Obama’s New Surgeon General Sworn In

From TPNN:

Remember this guy?

We talked about Dr. Vivek Murthy last year because of his stance as a gun grabber and his being O’s choice as SG for that very reason. He said then:

“Medications and medical devices are pulled from the market when their risks outweigh their benefits. So should we rethink the weapons that we allow on our streets.”

Remember too, that Dr. Murthy is the president and co-founder of Doctors for Obama America, a liberal group whose crusades for anti-2A measures are predicated on the mistaken notion that gun ownership is an issue between doctor and patient.


Due largely to his lack of qualifications and his anti-gun stance, Murthy faced stiff opposition during the debate in the Senate over his confirmation. In the end, he was only confirmed by the bare majority of 51 votes in a December 2014 lame duck session before Republicans took control of the Senate.

Evidence supporting Dr. Murthy’s anti-gun stance appeared in a tweet he sent in 2012 which read: “Tired of politicians playing politics w/guns, putting lives at risk b/c they’re scared of (National Rifle Association). Guns are a health care issue.”

Since that tweet, Murthy has remained quiet regarding the issue of guns, even promising the Senate, “I do not intend to use the surgeon general’s office as a bully pulpit for gun control.”


Last week, after he was finally officially sworn into his new post, the doctor appeared on NPR, where he was asked to expound on his infamous tweet, and explain how he plans to address the issue of gun violence from his position as Surgeon General.

According to The Daily Caller, Murthy said,

“Violence of all kinds is a public health issue. When you have large numbers of people dying from preventable causes, that’s a pubic health care issue. I want to find a way that we can reduce violence in America, and I think you would be hard-pressed to find parents or families of victims, or health care practitioners who would disagree.”

When pressed by the NPR host about whether he would use his position to push for more gun control, Murthy simply replied that he is seeking “common sense” solutions, a “feel good” phrase that liberals use which typically translates into more restrictions and infringements on our Second Amendment rights.

Anti-gun groups and citizen control activists cheered over Murthy’s statement, viewing it as a positive indicator for more infringement of law-abiding gun owners’ rights.

Americans for Responsible Solutions, a gun control group headed up by former Arizona Rep. Gabbie Giffords, gleefully exclaimed:

“A big step for common sense: Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy was sworn in just a few minutes ago!”

“The gun lobby fought hard against his nomination – all because he’d said gun violence is a ‘health care issue.’ With your help, we went toe-to-toe with the gun lobby, and we won. Now, we have a Surgeon General who recognizes what the data makes quite clear: gun violence is a threat to public health.”

Dr. Vivek Murthy’s confirmation should be of great concern for gun rights supporters, as his chosen path toward gun control is to focus on mental health as the central factor in whether or not people should be allowed to own guns.

640px-Vivek_Murthy_nomination_hearing_February_4,_2014We have already seen how Dr. Murthy’s “mental health” excuse will be used to disarm good people, as the VA has already gone down this path, declaring veterans “incompetent” and stripping them of their right to keep and bear arms.

Both California and New York are doing the same thing, using issues of mental health as excuses to confiscate firearms from competent and lawful gun-owning citizens.

Gun rights advocates must stay vigilant regarding Dr. Murthy, as there is little doubt that he will use the influence of his office to push the gun control agenda.  He is just another liberal cog in the Obama machine, with an end-game to strip Americans of their Constitutionally guaranteed rights.


My guess is we can look for him to start in the VA with our veterans, then there will be a push for regulations in the private psychiatric field. As is the lefties’ style, the changes will be slow and subtle at first, with only a few grumbling, so it will be barely noticeable.

He wants to open the door that allows doctors to talk to their patients about gun safety, but did he consider that doctors are not authorities on guns? There are probably hundreds of doctors who don’t even own guns or know beans about them.

Another of his goals is to remove the provision in O’care and other federal policies that prohibits physicians from documenting gun ownership.

If he really wanted to stop senseless deaths, he should forget the guns and go after abortions. That causes more deaths than guns ever could.

Stay vigilant, indeed. We better keep our eye on this guy. He’s dangerous.


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7 Responses to Obama’s New Surgeon General Sworn In

  1. Buck says:

    “.. as the VA has already gone down this path, declaring veterans “incompetent” and stripping them of their right to keep and bear arms.”

    Somewhere hidden deep in the massive volumes of Sct. Decisions is a SCOTUS case where a native born American cannot be stripped of his citizenship for any purpose and that means the veterans cannot be denied their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear. I wish I had time to shepherd the Sct tomes but… well, time I have. Patience and the volumes, not so much.

    • Kathy says:

      I remember seeing something about that too. Not so much on the patience here either, especially when you start a search and it leads you off in so many different directions. You forget your objective was to drain the swamp.

      This guy will be low key for awhile I think, then we’ll start to see little changes that create more red tape.

  2. Uriel says:

    Isn’t it strange how often people switch out in positions for Obutski. I can’t recall a single President that has switched people so often in key positions.

    • Kathy says:

      That’s because he runs off or fires all the good guys so he can replace them with people agreeable to his agenda.

  3. Uriel says:

    Could this be what you mean Buck?
    Afroyim v. Rusk, 387 U.S. 253 (1967), is a major United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled that citizens of the United States may not be deprived of their citizenship involuntarily.[1][2] The U.S. government had attempted to revoke the citizenship of Beys Afroyim, a Polish-born man, because he had cast a vote in an Israeli election after becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen. The Supreme Court decided that Afroyim’s right to retain his citizenship was guaranteed by the Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution. In so doing, the Court overruled one of its own precedents, Perez v. Brownell (1958), in which it had upheld loss of citizenship under similar circumstances less than a decade earlier.

  4. Clyde says:

    Would we EVER think Obozo would appoint ANYONE with common sense and competence ? With Murthy, it’s business as usual. Guess Gabby FORGOT the FACT that it was a GOOD GUY with a gun that kept HER stupid ass from getting shot a couple more times.

  5. Grouchy says:

    Clyde, not only that, but her husband was refused the permission to purchase a weapon. Interesting, in a bizarre sort of way~!