There’s a war on free speech — and radical Islam is winning

From:,  by: Phillip Klein,  on: May 8, 2015,  see the article HERE.

Voltaire free speechWarnings about the threat that radical Islam poses to America are often greeted with sneering and mocking by cultural elites — as if anybody who expresses concern is a paranoid nut who believes that Sharia law is soon going to replace the U.S. Constitution after an EMP attack destroys civilization.

Radical Muslims are succeeding in eroding fundamental American values, but the reality is more nuanced. Through a combination of fear, intimidation and exploitation of the liberal reflex to sympathize with supposedly marginalized groups, radicals have been steadily eroding our long-standing conception of free speech.

In the most recent example in Garland, Texas, two men with body armor and assault rifles shot up a community center that was holding a cartoon contest to draw the Muslim Prophet Muhammad. Luckily, they were shot dead by police before they could harm anybody.

Yet, in a horrendous case of mass victim-blaming, media figures across the political spectrum have been pointing fingers at the contest organizers — and worse, suggesting limits on offensive speech.

The New York Times ran an editorial distinguishing between “free speech” and “hate speech” writing that the event “was not really about free speech. It was an exercise in bigotry and hatred posing as a blow for freedom.” CNN’s Chris Cuomo wrote on Twitter that “hate speech is excluded from protection,” later claiming it was a “clumsy tweet.” Fox’s Bill O’Reilly got into the act, saying the organizers of the event “spurred a violent incident.”

Alia Salem, executive director of the Dallas and Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, floated restrictions on the First Amendment freedoms, stating, according to the New York Times, that, “The discussion we have to have is: When does free speech become hate speech, and when does hate speech become incitement to violence?”

But as First Amendment scholar Eugene Volokh wrote, “incitement” is defined as trying to persuade people to carry out an attack imminently: “Generally condemning Islam (or condemning capitalism or condemning the police or condemning evangelical Christians), even in harsh terms, doesn’t constitute incitement. Even if people think the speaker is trying to foment violence, there’s no advocacy of imminent illegal conduct.”

Let’s be clear: the only reason the Texas event was associated with violence is that there are radical Muslims who are willing to shoot people over cartoons. To shift any blame for violence to the conference organizers is to reward this violent action. If Christians responded to an art show that they found offensive with violence, the media would call for a national conversation on Christian fundamentalism. But when radical Muslims do it, the national conversation is on hate speech.

This is for two reasons. One reason is that people are afraid of becoming the next victims of radical Muslims. The other reason is that Muslim pressure groups have been effective at portraying adherents of the religion as a uniquely marginalized group. But this is not supported statistically.

In 2013, 60 percent of religious hate crimes were motivated by anti-Jewish bias, according to FBI data, compared with less than 14 percent that were motivated by anti-Islamic violence. This discrepancy cannot be explained by the demographic makeup of the U.S., as Jews represent only about twice as much of the population. Yet there’s much less hypersensitivity about anti-Semitism.

On his show’s “Talking Points Commentary,” O’Reilly framed the controversy as one about whether organizers did “a foolish or a noble thing.” But that’s a false dichotomy. One doesn’t have to honor the organizers as noble heroes to think the content of the event is irrelevant. The important part of the story is that people were targeted with violence in America for exercising free expression.

If the takeaway from this incident — even among those who depend on free expression for their livelihood — is that people shouldn’t offend radical Muslims, than the radicals have succeeded in undermining American values by creating a chilling effect on free speech.


Well said, Mr. Klein, and spot on. I don’t know how accurate the words of the headline are, as far as radical Islam “winning” goes, but I think that it would be tough to argue against a case that they’re making progress toward a greater acceptance of their agenda. Just the reaction of some media personalities lends credence to that progress. For instance, why is everyone talking about Pamela Geller and whether she should or shouldn’t have held the Garland event – where is the equal time being spent talking about the two radical muslim terrorists who drove 1,000 miles fully intending to kill some Americans.

If they had survived, they’d be demanding equal time.



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9 Responses to There’s a war on free speech — and radical Islam is winning

  1. Hardnox says:

    Your commentary is spot on.

    Unfortunately the left owns the media and is unable to come to grips with their insane embrace of radical islam. Conversely they have so such inhibitions when it comes to criticizing any other group for even the slightest of perceived or imagined fopas. The left also doesn’t realize that they are hamstringing themselves as well.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thanks ‘Nox. The answer is simple. The left and the media are intimidated – period. They get a two-fer-one there: they get to appear sophisticated and evolved, and they get to slam us ignorant knuckle-draggers who berate the poor put-upon muzzies. And, at the same time, they believe that they’re insuring that they will be safe from attack.

  2. Kathy says:

    I don’t know that islam is wining, but it’s putting up one hell of a fight. Look at how divided Americans are on this issue – just as they are on racial and political issues. Instead of being united in support of the 1A against islam, Americans are fighting each other.

    The media has allowed their free speech rights to be clamped down for the past 6 years or more, so by now they’re accustomed to keeping their mouths shut on certain topics. In that respect then, islam is winning and with O’s help.

    • Garnet92 says:

      I agree that I wouldn’t characterize them as “winning” so much as they are making headway. As I told ‘Nox, I believe that the left and the media ARE intimidated into relative silence – they don’t want to become a target for the deranged lunatics that call themselves followers of Islam. How else can that position be described other than being intimidated?

  3. Clyde says:

    It will be funny to see the day when the leftist muslim asskissing media gets their “reward” for supporting these barbarians. Going to suck to be a “journalist” then.

    • Garnet92 says:

      You know, when we consider all of the things that the muzzies find objectionable, many of them are near to the hearts of the left and if they want to continue to curry favor with the muzzies, they’ll have no choice but to become muzzie themselves. As the muzzies become more influential, the media will eventually have no other choice. But, they’re too stupid to see that coming.

  4. Uriel says:

    It will not make a difference in the fate of our country only if the media is forced to face the same results as the French bombings. They are so far up the river with their main owner Arabs and O’s threats it is sickening. Nearly every facet of our country is held 50% or better by other countries because we allowed it through letting our government become too strong Instead of the way the Constitution was written.

  5. Bullright says:

    Well said Garnet. Chris-apple ain’t far from the tree-Cuomo and O’Reilly do have something in common. Not only isn’t it free speech but we Americans and our dang free speech instigated the shooting. Now I guess that woman in the Oklahoma factory was to blame too. not converting to Islam.So that was provocative wasn’t it? These people can’t be serious. I’m going to start calling them the IDS — Islamic Defense Service.