Alan Dershowitz: Geller Critics Should Realize MLK Provoked, Too

From:,  by: Greg Richter,  on: May 7, 2015,  see the article HERE.

Martin Luther KingCritics of Pamela Geller, organizer of the “Draw the Prophet” event in Garland, Texas last Sunday, should realize that while she may have intended to provoke a negative reaction from extreme Islamists, she shares something in common with civil rights leader the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., says Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

“I don’t want to make any comparisons morally or legally, but from a constitutional law point of view, there’s no difference,” Dershowitz said Thursday on Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File.”

King purposely picked some of the cities he led protests in precisely in order to bring out the racists and show what kind of violent people they are, Dershowitz said.

“It’s part of the American tradition to provoke so that the world can see,” he said.

Two radicalized Muslims showed up with assault rifles at Sunday’s event, but were quickly shot to death by police. Critics have said Geller put people in danger needlessly because she knew jihadists would attempt to kill someone over the drawings of Muhammad, considered blasphemous in Islam.

National Review editor Rich Lowry said critics are comparing Geller to the Islamic State (ISIS) rather than the assailants, who actually were spurred to the attack by an ISIS sympathizer.

“The left in this country has taught us you should push the envelope in your art and commentary and literally trample on every single piety except for this one,” Lowry said.


I can’t wait to hear the denunciations by the left for daring to utter Pamela Geller’s name in the same paragraph with Martin Luther King, but Professor Dershowitz is absolutely correct. Using the same “rules of engagement” that the left demands of Ms. Geller would have required MLK to cower in his church and quit pushing the envelope in those areas known to be unfriendly to his cause. If his strategy was the right thing to do, then so is Ms. Geller’s.

The disturbing thing is that many (especially in the media) would have us voluntarily refrain from saying anything that the radical muslims might find objectionable. If we do that, haven’t they won their victory? Sharia Law will have its nose under the tent. What’s next? Women walking 5 paces behind their husband? No more bikinis on the beaches? NOW THAT’S GOING TOO FAR.


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10 Responses to Alan Dershowitz: Geller Critics Should Realize MLK Provoked, Too

  1. Kathy says:

    Think too of the good impact MLK had on this country by pushing the envelope and marching in some of those controversial cities.

    Dershowitz is right – we have to provoke to make the world see. It can’t be okay just for a select few, it’s all or nothing.

    • Garnet92 says:

      I well remember MLK – he was not one of my favorite people back then – he was causing protests and unrest everywhere he went – but it was peaceful.

      In hindsight, what he accomplished was good, but it was painful at the time. If he had not pushed the envelope, segregation would have remained and we probably would have had a race war by now.

      I wonder how the left will react when the radical muzzies start to push on gays (and gay marriages in particular) and perhaps impart some of their “justice” to a gay couple or two??????

  2. Hardnox says:

    MLK’s quote in the pic above is spot on!

  3. Clyde says:

    Yet again, we see the left proclaiming free speech for those who agree with THEM. Too bad so many asshats on the right are criticizing Geller along with the usual suspects on the left.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Right Clyde, I think that all of those who criticize Geller are just trying to appear “enlightened.” They don’t like her personally and believe her to be an ignorant kook who just peddles hate – therefore, they MUST be against anything that she supports.

  4. BrianR says:

    Interestingly enough, Bill O’Reilly, on Fox, is one of those people who thinks Geller was wrong to “provoke” the jihadis.

    His “Talking Point” on the topic sounded exactly like it could have been written by one of the imbeciles at the NY Slimes.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Yeah, I saw that Brian. Just one more strike against O’Reilly. Greta Van Susteren had a similar position. I like Greta, but hate O’Reilly, but both are WAY wrong on this issue. You’re spot on, O’Reilly’s statement aligns perfectly with the usual suspects. That seems to be happening much too often lately. He likes to profess his “independence,” but he’s leaning left all too often.

      • BrianR says:

        Absolutely agreed, Garnet.

        O’Reilly’s underwhelmed me for a LONG time. He also backed the idea of taxing “Big Oil” and “corporate execs” through the nose. I have no clue why some people consider him as “conservative”. He’s not.

  5. Grouchy says:

    Let’s compare the efforts of Ms. Geller, and her calls to enlightenment about the goals and aims of islam,
    to the stated goals and aims of islam. The following excerpts are from the site,

    “The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

    Unlike nearly all of the Old Testament verses of violence, the verses of violence in the Quran are mostly open-ended, meaning that they are not restrained by the historical context of the surrounding text. They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah, and just as relevant or subjective as anything else in the Quran.”

    The Quran:

    Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing…

    but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)”

    Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”. This speaks directly of polytheists, yet it also includes Christians, since they believe in the Trinity (ie. what Muhammad incorrectly believed to be ‘joining companions to Allah’).

    Quran (8:39) – “And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion should be only for Allah”


    Bukhari (52:220) – Allah’s Apostle said… ‘I have been made victorious with terror’

    Abu Dawud (14:2527) – The Prophet said: Striving in the path of Allah (jihad) is incumbent on you along with every ruler, whether he is pious or impious

    Bukhari (8:387) – Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah’. And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood and property will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with them except legally.”

    Bukhari (52:73) – “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords’.”
    * * * * *
    I could go on and list another 50 or so, but these give the gist of the aims and desires of islam.
    Kind of puts the “ZERO” to the apologists for islam being a peaceful religion~!