HIP HIP HOORAY ??? Not So Fast.

Living here in Southeast Lower Michigan, we are constantly bombarded by the auto industry (or what’s left of it) and it’s importance to the economy. We were told by the local leftist media that the Regime bailing out GM was the right thing to do, and if we opposed it, why, we just were HATERS.

This week, the BIG NEWS in town is GM producing it’s 500,000,000th vehicle. Along with that, they are running a HUGE ad campaign touting that fact. Good for them ? How about the creditors, bondholders, and shareholders who were ROYALLY screwed when the regime bailed out the UAW, it was NEVER about GM. Here is another angle to that story, from Mike Colias at AutoNews.com


Hooray for GM’s 500 millionth vehicle?

Say, Ms. Barra, (Mary Barra, GM CEO) how about repaying the FULL amount of the TAXPAYER FUNDED bailout ? How about settling with the creditors who got totally SCREWED by the “Old GM ” ?? How about you denying the claims by accidents caused by defective cars from the “Old GM” ? How can you lay such a dubious claim for the “New GM” ? Christ on a crutch.

Now THIS is the TRUTH, whether they like it or not. bwahahahahaha

DETROIT — General Motors CEO Mary Barra and other top brass are in Kansas City today to mark the company’s 500th million vehicle.

It must be hard for GM to decide when to celebrate its considerable corporate heritage, and when to pretend that it doesn’t exist pre-2009.

A GM press release ticks off an impressive list of innovations that have rolled off GM assembly lines among those half billion vehicles over 106 years. The first V-8 engine. The first automatic transmission. The first production airbags.

All stuff to be proud of.

But wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that GM’s attorneys were in a courtroom straining with every legal argument they could muster to distance the current GM from the old, pre-bankruptcy one that made 2.6 million small cars with defective ignition switches now linked to 97 deaths?

I can see the snarky tweets now: 500 million vehicles — and 470 million of them weren’t recalled last year!

The problem with today’s event is that it celebrates quantity. GM knows — perhaps better than any company on the planet — that the ability to manufacture a lot of product, in and of itself, is no cause for celebration.

How many of those 500 million cars and trucks had no business being screwed together  in the first place?  How many were cranked out during GM’s ill-advised (and unsuccessful) push in the early 2000s to regain the 29 percent market share, an era that saw executives donning “29” lapel pins to symbolize that arbitrary line in the sand?

Celebrating 500 million only serves to remind people that GM is a big, industrial company that’s been around a long time. It says nothing of the nimble, innovative one that Barra & Co. are working to build.

It’s a mixed message at a time when GM and its brands need all the clarity they can get.


Let me see if I understand this. The “New GM ” (which is just the “old GM” that didn’t pay it’s bills, and with HUGE amounts of mismanagement) gets off scot-free from 100 YEARS of established bankruptcy laws by screwing over the shareholders, bondholders, and all classes of creditors, with the aid and abettance of the Obama Regime, has DESPERATELY tried to shake off the ignition switch issue by claiming those cars are NOT their responsibility.

Yet, they trot out this 500,000,000 vehicles spanning 106 years, which INCLUDES all those units produced with the faulty ignition switches, resulting in close to 100 deaths. Something is rotten in the Renaissance Center, and methinks it’s the P.R. department.

Mary, you and the rest of the Government Motors officials may want to rethink this ad campaign. There are STILL an awful lot of unsettled cases out there, and as we all know, there are a LEGION of attorneys smacking their chops at the thought of getting this issue into a court that is NOT owned by the Regime. Laying claim to 500,000,000 units, a LARGE number of those with various and sundry defects, doesn’t seem like a winner to me.


CLYDE. Nothing pisses them off more than calling it Government Motors. bwahahahahaha

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4 Responses to HIP HIP HOORAY ??? Not So Fast.

  1. CW says:

    Glad to see you’re back, Clyde!

    I can’t really fault GM for celebrating milestones, that’s what companies do. And at a time when so much of our manufacturing has been lost, it would be nice to celebrate what we’ve actually produced. Like you, however, I can’t muster much enthusiasm for the U.S. auto industry knowing what’s gone on behind the scenes.

    • Clyde says:

      Good to be back and thanks for dropping in, CW. My biggest issue with this particular celebration is the fact they’ve tried to bury litigation related to cars produced by the “Old GM” while bragging about their history as the “New GM”. That’s the trouble when lefties run companies, they forget the lies they told when telling another lie.

  2. Kathy says:

    I’ll celebrate when I see a headline that says they’ve paid off their debt and taken care of those people affected by the deaths.