Lies, Damn Lies, And TRUTH

All in one article no less. For years now, we have heard the ecoloon left bemoan the subsidies that fossil fuel industries, and power generation using those fuels, has received.

We see in this story, from Donna Rachel Edmunds at Breitbart, fossil fuel subsidies, which I am against, BTW, are DWARFED by “green energy” subsidies, which I loathe even MORE.

IMF Attempts to Hide True Cost of Renewables by Claiming Fossil Fuels Receive Large Subsidies

 by Donna Rachel Edmunds  18 May 2015


Quick Quiz time. Which type of power generation is the more heavily subsidized ? THIS, a coal-fired generating station, or………

…..THESE money-suckers ? Give yourself a Gold Star if you picked the bottom photo. By a 200 percent margin, BTW.

Fossil fuel companies are benefiting from a global subsidy of £3.4 trillion a year, the International Monetary Fund has declared. The figure dwarfs that of government handouts for renewable energies, which amount to £77 billion a year. But closer inspection reveals the fossil fuel related sum not to be a subsidy, as it amounts to nothing more than the alleged costs to governments of dealing with fossil fuel pollution.

The IMF have insisted that their figure is “shocking,” but “extremely robust”, and are using it to lobby for an end to “subsidies” for fossil fuel companies on both health and economic grounds, the Guardian has reported.

“When the number came out at first, we thought we had better double check this!” said David Coady, head of the IMF’s fiscal affairs department. But he said the broad picture was “extremely robust”, adding: “It is the true cost associated with fossil fuel subsidies.”

His colleague Vitor Gaspar, the IMF’s head of fiscal affairs and former finance minister of Portugal agreed, saying “These estimates are shocking. Energy prices remain woefully below levels that reflect their true costs.”

According to the IMF’s report, cutting the ‘subsidies’ would reduce global emissions by 20 percent, and halve the number of deaths from outdoor pollution, saving around 1.6 million lives a year. They also envisage that making fossil fuel companies pay for pollution would be a “game changer” for governments, who could use the newly released economic resources to pay for education, health and infrastructure.

Lord Nicholas Stern, a climate economist at the London School of Economics, said: “This very important analysis shatters the myth that fossil fuels are cheap by showing just how huge their real costs are. There is no justification for these enormous subsidies for fossil fuels, which distort markets and damages economies, particularly in poorer countries.

Stern added that he considered the IMF’s figure to be an underestimate: “A more complete estimate of the costs due to climate change would show the implicit subsidies for fossil fuels are much bigger even than this report suggests,” he said.

The IMF has acknowledged that ending the so-called subsidy would increase energy prices, but argue that it would be acceptable to do so as wealthy people benefit most from the supposed subsidy. According to the IMF, the wealthiest 20 percent receive six times the amount of subsidy as the poorest 20 percent in low and middle income countries, presumably simply because they use more energy than poor people.

it has also revealed it’s true motive for releasing the figure: whitewashing the amount governments spend on actual subsidies for renewable energies each year by piling costs onto fossil fuels until they become unsustainable. “If we get the pricing of fossil fuels right, the argument for subsidies for renewable energy will disappear. Renewable energy would all of a sudden become a much more attractive option,” said Coady.

Deaths thanks to cold weather in the UK reached a 15 year high last winter, with 33,800 people dying from the cold in the six weeks between the beginning of December 2014 and mid-January 2015, the equivalent of one person every seven minutes dying of cold throughout the winter

In February, Malcolm Booth, chief executive of the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners, said: “Excess winter deaths look like rising above the exceptional 2008-09 total and potentially reaching above 40,000 – and that is a disaster for the elderly in Britain.

“Winter deaths are a tragedy for families of those affected but it appears the underlying causes of these deaths have still not been properly addressed.”

Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Department of Health’s chief medical officer, wrote in Public Health England’s Cold Weather Plan for England 2014-15: “Excess deaths are not just deaths of those who would have died anyway in the next few weeks or months due to illness or old age.

