Meet Scumbag Sierra McCurdy

From Young Conservatives:

Teenager Praises Deaths of MS Police Officers, Immediately Gets Hounded on Social Media

To celebrate a murder, any murder – let alone the death of two police officers who serve your community – proves you are the lowest form of scum on this planet.

Last night, two Mississippi policemen – one white, one black – were gunned down by thugs. Thankfully, three people were arrested and charged, two with capitol murder.

Here’s the cretin who enjoyed learning of the deaths of our boys in blue…

From Right Scoop:

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Following are a few of the tweets left regarding Sierra’s post:

Charlotte E: I couldn’t find on Twitter or Facebook! She has suddenly gone AWOL… She is a coward!

Amber Rose: # SierraMcCurdy A 19 year old girl who works at Subway praises the execution/murder of two police officers. until she’s gone.

RC Alexander: .@SUBWAY I will be contacting the OReilly Factor with regards to of Mississippi. Good Luck winning the PR fight!!

This woman clearly has no clue how the deaths of these officers will affect their loved ones and the police force as a whole.

Without policemen and women guarding our streets so bravely, willing to put their lives in harms way, we as a society will crumble. I get the feeling that’s what this 19-year-old wants.

If anyone tries to defend her based on her youth, they show they’re just as deranged as the teen herself.


Agreed, she has no clue how those deaths will affect their families, nor does she care. She won’t care until it affects her personally. She and other people with her same attitude are the problem, but take a guess who’ll need those cops before she gets to adulthood. Then her story changes. She’s definitely in the running for Clyde’s weasel award, if not worse.

My guess is Subway has a job opening coming up real soon.


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4 Responses to Meet Scumbag Sierra McCurdy

  1. Uriel says:

    Can’t quite make out her tat Kathy but from the looks of it she is already headed down that dark road. At 18 she has certainly “blossomed” so I would say make sure her food stamps are withdrawn and her police record checked. I am betting a long juvie record since 13, how about you? Wanna bet she has at least one child on welfare and grandma is raising it?

    • Kathy says:

      I wouldn’t doubt it a bit, Uriel. I read this morning that Subway did indeed fire her, which was the right thing to do, but now we get to support her sorry butt.

  2. Clyde says:

    Sorry, but this ignorant waste of oxygen is not worthy of a Weasel. My fondest wish is for her stupid ass to be in DIRE need of an LEO, and NO ONE bothers to show up.