve never been “afraid” to discuss race – it’s just that the black activists don’t want to “discuss” race, they just want whites to lie down and roll over and give in to their demands – otherwise, no discussion.

  5. Kathy says:

    Poster child, indeed. With absolutely every facet of the government and schools being democrat and union controlled, that is exactly what they are.

    Yet, like the other cities with the same affliction, they will fail to see the cause of the problem; instead they will seek bailouts from the feds, aka us, and they get them. Then they set about to govern the same way, until they need another bailout…it’s an endless cycle.

    it wouldn’t matter if a hundred Newts or a hundred black experts stated the facts, those pesky little things won’t get in their way.

    Good stuff, Garnet.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thanks Kathy, of course you’re right, the left doesn’t know how to take responsibility, they only know how to blame someone else. That seems to be a common thread among the democrat racist activists. Nothing that turns out wrong is ever their fault – it really is amazing to watch them in action – sheer perfection (sarcasm).

  6. tannngl says:

    Sure wish Newt could still run for president. He has always fought with facts and a penchant for making us SEEE!