Transformer Explosion at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

From NBC New York:

transformer explosion

A transformer exploded at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Facility in Westchester, New York, on Saturday, police said.

There were no reports of injuries in the blast and resulting fire, which Indian Point Energy said was caused by a “transformer failure” that happened around 6 p.m.

“Saw a huge ball of black smoke and then alarms audible across the river,” Gustavus Gricius, who witnessed the explosion, said.

The fire started up again after being extinguished but has since been put out, officials said. There are no ongoing emergency threats.

Governor Cuomo said a review of the plant will be done to make sure all safety protocols were followed correctly. The governor has been vocal about his concern over having a nuclear power plant in the area and said no situation at a nuclear plant is minor.

There is now concern that the foam used to extinguish the fire could seep into the nearby Hudson River, Cuomo said. He said crews are working to keep foam out of the storm drains.

Indian Point Energy said there was no danger to employees or the public and that Unit 3 of the facility safely shut down as designed after the transformer failed.

Unit 3, which supplies 5 percent of the power to New York state, sits near the Hudson River, about 300 to 400 feet away from the reactor building, which is reinforced by a 4 to 6 foot wall of steel and concrete.

A spokesperson for Entergy, which owns the plant, said that a sprinkler put out the initial fire with the help of an on-site fire brigade.

Entergy said the fire was an “Unusual Event” — the lowest of four emergency response classifications.

Dave Lochbaum, who is the director of the Nuclear Safety Project, said the transformer is in the switch yard outside the plant, but within the security perimeter.

He said oil is used to cool the transformers and that an electrical short may have caused the explosion.

“Transformer explosions are not uncommon — they happen roughly three or four times a year across the industry,” Lochbaum said.

He said it’s unlikely that such an explosion would cause any harm to the public.

Engineers and inspectors are investigating what caused the transformer to fail.


Move along folks, nothing to see here. It’s just an unusual event at a nuclear plant next to the Hudson River and we know we can trust our government when they say it’s nothing to be concerned about.

All the stories we see about attacks on our power grid, but this was just a little thing, so not to worry. Yeah, okay…


Monday morning update -According to Fox News, not only does this nuclear plant have a history of shutdowns due to problems, but this most recent explosion also caused thousands of gallons of oil to leak into the Hudson River. Emergency crews are scrambling to clean up the oil spill, but the plant will now be closed for several weeks. Governor Cuomo is more concerned than he was earlier, but it still has ‘no effect on the public.’

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6 Responses to Transformer Explosion at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

  1. Uriel says:

    I read groups had been trying to close for a while. I agree Kathy every time we hear government weigh in we find it ain’t so!

    • Kathy says:

      The way this admin lies, you better believe there’s cause for concern when they tell you they’ve got it under control.

  2. Just Gene says:

    Did you hear that it has a perfect compliance record – think of the one’s that don’t!!!!

  3. Kathy says:

    They obviously have a low threshold for compliance – the fire restarted a second time because the sprinkler system wasn’t adequate to put it out the first time.

    It’s pretty creepy to think that others might even more inadequate.

  4. Clyde says:

    Idea. Shut it down, and turn it into a SAFE coal fired plant. To me, this is much ado about nothing. Nuclear power is BY FAR the cleanest, and safest form of electrical energy production. This particular facility is what, 50 years old now ? Shit is going to happen with equipment that old. If the damn thing is unsafe, take it off line, and let the customers, mostly Obama voters, suffer with out the juice.

    • Kathy says:

      The problem is that when this equipment gets old and run down, the after effects are much more dangerous compared to other forms of electrical production.