“There is strong evidence some of these deaths are indeed “extra” and are related to cold temperatures, living in cold homes as well as infectious diseases such as influenza.”

The high death rate prompted campaigners to campaign for an end to fuel poverty, defined as having to spend more than ten percent of an income on fuel payments. According to statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change for 2012, the last year available, 10.4 percent of all English households suffer from fuel poverty; about 2.28 million households.


What asshattery. The below paragraphs are laughable in their obvious sophistry, and outright LIES.

“When the number came out at first, we thought we had better double check this!” said David Coady, head of the IMF’s fiscal affairs department. But he said the broad picture was “extremely robust”, adding: “It is the true cost associated with fossil fuel subsidies.”

His colleague Vitor Gaspar, the IMF’s head of fiscal affairs and former finance minister of Portugal agreed, saying “These estimates are shocking. Energy prices remain woefully below levels that reflect their true costs.”  There you have it. No matter WHERE in the world leftists are, their TRUE motive is RAISING EVERYONE’S costs of living, and profiting handsomely off it, while the “poor get poorer”. Like low energy prices are EVIL ??? WTF ?

Whenever the left throws numbers around, they are simply NOT to be believed. If the number of winter deaths were ANYWHERE NEAR what these assholes are claiming, the outrage would be spread across the world. Did YOU hear of this ? Neither did I. I simply believe the left took the total number of deaths from ALL causes,  and just plugged them in to this propaganda, to advance their cause.

The dead giveaway, no pun intended, is THIS utterance : “Winter deaths are a tragedy for families of those affected but it appears the underlying causes of these deaths have still not been properly addressed.” The morons do not know the exact cause, but are going to attribute these deaths to whatever the hell their twisted narrative may be.

This is just how leftists the world over operate. Lie, obfuscate, twist truth, make shit up if they have to, whatever, to advance their warped agenda, and their willing lapdogs in the leftist world wide media will carry the water, spread the lie far and wide, and the sheeple will lap it up, further allowing  governments to keep right on screwing them over.

It truly is a crying shame the world wide left hasn’t been exposed for who and what they truly are, and eliminated. Our world would be much better off for it.


CLYDE. Damn the leftists ALL to the 10th level of Hell.




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7 Responses to Lies, Damn Lies, And TRUTH

  1. Uriel says:

    Nice rant Clyde it is as usual. Point fingers and don’t do anything unless it puts money in your own pocket.

  2. Clyde says:

    And THAT is EXACTLY what they do, Uriel. Good catch, and thanks.

  3. Kathy says:

    Basically, the lesson here is that all governments lie. If it’s happening at this level in the UK, just imagine the levels it’s at in the US.

    Coming into CA, we passed some of the largest windmill fields I’ve ever seen – literally hundreds of them covering several square miles. Before that we passed an enormous field of solar panels – it may have been the one you see on TV so much.

    I bring this up, because we all know they’re government subsidized – no sane businessman would invest that much money with such a slow rate of return. But asked about it, the government would lie to us.

    • Clyde says:

      Just look at those as YOUR money sitting there, gathering dust, and killing birds while doing NOTHING to reduce global warming. Such a frigging scam. I would have been tempted to be shooting the panels. Nothing like the sounds of breaking glass.

    • Blessed B says:

      Eagles and wind farms : mortality statistics

      This paper is not only about eagles killed by windfarms. It also questions the attitude of the RSPB*, the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society regarding birds and wind turbines. These criticisms, sadly, apply to most bird societies and conservation NGOs in the western world.

      It is easier to understand how collisions happen thanks to the following video of a griffon vulture being struck by a turbine blade. It is clear that the bird doesn´t realize it has entered a dangerous zone: VIDEO – Griffon vulture struck by a blade in Greece

      Raptors are prone to being struck by wind turbines for a variety of reasons. For instance, it was found that they are actually attracted to these dangerous structures. The “avoidance factor” is an entirely different thing.

