I Would LOVE To See THIS Happen

But, seeing as how it is COMMON SENSE, and being it’s being discussed in California, it’ll NEVER happen. The hypocritical left would NEVER stand for it.

I have always maintained that organic farming was just a ruse so as to charge more for the same crops. WITHOUT the benefit of them being “better” for you. Looks as if it is a HUGE water-waster as well, and in a state where there isn’t much of it (unless they start building desalination plants) ANY method of saving water SHOULD be considered. Michael Bastasch from The Daily Caller.com has the scoop that’ll set the moonbats a’ flappin’.


Organic vegetables. Liberals think these are somehow “better”. GOOD. Let THEM pay the cost. While the loons are at it, SHUT OFF your lawn sprinklers, too. Morons.

Economists: Tax Organic Products To Solve CA Water Crisis

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Michael Bastasch   1:28 PM 05/18/2015

Environmentally-savvy economists have a novel solution for tackling the California water crisis that may anger some on the left: tax organic products.

Why tax organic products? Organic farms, for example, don’t use water nearly as efficiently as conventional farms do, argue economists with the Property and Environment Research Center and the Hoover Institution. Price the inefficiencies into products and consumers will use less of it, the economists say.

Economists Terry Anderson and Henry Miller wrote that “water-policy analysts agree that California’s thirst for water won’t be significantly reduced until consumers are faced with a more realistic price for the ‘clear gold.’”

“In that spirit, we propose a revenue-neutral tax on all organic products — food, linens, clothing, pillows, tobacco, etc,” they wrote.

“How will taxing organic products help to conserve water? The answer is that organic agriculture uses more of critical inputs — labor, land, and water — than conventional agriculture,” Anderson and Miller wrote. “Taxation would reduce the demand for water-wasting organic products relative to non-organic alternatives, and thereby reduce some of the pressure on California’s dwindling water supplies.”

California is in the fourth year of a major drought that has left much of the state desperate for water supplies. Gov. Jerry Brown has imposed command and control solutions to conserving water by fining homes and businesses that use too much. Brown was seeking to fine Californian’s up to $10,000 a day for using too much water.

But Anderson and Miller argue that a water tax on organic products would be a much better idea than mandating water use.

“Organic agriculture is particularly insidious because it bans the cultivation of crop varieties crafted with molecular genetic-modification techniques, which are particularly relevant during droughts,” the two wrote. “Not only do genetically engineered crops offer higher yields with less use of insecticides, but they can be crafted to withstand droughts, and to be irrigable with lower-quality (such as brackish) water.”

“Pest- and disease-resistant genetically engineered crop varieties also indirectly improve water use. Because much of the loss to insects and diseases occurs after the plants are fully grown — that is, after most of the water required to grow a crop has already been applied — this means more agricultural output per unit of water invested,” the economists wrote.

“We aren’t holding our breath waiting for Governor Moonbeam and his followers, clad in tie-dyed, organic-cotton t-shirts, to adopt our proposal, even if it might result in more efficient agricultural production and water conservation,” the economist concluded. “But until California devises constructive incentives for water conservation, the vagaries of Mother Nature will continue to create water shortages.”


Heretics. Liars. Miscreants. Committing sacrilege. Koch-Bros. owned. These are just SOME of the PRINTABLE epithets Messrs. Anderson and Miller will be subjected to from the left, from Moochelle all the way down. How DARE they disparage ORGANIC vegetables ? Don’t they know Moochie has COMMANDED the serfs to eat MORE veggies ? Talk about pissing in the broccoli.

There is no question that California has a water shortage, but this article, like SO many before it, hits on THIS truth, BUT leaves out a HUGE part of the REAL reason. Remember the Delta Smelt ?

All the ecoloons were raising hell about releasing waters because this species, the loons believed, was somehow ENDANGERED. So, these asshats, as asshats are wont to do, SEVERELY curtailed the flow of waters from the Sierra Nevada watershed, down to the San Joaquin Valley, where around HALF of the nation’s fresh fruits and vegetables are grown, so as to “protect” the smelt while DRYING UP the lower reservoirs.

Add in Mother Nature’s penchant for sending ANY weather systems where SHE sees fit, we now have the resultant disaster.

