Black Leader Dares To Ask, If All Whites Left The Country, How Would It Really Affect The Black Community?

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Robert Woodson, a nationally recognized community development leader, posed an amazing question on CSPAN this Tuesday.

“If all whites tomorrow were to move to Canada and Europe, tell me how it would affect the black on black crime rate, how would it it affect the out-of-wedlock births, how would it affect the spread of AIDS?” he asked.

He added, “What I’m saying to Black America [is that] we must stop victimization. We must stop complaining about what white folks have done to us in the past. We must go into ourselves, as Dr. King said, and find indelible ink — our own emancipation proclamation.”

His point — and it was an amazing one — was that much more can be accomplished when people “are motivated by solutions” and “entrepreneurial energy” versus when people are “complaining about what others have done.”

This attitude places him in stark contrast to leaders like Reverend Al Sharpton, who believe the solution itself is to bitch and moan incessantly about institutional racism, which Woodson himself accurately referred to as “a good excuse for failure.”

Woodson also slammed the government’s litany of failed anti-poverty programs, which he alleged only help in “maintaining poverty.”

What we need, argued Woodson, is an innovative approach — like Rep. Paul Ryan’s anti-poverty plan, which would convert all the federal government’s bloated welfare programs into 50 “opportunity grants” that would then be managed by the individual states.

Unfortunately, the Democrats, who benefit the most from keeping Americans in poverty, refuse to even consider Ryan’s plan.

Likewise, the many racial grievance mongers among us refuse to even consider that promoting personal responsibility and entrepreneurship makes a whole lot more sense than telling the poor that white people are responsible for all their problems …

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Well, it’s about damned time that someone, anyone, from the black community spoke up.  I hope and pray it’s a start but I’m not holding my breath since there’s no profit in it.  

To answer Mr. Woodson’s question: they would starve to death or kill each other off in the process.  Zimbabwe and South Africa are perfect examples of what happens when whites leave or are forced out.  Both countries were once profitable, functioning and productive but are now third world shitholes.

As I have reported in an earlier article, in 2014, more than six thousand men, women and children in Black America were killed by other blacks.  Not whites, not hispanics, or asians, or Native Americans… BLACKS.  That’s a stunning statistic.

Further, 70% of all black births are to single mothers and 50% of all black pregnancies are aborted.  It is self inflicted genocide owned solely by blacks and the leftists that they support.  Any other description is intellectually dishonest.  Period.

More than 70% of all crime is committed by only 13% of the population.

When blacks begin to correct these problems then maybe they might have a sympathetic ear.  Until such time, we are sick of the constant whining, complaining, name calling, screaming for more money, and most of all the blaming of the ills of Black America on White America.   Keep yammering about how much “Black lives matter”.  We don’t believe the bullshit.  It’s falling on deaf ears because we know they are just empty words.

If Black America wants to be equal then start acting equal.  Man-up, pull your pants up, clean up your act, and behave like you deserve to be treated equal.  We’re tired of waiting and we’re tired of trying to drag you along while you complain about it.  

Lastly, when is black middle America going to stand up and demand better from their fellow blacks?

~ Hardnox

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5 Responses to Black Leader Dares To Ask, If All Whites Left The Country, How Would It Really Affect The Black Community?

  1. Buck says:

    But the larger percentage of the black population will not listen to him or anyone who speaks as does he. It is much easier to sit on the porch, smoking a ‘jay’ and drinking a Schiltz Malt Liquor waiting for the mailman to bring the monthly welfare check than it is to go out and get a job. It is quicker and more fun to loot the neighborhood stores for what you want than to save your money and buy it. And the white race has been stood up by the socialist/communist politicians and race baiters as the fall guy for all the wrongs and evils in the country.

    • Hardnox says:

      I don’t know Buck. Most middle class blacks that I know have the same values that the rest of us do except they admittedly are too cowardly to speak against the leeches. Unfortunately, the ghetto dwellers seem to outnumber the middle class blacks. Hence the problem. Still, if middle class blacks made a habit of speaking out against the behavior of their brethren then they could affect change. The first thing of course is to divest themselves of all things Democrat. I know I’m dreaming…

  2. Just Gene says:

    Your right Nox – they’re scared – lived outside Plainfield,NJ when they had race riots, our neighbors were black and asked us if we would get groceries for them – they said because they were black, the skin heads would shoot them and because they lived in a middle class neighborhood the blacks would shoot them. We had a jeep with a machine gun mounted on it at the corner – This was right after Mondale said that he would riot if he didn’t have a swimming pool in his back yard. Just read a great book on the subject by Jason L. Riley, titled “PLEASE STOP HELPING US”

  3. Clyde says:

    World-class post and commentary. Wait for Woodson to be tarred and feathered by the cries of Uncle Tom in 3…2…1

  4. Kathy says:

    Woodson has a good message but he’ll need to be a lot louder if he wants to be heard over the likes of O, Sharpton and libs who help promote the current lifestyle.

    It will be hard to convince them to get jobs when a gun gets what they want. Why work 40-50 hours a week, when they can just take what someone else worked for…