      ( Aquila chrysaetos )

      – In 2004, based upon carcasses found, it was scientifically estimated that 2,300 golden eagles have been killed by the large wind farm at Altamont Pass, California, in its first 23 years of operation (2). Today, eight years later, the toll would be well over 3,100 if the killing had continued at the same rate. But more recent studies show it has come down from 116 to about 75 a year (Dr S. Smallwood). That´s because the California population of golden eagles is dwindling under the effects of this carnage. Yet, Altamont Pass is being repowered with new, bigger wind turbines that will prolong the killing of eagles for another 25 years. See the comments of Save the Eagles International: Golden Eagle to become extinct in US.

      ~Thanks Kalifornication! You are awarded the Golden Eagle Extinction medal!~

  4. Blessed B says:

    The EPA Myth of “Clean Power”

    Quote~ There are many things I do not like about the Environmental Protection Agency, but what angers me most are the lies that stream forth from it to justify programs that have no basis in fact or science, and which threaten the economy.

    Currently, its “Clean Power” plan is generating its latest and most duplicitous Administer, Gina McCarthy, to go around saying that it will not be costly, nor cost jobs. “Clean Power” is the name given to the EPA policy to reduce overall U.S. carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 30% from 2005 levels by 2030. It is requiring each state to cut its emissions by varying amounts using a baseline established by the EPA.
    Simply said, there is no need whatever to reduce CO2 emissions. Carbon dioxide is not “a pollutant” as the EPA claims. It is, along with oxygen for all living creatures, vital to the growth of all vegetation. The more CO2 the better crops yields will occur, healthier forests, and greener lawns. From a purely scientific point of view, it is absurd to reduce emissions.
    As this is being written there is are two joined cases before the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, State of West Virginia v EPA and Murray Energy v EPA. They are a challenge to President Obama’s “War on Coal” and the EPA efforts to regulate its use. Fifteen states, along with select coal companies, have sued for an “extraordinary whit” to prevent the EPA from promulgating the new carbon regulations found it the Clean Power plan.~~

    Green Energy Policy? – “Nothing that Works”

    Quote~ Modern industrial society commenced with the use of coal and oil to power factories, trains, ships and agriculture and to generate electricity. With abundant energy, prosperity increased, and people could save enough to support leisure, education, culture and environmental concerns.
    But the dark greens have a dream to dismantle all this, and return society to the hunter/gatherer era.
    In an unguarded moment Maurice Strong, a leader of the international green movement, said:
    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”
    Greens have thus gleefully spread the global warming scare to justify a massive political war on hydro-carbon fuels. Timothy Wirth, ex-President of the UN Foundation, spilt the beans: ~~

    Until they can come up with a better alternative to fossil fuels….that don’t cost us more to use and that don’t in some way damage the eco-system, they should just keep their dang mouths shut tight and their fingers out of my pocket!!

  5. CW says:

    I’m with you, Clyde. If the lefties’ mouths are moving, then they’re working a con. It’s just a proven fact.

    The con this time is to expand gov’t under the pretense of dealing with pollution, then put it back on consumers (because that’s what happens when you “make the fossil fuel companies pay”), and divert the taxpayers’ money instead to “education, health and infrastructure” (READ: unions and democrat voters). That’s the real goal here. It’s ALWAYS all about wealth transfer and gov’t expansion. ALWAYS.

    As bad as all that is, however, I am even more disturbed by the unchallenged presumption of “us” and “we,” as in this sentence: ““If we get the pricing of fossil fuels right,…..” WHO IS “WE???” When did the free markets die and put the weasels at the IMF or any other global con group in charge of pricing fossil fuels? Fossil fuels are not communal property, but it’s clear to see that’s what in the conniving minds of the weasels. That transition will be the key to the Left getting their way on driving up the cost of fossil fuels.