Now I surely wish the rains would fall for California. There are a LOT of good people who deserve the best nature can send their way, such as the hard working farmers and ranchers, but the GOOD people MUST put an end to the LUNACY that has marked California politics for a goodly portion of the past 30 years.

Maybe, if they RID themselves of leftist lunacy, Mother Nature WILL send some “liquid sunshine” their way, in ample amounts.


CLYDE. Saying MOTHER NATURE is still, and always WILL BE, in charge. Not to mention, smelt are DEEEEELICIOUS deep-fried, and washed down with cold beer.

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8 Responses to I Would LOVE To See THIS Happen

  1. vonmesser says:

    I have said for years (and “urinated off” the lefties)
    1. ANYTHING grown is organic – that’s sort of the definition of having been alive.
    2. Organic agriculture means smaller, less tasty, and insect-ridden for twice the cost.

  2. Rich B says:

    Penn and Teller exposed the complete “Bullshit” of organic food two or three years ago on their cable show. They did it via taste tests and nutritional facts. Most critically thinking people don’t buy the Organic crap any more than I do. And even the word “organic” is horribly misleading. Everything that isn’t synthesized or man-made is organic if you think about it. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Clyde says:

      You are not wrong, Rich B. I saw that special Penn And Teller did, and laughed my ass off. I have a daughter who buys into that crap, so one time we were hosting a dinner, she and some of her friends came by, and took FULL advantage of the HUGE veggie tray we had set out. After the guests had left, she comes up and says those veggies were GREAT, but she thought I didn’t buy organic. I said SURPRISE, you had GMO veggies!!! She didn’t speak to me for a month, and when she did, she said she had quit buying organic fruit and vegetables. Could not believe how much difference there was in price. Good comment, and good to see you.

  3. Uriel says:

    HI RichB. Good points. Frankly though I would rather have veggies Sans chemicals and without people genetically mucking with them. I helped out on an old time farm where the owner chose to cultivate carefully using old methods of crop sharing, chickens and other plants to Help control insects. He also used heirloom seeds (often from his own stored supply). 5 acres of garden supplied quite a few people and he helped old and young in the community with food. He carefully reviewed Farmers Almanac each year before planting and seemed to instinctively from my perspective know how, when, where to grow any given crop. The food was not plush and brightly colored true (dies and waxes do that But we knew the food was heathy and plentiful enough for all to share.

    I agree most of the Organic labeled stuff is strictly for profit. I can’t read some of their labels without laughing. Free range vegetarian-feed chickens!?! Really? A chicken is an omnivore geez. If free it scours high and scratches low for protein namely wiggly things like worms. They eat veggies sometimes but prefer the critters on the leaves more. That’s only one example.

    • Clyde says:

      Uriel, people have been “mucking” for years with vegetable genetics. Back in those days, we called them HYBRIDS. Pest, drought, heat, cold, you name it, hybrids were a MUCH hardier plant due TO the tinkering.

  4. CW says:

    I hate to be a wet blanket on what seems like a promising idea but I always assumed the reason organics cost more was because of the higher costs of production, so costs like higher water usage are already priced in. In keeping with free-market principles water should be priced according to supply and demand (i.e. make it expensive in California) and products that are less efficient with water will go up accordingly. To do anything else smacks of the kind of artificial behavior engineering the Left always favors.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Typical leftists. Tax everything but don’t stop spending.

    Organic farming doesn’t exist. I know a number of them. It is impossible. People don’t purchase worm holed veggies and fruits. Ditto with diseased animals.

    I raised free range cattle for years. Mine were simply left to grow up naturally on grass without steroids. The process takes a lot longer, usually 2-3 times. Ditto with all critters. They still need to be wormed and vetted. Totally organic is impossible unless it comes from your backyard and a whole lot of effort. Commercially it is impossible and totally cost prohibitive (unless they are Putt and Wookie and can afford Kobe beef at $100 a pound).

    Veggies can be grown in a semi-sterile greenhouse but that is very costly and it still requires fertilizers and a lot of energy. Water… not so much since it is recycled via the evaporation/condensation processes.

    As usual, the left is wrong on every issue. They had better pass a tax on unicorns and get the same results.